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  1. Same with mine, they look all... Blotchy / Patchy. Going to recover mine soon.
  2. Yeah... Looks like it, Parcel Force have been terrible throughout to be honest, keep. Suggesting it's a Covid delay and to be patient when they can't produce a scan for almost 8 weeks... Through lockdown I've been consistently getting FCP orders inside a week from the states. I think it helps that FCP use Fed Ex who have a local network here I.e don't need to hand over to NZ Post.
  3. Sammo

    2002 E46 330ci

    It's hard to say to be honest, placebo and all... It definately sounds faster! I was also able to get the back out a touch on a hard 1st to 2nd shift in the dry whereas before it would only chirp the tyres. Main idea was get some sound without making the car slower 👍
  4. Never driven them but 156 and 159 are such beautiful sedans...
  5. This weekend put a short ram intake in and fully insulated the heat shield then put in a poly Steering coupler. Car sounds better and steers better 👍
  6. Sammo

    2002 E46 330ci

    This afternoon also installed an Ireland Engineering poly Steering coupler. Had to drill out the rivets in the factory one and bolt this bad boy in place. Job wa a bit more niggly than expected but got it all sorted. Only got out for a quick test around the block and felt tight and direct, not harsh at all - steering was a little spongy before at times so hoping this comes into its own on the open road.
  7. I narrowly missed out on buying this back in August last year - I offered $10k as a back up offer but sale with guy who saw it first went through... Very nice in the jet black on certed coil-overs and the concave ACS wheels. NZ New factory manual as well... Asking price is a stretch as I don't recall the car having any of the 'normal' E46 preventative maintenance done aside from Rocker Cover Gasket. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2645698075.htm?rsqid=788245905b3d4ac09b318a3bf800facb-001 I love the car I ended up with but still think about this beauty from time to time... Interested to see what it sells for, he got it for $10K and does not appear to have touched it in 9 months.
  8. Great buy - I saw this on TM as well and thought it looked like great value - few km, but the N52 has a great rep. M Sport, with the sports leather instead of the marmite velour, sunroof, better MV3 alloys and no i drive. Hope it serves you well - can't believe how cheap E90 6 cylinders are getting.
  9. Sammo

    2002 E46 330ci

    I've been wanting to do something with my intake for a while to give me some more induction noise to tide me over until I get to the exhaust. Originally planned on doing a long tube CAI but no room with the Xenon ballast in the way and seemed like a pain to relocate, so decided on the dirty old short ram with a heat shield to stop it being a Hot air intake. Was going to try building my own with aluminium sheets but saw a cheap E46 for sale on Facebook that happened to have a nice intake on it that I had seen online but wasn't about to pay $600 odd all up to get shipped to NZ. Its the Cosmo racing one pictured below but not the carbon fibre finish. Got a deal done with the guy and swapped for my stock airbox plus a few $$. I like this design as its fibreglass, really nicely moulded, utilises the factory air scoop and actually blocks off the expansion tank as well (most don't). I also had some really good 10mm foil backed foam insulation I bought a few years ago to insulate my home brewing kettle - a very effective product as brewing, I'm boiling for 90 minutes and this retains heat and is cool to the touch while 35 litres of 100c beer bounces around inside - very sticky too, has lasted 4 years plus on the brewing set up. I used this on the outside of the heatshield to get a much better thermal barrier than 3mm of fibreglass and then finished with aluminium tape to finish - should be very effective at reflecting / blocking engine bay heat. So it looks pretty good, sounds great and shouldn't be losing any ponies - quick test with my dual probe smoking thermometer showed about 9-10c differential in the air compartment vs engine bay after a 5 minute ideal - worst case heat soak scenario really. Next step is a new coupler for the filter pipe (one with it is shot) , new 'boot seal' for the top to get a better seal with underside of the bonnet and might also run some 3" flexible ducting up from the brake duct.
  10. The Q&A on that one... 🤣
  11. Damn - great spotting - looks like it - I can see MBEXXX, the same chintzy door speakers and its a Wellington car, same spec and colour. Someone has either done a good job tidying it up or looking to make a few $$$
  12. So my suspension from Demontweeks has been lost by Parcelforce - still no scans since the 10th of April. Demontweeks have now requested them to return to sender and will refund me... Going to pick up the same product from Speedfactor now - small price premium but given the economy, much happier to be supporting a local business and they've already given me good advice 💪
  13. What kind of improvements did you get - anything measurable on the dyno?
  14. Reserve $25K... 180km but black, 6 speed, looks tidy and has subframe and bearing recall done... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2643948496.htm?rsqid=6c18eb71483946daaf3d7212a4cee6a2-002 Very light on the description and photos though?
  15. Lovely car IMO, cheap even, given E30 tax these days
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