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  1. SRacin

    540is getting a refresh

    Where did you source all your suspension parts from? Im looking to do this for my 540is also.
  2. SRacin

    E34 M5 NZ NEW

    This came up in a facebook adverstisment for the grooming company and man it looks good in their photos. Might have to send my E34 their way for a birthday. Pretty good before and afters also. https://www.facebook.com/CCVGrooming/?hc_ref=ARRBC-BKQgbrWjNNMiAJ647dkIm7Feb_QCMcJ5Jr3liDrp444BhKpzmYMtUDROKWwBg
  3. SRacin

    X5 E53 4.8is Brake Discs

    Thanks Gabe. I think as they only offer air freight the shipping cost probably outweighs sourcing locally. They look great for light weight bits! Their suspension kits look fantastic.
  4. Hi All, Any recommendations on where to source and what brands are the go / no go? Same goes for pads I guess? Logan
  5. SRacin

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    @bung206 Did you ever get the bluetooth to work? Also is that your one for sale on Trademe?
  6. SRacin

    Lemans e53 4.8is x5 in Akl

    FYI. The dodgy gearbox one sold for $7500. I passed on that but found a sweet lower k's one in black on black.
  7. SRacin

    One iS is not enough~

    Just picked up a new shopping wagon of sorts after a very long time of deliberation. I am sure it will turn into a project of some sorts. Daylight and photos to come. Needs a major screen upgrade, super dated.
  8. SRacin

    Lemans e53 4.8is x5 in Akl

    SOOO... it got withdrawn, so who got it??? Oh and another one got listed today which I am checking out tomorrow. Shame about the transmission and interior colour.. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1384384532.htm
  9. SRacin

    Lemans e53 4.8is x5 in Akl

    ok so adding to the photo thing, and in stark contrast. It's for sale again. Feels more like a dodged bullet. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1378718809.htm
  10. SRacin

    Trademe Car Listing Photography

    Speaking of lazy. I saw this car for sale, and thought, what does this say about the current owner.... At least its a decent resolution and honest.
  11. SRacin

    Lemans e53 4.8is x5 in Akl

    hey thanks everyone in this topic! I was bidding but wifi or something went bad. Pressed bid and then it was closing......and then missed out should have autobid... Sold $10400.... Hope new owner enjoys. You guys all rock!
  12. SRacin

    Lemans e53 4.8is x5 in Akl

    @Gabe79 Thanks! I have emailed the seller to see if its going to be possible, will let you know but as you say its extremely unlikely. Appreciated every ones honest opinions re PPI and MBI. My understanding re MBI from reading the threads is its difficult to get when you don't by from a dealer, but I see AA offer it. Maybe best to start another thread about MBI (or search for an exisiting one. Yes I also think X5's are awesome hence why I am prepared to part with my hard earned cash for one. Missus thinks I should get a Tourareg, but I just cant stoop to it.
  13. SRacin

    Lemans e53 4.8is x5 in Akl

    Hey Thanks for the pro tips guys. @Olaf wins quote of the day "Friends will let friends buy X5's, but friends should not encourage friends to image stack whacky HDR output. " Having had a dig through the feedback and the other thread and based on the k's and the hdr which looks like they are trying to hide something it does make me a little nervous buying it site unseen with out a PPI. If the auction didn't close tomorrow I would get him to take it to hellbm for a PPI. Unless anyone else happens to be in browns bay area and could check it out for me? Not to worried about reasonable service costs, or fuel costs. I would by it cause i want to not need it And it would look good beside my techno-violet 540iS. ahh decisions decisions.... Thanks Logan
  14. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1365354043.htm Pretty tempted by this, but it has been through a bunch of owners recently, with latest owner only having for a few months. I think it was $1 reserved earlier in the year. The filter on the photos looks turned up to maximum. Anyone know history on this one? Thoughts on these after 170k's?
  15. Hi, So I am on the hunt for a reasonable X5 after convincing the other half (or she convinced me?) that an X5 is a good idea over an All Road, Touareg etc and would look good next to the 540is. Have driven a bunch of different types and definitely want a face lift, and can not afford an E70. The ideal vehicle would probably have; -Black -Mid 100k's -Heated Seats -Panoramic roof -Tidy Interior (wood preferred over silver interior) -NZ New -Roof Racks / Box / Ski Racks -Christchurch located (not critical, keen for road trips) -Fair price for a fair car. Anything out there, I am keeping a close eye on trade-me. Regards Logan