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  1. Not the ball joint, but I did my CABs on saturday and bought a pickle fork for it - didn't work, not with the limited room of being under jackstands anyway. Used a gear puller thing that did great though.
  2. Update on this - gave it a a bit of a shake out last night with some heavy braking etc and seems less noisy now. Regardless, I've booked the car in at Bellars Motorworks next Monday for a good going over of the suspension and driveline bushings etc. Was planning this anyways so I have a better plan around maintenance / improvements than just winging it / throwing parts at it.
  3. @B.M.W Ltd no worries, my first pictures were poor and totally different angles ๐Ÿ‘
  4. @Eagle Hmmm - checking that Bavauto guide, I'm not far off at all? rotate clockwise a bit so the end of spring is around a quarter turn from the 'notch'. Wonder if that would help my ride height at all... Aligning with the 'spring end stop' is an E36 and earlier thing?
  5. @3pedals - will do, If I can get another 10mm or so think I'll be content.
  6. @M3AN nope, no change in the pics, just different angles and a poor choice of first pics too. Compress them while still bolted in an try to twist around?
  7. OK, this makes sense - there is an ledge / step in the pad at each end - I should be rotating the spring to align the end of the lower spring up against that which would drop the car a little more.
  8. These are more similar angles of left and right side (note the notch on each perch)
  9. @3pedals Pic 1 is the passenger side, pic 2 drivers side - different angles though, should have taken more / better pics. I'm confident the pads are right as they have the alignment mark to match the strut perch best shown below.
  10. Cheers mate - yeah, had read about the knuckle, so made sure it aligned with the pins and got the strut seated in all the way. Good idea, will drive the car and get them looked at while I'm at the shop having the RTABs done.
  11. @3pedals thank you - we had aligned it that way as it wasn't possible to align both 'point' of the egg / oblong in the spring and perch and the end of the spring in the factory location - the new springs were about two inches shorter there so didn't wrap all the round. I'll have a pro check it out this week, assuming its safe to drive for a few days given they are at least secure.
  12. These ones here - the strut perch is silver but the springs had a noticeable point to the egg / oblong shape vs stock springs https://www.ap.de/shop/_/-/-/21320041 Could misalignment on the spring perch cause 20-25mm impact to ride height?
  13. @M3AN cheers Dave.... Sooo... about the spring seating - I was wondering about this as we couldn't get the springs to line up the way the stock ones did in the lower perch. The perch is 'egg' shaped and the spring had a pronounced 'egg' shape at one end - so installed them that way - with the point of the egg aligned on strut and spring, rather than the end of the coil sitting in the indent he factory spring left. Upon reviewing my pics however I just noticed the spring writing is upside down the way I did them ๐Ÿคจ
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