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  1. rusteee

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Damn that is a good amount of work gone into the beast, well done looks really good.
  2. rusteee

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Be keen to see if those bushes are knackered, as they were supposed to be superior to the lemforder equivalent.
  3. rusteee

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Damn that is a fine looking beast! Good job with all the works
  4. rusteee

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Yeah you havn't even got half of my reciepts 😂. Hopfully treats you well, its such an awsome car to drive and a stunner to look at. Does it still have that big sub in the boot?
  5. rusteee

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    This car looks awfully familiar 😁 good to see shes still in good shape. Congrats on the purchase, it definetly had a lot of attention (money haha) put in to it in the time I had it
  6. rusteee

    WTB E39 16:9 monitor

  7. rusteee

    Damn Kyu, Back at it again with the E39 530i

    Damn this car is looking mint!!
  8. rusteee

    WTB E39 16:9 monitor

    I'll have a look through those ones Martin gave me, and see if can make up a complete 1. I had a quick geez through your thread the other day, that car is awsome man!! I'll go have another look now
  9. rusteee

    WTB E39 16:9 monitor

    And I better it by fiddy cent =P Did you end up getting your rear light sorted?
  10. rusteee

    WTB E39 16:9 monitor

    Does anyone have one of these kicking around they are keen to sell? Cheers
  11. rusteee

    F/S: Euro Plate (Personalised)

    I always wondered what that plate meant when I see it around
  12. rusteee

    For sale 2000 520i E39

    I'll buy the headlights =p
  13. rusteee

    Help, E39 Still battery drain!

    Unsure, but whatever it was was drawing between 900mA and 1.3A lol. He got the same figures as me after pulling out all the fuses for the phone, lights etc etc once the car had gone into sleep mode. I'll check tommmorow when I pick it up, but must be some modules or something that it kept on? He did mention something about centre console lights, I wasn't even aware there was any.
  14. rusteee

    Help, E39 Still battery drain!

    Massive piece of me died
  15. rusteee

    Help, E39 Still battery drain!

    Well turns out the GME is indeed faulty. Which is a bastard as thats the last solution I had come up with. I assumed they were going to plug in the tester and see if it was sending everything to sleep as I had discussed with them over the phone, but no. So 4 hours at $100 an hour of doing everything I had already done, they had confirmed it. Replacment ordered and on the way. I suppose the small bonus is he said I was bang on with my diagnosis hahaha sheeeeit. All ready for the new owner whom ever it may be lol