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  1. Sammo

    Show & Shine

    Beautiful car, and that M6 ❤️
  2. Yeah, I think an E30 can definately pull off orange.
  3. Replaced my corner lights to these - black inners and clear lenses which I had hoped would better match the xenons. Jury is still out, definitely not getting rid of my factory clear / white ones though.
  4. Very, very cool seats, surprised they didn't sell earlier. Looking forward to the lockdown projects!
  5. Sammo

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Been working from home the past few weeks and for the foreseeable future. I usually work from home half the time but spend a lot of time being mobile so am definately missing that aspect. Been absolutely manic the last few weeks, we had to onshore our offshore operations in the Philippines last week (due to their lock down) and this week has been frantically adapting to support our client base here (mainly blue chip essential service providers) and moving to retain or redeploy staff... Hoping its going to wind down next week. Outsourcing industry so will be interesting how the next 6 months plays out.
  6. Sammo

    Quick rant thread.

    Yeah, just seemed so quick though.
  7. Sammo

    Quick rant thread.

    My wife is self employed, a freelancer in media who just had a gig in April cancelled - she applied yesterday morning and had $7k in the account after lunch. Not complaining but seemed a bit too easy...
  8. Sammo

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Haha, luckily I have my own Keezer in the basement with a 5 taps of my own beer but I did put in a last minute order at Whsiky and More the other day...
  9. I had a MK6 GTI before my E46 and loved it. Granted I had it between 40k and 60k over 2.5 years so was low miles but aside from coilpacks, it was flawless. The 2.0 TSI is a robust engine capable of making good power with a remap and even stock performs really well with torque from almost idle. Loved the DSG, and as I understand the wet clutch 6speed DSG on the GTI's is pretty tough too, just service it every 60k. Pretty smooth (not as smooth as a slush box at low speed) but with lightning shifts, rev matching and blips / farts - good times. 1.4TSI and 7 speed dry clutch DSG's are nowhere near as good. We might buy another for the wife's next car TBH, the GTI's are a fantastic all-rounder. Tartan seats FTW 🤘
  10. Thread bump, but I've had great results with Solution Finish. Goes on easy, any excess wipes off paint, gives a great rich look and last a few months. Made my shadow line window trim, wiper arms etc look like new.
  11. I've just been using my Fireball interior cleaner on them (love all their grooming products) - I think a damp cloth would do the same job really - no need for anything special on what is synthetic coated leather.
  12. Anyone know this cars history? Looks great and sharp price, given how E30's are. Mtech 2, supercharged(!), LSD, lether sports seats and looks pretty tidy... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2581558896.htm?rsqid=8b44a86b6d2c42c288fa72b5e561cea3-003
  13. Little longevity update: Been done 3 months now and about 2500km and no issues at all, thats with plenty of sunshine and beach trips too (i.e. damp, salty bums). Only difference is drivers seat has lost most of the nice, super matte finish, not sure if thats oils or wear, but... so far, so good.
  14. Sammo

    2002 E46 330ci

    Thanks, yeah, that's what I hoped , I'm guessing Demon tweeks and FCP Euro don't sell enough to NZ customers ($60k pa?) to collect GST at the point of sale. Had several things through from FCP recently without getting stung.
  15. Sammo

    2002 E46 330ci

    Exciting, before the exchange rates gets even worse, I bought a bunch of parts today, mainly to do a suspension refresh. I want to lower the car a little, mainly in the front and tighten up the steering and handling - its not too bad but I know it could be a whole lot better than what I presume is 150,000km old Msport suspension. From Demontweeks: AP / ST Suspensions (same part number) Suspension kit of shortened 'sport' shocks and matched lowering springs. Decided on these after a bit of humming and ha-ing as the drop seems perfect (40mm/20mm or for Msport, 25mm front, 5mm rear) great price(!!!) and they answered all my questions online quickly - AP is a less known brand in BMW circles but is TUV certified and made by KW alongside the ST brand (KW sales rep advised its the same part as the higher priced ST suspension kit). I was thinking of BC Gold coilovers (local support) but decided against them due to cert cost, not actually wanting to lower or adjust the car much and potential ride issues(?) with pillowball mounts and 8kg spring rates. From FCP Euro : Meyle HD Front control arm bushings Meyle HD Rear trailing arm bushings Lemforder Strut mounts Meyle HD Shock mounts Strut and shock mount reinforcement plates Front and rear Sway bar bushings BMW steering coupler / steering Guibo (heard this can be great for tightening up sloppy / loose steering), Mahle fuel filter BMW window rubber for one that is perished. And if I read the new import laws correctly, as both orders were under $1000 I should not get stung with GST at the border 🤙 Now I need to figure out is how, or more realistically, who to install as most of its beyond my capabilities / facilities 🤣
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