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  1. Dogballs


    Sorry. Sold to another member..
  2. New in original box, rear wing with built in high stop light for e36 and e31 Complete with fitting kit to suit e36.. $500
  3. Dogballs


    Good condition style32 staggered set. Minor scratches, minor corrosion - very good set for refurb if you wanted.. will go on trademe if nobody wants them here.. 18x8 et20 18x9 et24 (tyres are buggered) $500
  4. I’m on the hunt for an active ATM module for NBTevo with TCB to ATM retrofit project. must be still live with connected services and be able to provide VIN. thanks
  5. Good to hear you have that working.. for your snapin, have a look at this thread: https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1228584 it may give you some clues... OR If you VO code the HU it should sort the coding for the snapin, and then afterwards adjust HK coding... (assuming the vehicle has the snapin adaptor factory /FA coded already) there is a number of USB settings/combos available, so that's where VO coding it is the easy option - but FA must be correct first! (when using bummer utility to modify the FA - after completing FA coding, it will then ask if you want to VO code affected modules. (yes / no option) - very handy feature. but of course will reset any custom codings on the said modules.) good luck...
  6. Nope, Not me doing stereo builds?.. about all I’ve done is a few factory retrofits of HK, HiFi etc..
  7. BU will VO code your HU in about 20sec, or if you’ve made retrofits without FA updating, you can individually change the settings easy enough. 3 of the 4 things you need to code are easy, the odd one being the phone cradle. You may need to change the USB options to activate usb2 and/or activate the usb hub option depending on the phone cradle config.. I’d try VO coding it first if your FA is stock/up to date. esys comes with a complimentary “I hope this doesn’t screw it up” feeling every you are about to press the code button.. BimmerUtility = easy
  8. Ive just done the ENTRYNAV to NBTevo ID6 upgrade. (and 6WB retrofit ) If you have a Enet cable, Id recommend software called bimmerUtility WEBSITE its cost effective, with good UI. - Coding UI is ALOT easier than ESYS. A speaker amp upgrade is next on my list, so watching your project with interest..
  9. check them out here: Listings Shameless attempt to promote my listings:
  10. http://anythingelectronic.co.nz/aenz/ these guys are good..
  11. Dogballs

    435d x-Drive

    Yes it is. Very unassuming and underrated car. - loving it.
  12. Dogballs

    435d x-Drive

    it is literarily hard to beat.. 👍 the 6WB has great integration with the idrive with navigation, lane guide, radio stations, next track etc. very happy with it. Thanks
  13. Dogballs

    435d x-Drive

    A new project.. being an old school E series fan was getting a bit.. old.. so out with the e46s and in with the F32.. of course some tweaks: digital cluster upgrade, NBTevo upgrade. more to come thou.. 🤔 note the Tq value on the idrive screen.. 😃
  14. I have a modified TV module with a digital tuner card installed for sale. see: Webpage. Plug and play, no changes required. Just swap out your obsolete module and get TV again.. $150
  15. Set of rims and tyres. 5/120, 20x 10.5 Et36 20x 9 Et36 as pictured, a few scratches etc tyres in good condition I've been told they’re expensive rims - but not my cup of tea. feel free to give some input? $1000?
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