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  1. lemusa

    Project E39

    Maybe alternator? I dunno if these are smart enough to kick off when the cars in park or not though...
  2. Wasn't loved but interior looked clean. Seller only wanted $800 for it so you couldn't go too wrong
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3007974358?bof=uBxMJJas Someone save it
  4. Nothing to report other than she's been kicked out on to the street while we finish up painting the house. Does anyone else find that if they have to move the kids car seats in order to go out they just don't drive their weekend cars?
  5. lemusa

    Stress. Anxiety.

    In this case I'd suggest getting a written reference rather than just listing their details on your CV. It gives them less options to screw you over as you have a written version of what they think of you. If they contradict that later over the phone and cost you a job then they are opening themselves up for a PG. If asking in person is too uncomfortable then asking over email is perfectly reasonable in my opinion. Also remember a reference doesn't just have to come from a direct supervisor to be useful. You can make use of colleagues or higher levels of management if you have those relationships.
  6. Definitely go through Arthurs Pass and hope it's raining when you do (it probably will be!) for maximum scenic feels. Things I haven't seen mentioned: Benmoore Dam, a little out of the way but worth a look as are many of the smaller hydro setups dotted around. Bluff is worth a drive out to get the required "sign photo" but there is literally nothing else of interest there. Do a helicopter glacier tour if budget allows, otherwise you could walk it but yeah nah. It's hard to believe it's the same planet up there... SH1 between Christchurch and Oamaru is the most boring bit of road on the island. Try and avoid that stretch and you can't go too wrong. Bring a jacket. Sometimes the south forgets it's summer.
  7. lemusa

    Stress. Anxiety.

    Overthinking is the hardest part to manage for sure. The "issue" takes over and takes the shine off everything else that's good in life. I've only really experienced it over a longer period when I was dealing with a particularly sensitive situation/sh*t staff member and it really ruined my life for that few months. Alcohol intake went up and I was a shitty husband/father. If you feel like you're being managed out there could be an opportunity to get ahead of it. Ask if there is any voluntry redundancies coming up - how you approach that would depend on size of company of course. Chin up, Christmas is almost here so make plans with the family/friends and the rest will come out in the wash.
  8. lemusa

    540itch Scratching

    Good ol BMW "improvements". I kinda miss the relative simplicity of my 1998 540i haha
  9. lemusa

    E46 330i Touring

    Bit of a change! Looks clean and no doubt in a couple of years it will be one of the cleanest in NZ
  10. Yes I'm a mad man. Posting a general discussion thread about a BMW recall, in a general discussion board, on a BMW orientated forum ? Dealer isn't open at 8pm...
  11. Wow that's not the response I was expecting. I assumed BMW service would be top notch. The Ranger had a recall on an undertray not long after I got it and Team Hutchison Ford contacted me within days of receiving the letter to let me know that parts were still being manufactured and they would call me once available. A while after they rang me to book it in and offered me a range of dates which varied from a few days to a few weeks out depending on whether I needed a courtesy car or not. In the end I chose a date that coincided with the service window and killed two birds. Couldn't of been easier.
  12. I'm trying to book in for the airbag recall. I believe it's been sorted by previous owner however I got a letter. Anyway I can't get past the service selection page on the website. It just sits there loading in a frozen like state. I've tried multiple browsers. Anyone else had this issue? Guess I'll have to call them...
  13. How about we post what we took it with as well? For me, Samsung S9 ? F30 is in the company fleet. Unfortunately I only get it when the boss is overseas.
  14. Definitely keen to have a beer when you're passing through!
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