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  1. $14k ONO New Zealand new 2005 E53 4.8is with all the features expected of a luxury SUV. Being a 4.8is it features the best performing and sounding engine of the era and is extremely well optioned. Professionally groomed and in great condition.New reg and wof.Viewing in Cashmere or Central Christchurch by arrangement.This vehicle has been extremely well maintained with a large range of preventive maintenance being carried out over the last 12 months. This has included replacement of all the suspension bushes front and rear at significant expense. Two front tyres earlier in the year and two new rear tyres fitted 11th May 2019. Oil service April 19.The entertainment system has been upgraded to a modern Android 7.0 unit, which features all apps expected in a modern vehicle, Spotify, android auto, navigation etc. This is hands down the best upgrade that can be done to this age of vehicle to make it feel modern. The sound system is amazing. There is also a custom subwoofer and amplifier system which can be included by negotiation. The system includes an i-bus adaptor such that all the factory on board trip computer can be accessed via the app, as well as being able to obtain diagnostic and programming information.Includes new mats, and a boot liner to keep everything in top shape.Some of the factory options include;Sports Suspension2 Axle Height adjustable suspensionSide Airbag for rear passengersSun protection Glazing with Certified tinted windowsHifi Speaker SystemRoof RailsPanorama glass roofRunning Boards20" Wheels (315x35x20 rear 275x45x20 front)Full leather interiorHeated front seats etc.The custom amplifier / subwoofer system and a brand new snow chains (never used!) is available by negotiation.
  2. Hi All, My passengers side broke, replaced that. Drivers door handle starting feeling funny, so ordered the part, however turns out it had already been replaced and the shaft had wiggled its way out the end. Pressed back in and away again. So I have a brand new Febi unit for sale. Note I purchased a cheaper ebay one for the passenger side it it took a whole day to fit, filing down crappy die-casting to make it fit. This one is OEM and very high quality. Selling for cost price. $120 NZD. BMW Door Handle Carrier Front Right (E53) - Febi 51218243616 X5 Part #: FEB-37682
  3. Hi, @TermiPeteNZ it seems to be a continually battle. In comparison I love my 540iS e34, it is so comparatively reliable! Its about 1 year in now and about 10,000'ks. Has been a great tow machine and seen several ski trips up the mountains. Feel like I have got the bottom of most of the issues and I have address all the typical fault areas, but none the less not sure how much longer my affair with the X5 will last, someone will get a will maintained X5 when I do get round to selling it with all the suspension overhaul I have done. Thanks to FCP Euro taking my money. Can you share details of the key? I need a spare and haven't got round to that yet. I have the following notes and didnt pull the trigger as was too expensive at the time "BMW number of current key 6955749. CHCH bmw supersedes to 6955749. $444 inc ex Germany. " I am still chasing a mild vibration on acceleration, which is very annoying more than anything else. I think the follow list is complete off the top of my head without going through stacks of invoices. Cheers Logan Complete Front Control Arms Front Tie Rod Assemblies Front Ball Joint Front Upper Front Thrust Bushes Front Control Arms All the Idlers, pulleys and belts Front Flex joint Few interior bits Android Head unit fitment, dash-cam etc etc Stealth sub and amp Buy Chains Puncture repairs x2 New bonnet emblem Front window clips (that hold in rail) Fix power steer reservoir leak Wheel Alignment(s) New Battery Front Passengers door handle assembly (not do not buy cheap ebay kits, they are terrible and spend more time filling back flashing on the castings rather than just fitting it) Boot liner and new mats WIP (have parts, to be fitted) Rear Guide Link Upper Rear Control Arms Integral Link BMW Ball Joint Rear (In Rear Wheel Carrier) BMW Door Handle Carrier Front Right To Do Spare Key Oil Service Front Tyres at some stage Fix hazard switches (typical broken plastic) Panorama roof rail clips Find minor vibration
  4. Hi, Giving the X5 a rear suspension birthday, replacing both arms, ball joints and integral links, however need the old special tooling for the ball joint removal and replacement. Was wondering...... Would anyone happen to have this tool and be prepared to loan it out? Cheers. 😀
  5. Hi, I replaced the original 2.93 diff with a 3.45 lsd and need to get rid of the original one. It is in excellent condition and was removed from the car before getting to 100,000k's. I believe it has the 7 series input flange on it, which was swapped with the diff swap was done. $250 Any interest let me know, as I would prefer not to have to lug this between houses. Thanks
  6. Where did you source all your suspension parts from? Im looking to do this for my 540is also.
  7. This came up in a facebook adverstisment for the grooming company and man it looks good in their photos. Might have to send my E34 their way for a birthday. Pretty good before and afters also. https://www.facebook.com/CCVGrooming/?hc_ref=ARRBC-BKQgbrWjNNMiAJ647dkIm7Feb_QCMcJ5Jr3liDrp444BhKpzmYMtUDROKWwBg
  8. Thanks Gabe. I think as they only offer air freight the shipping cost probably outweighs sourcing locally. They look great for light weight bits! Their suspension kits look fantastic.
  9. Hi All, Any recommendations on where to source and what brands are the go / no go? Same goes for pads I guess? Logan
  10. @bung206 Did you ever get the bluetooth to work? Also is that your one for sale on Trademe?
  11. FYI. The dodgy gearbox one sold for $7500. I passed on that but found a sweet lower k's one in black on black.
  12. Just picked up a new shopping wagon of sorts after a very long time of deliberation. I am sure it will turn into a project of some sorts. Daylight and photos to come. Needs a major screen upgrade, super dated.
  13. SOOO... it got withdrawn, so who got it??? Oh and another one got listed today which I am checking out tomorrow. Shame about the transmission and interior colour.. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1384384532.htm
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