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  1. Jeeeez, almost as bad as the very low km E46 330ci for $21,500. A silver auto, no less...
  2. Thanks mate, yeah, car definitely felt better with the new plugs in. Will tackle the valve cover gasket in a few weeks then check the plugs again a month later. Been freaking myself out googling valve stem seals the past half hour 😳
  3. So was giving my 330ci some love this weekend (oil, filter, plugs). This is the first time I've changed the oil and plugs on this car, so not sure of its history. Anyways, when I pulled the Spark plugs, several had a decent amount of oil on the threads (one particularly so) and most were a bit wet and sooty. The ignition coil boots however had no oil at all, even the one connected to the oiliest plug. A bit of googling has me thinking it could be the Valce cover gasket leaking, but given the coil rubber boots were dry, I'm not sure. Car showed a few misfire codes several weeks ago (P1342, P1346, P0300) but after I cleared them they have not come back. Car had been feeling a little sluggish, nothing obvious but is running great now with the new plugs and no codes - if its a leak I imagine it will be a matter of time before the issue manifests again. Pics below, including the plug wells. Car has been using a fair bit of oil (2 litres in 4000km) but that isn't unusual for an M54 from what I've read.
  4. Sammo

    2002 E46 330ci

    Update, Airbag light from the seat swap sorted πŸ‘Œ Dropped car this morning at BMW (the huge, brand new Continental dealership on Wairau Road) for the latest Takata airbag recall. They replaced the passenger airbag but drivers airbag is on backorder so will need to get that done at later date. Fantastic service I must say, gave my car a vacuum and hand wash and even got a call from one of the techs working on it who was extremely complimentary and wanted to buy it 😍 Cleared the totally unrelated airbag light as I'd hoped as well πŸ‘
  5. Hmmm, think the E36 had a similar tan - Modena I beleive? considered that as well.
  6. Update, dropped car this morning at BMW (huge brand new Continental dealership on Wairau Road). They replaced the passenger airbag but drivers airbag is on backorder so will need to get that done at later date. Fantastic service I must say, gave my car a vacuum and hand wash (was pretty clean anyway) and even got a call from one of the techs who was extremely complimentary and wanted to buy my car 😍 Cleared my unrelated airbag light as well πŸ‘
  7. Very odd - appears to be, but I also saw this article late last year with BMW NZ indicating it only impacted AU cars: https://www.driven.co.nz/news/news/bmw-nz-confirms-local-3-series-models-not-affected-by-takata-recall/ Contrasting with the guy from BMW who called me this morning, proactively, (I half completed an online form in the weekend) looking to book me in ASAP for potentially both front airbags... although I've only had the car since August 2019, I have not received any letters. The driven article states β€œThe Takata safety recall is limited to certain BMW E46 3 Series built between November 1997 and June 2000. These vehicles were built for the Australian market only.” Mine is a June 2001 build, imported from Japan in 2006... At least once done, my 20 year old car will have brand new airbags!
  8. US article so possibly does not apply but talks about an initial temporary fix done? https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/bmw-recalls-cars-and-suvs-to-replace-faulty-airbags-again/
  9. No recalls to date in my ownership - 2001 330ci... Not sure, I always thought it related to drivers airbag, so possibly the passenger is the new recall?
  10. Update on this, although my car rego or vin didn't come up on the government recall site, and its build date is after what I've seen in articles, I spoke with BMW this morning who advised it will definately need a passenger airbag replacement and possibly drivers. Booked in for Friday. Worth giving them a bell for any E46 owner I think, they must be getting swamped!
  11. Cheers! Yup, was off to Cheltenham for a swim πŸ‘
  12. https://www.vehiclerecallsafety.nzta.govt.nz/takata/takataalpha.html
  13. If it seems to good to be true...
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