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  1. You loved it Just had to explain to the wife what meatspin was .... told her it was better to 'experience' it. ....I think I'm getting a divorce now
  2. Hokay ... sites now on a NEW server! Lets hope this one holds up a little better We're missing about an hours worth of posts, as the old server popped it's clogs before I could get the last DB dump - still, an hours not too bad considering! There's still a couple of back end things I need to crack up still, but the majority of it all should be working. An probs, I'm sure you'll all let me ono
  3. Hokay ... I *think* I've cracked it. Let me know if it has any more issues
  4. We're working on it. Attempting to put a reasonable policer on the server, so it doesn't whore all the bandwidth (which is has a habit of doing!) - you guys spam far too much I've opened it up to full throttle for the time being, and will work back from there. Happy mediums etc ... harder to achieve in practice than in theory
  5. cliff


    Thanks for that ... throw in an updated tzdata and turned on the ntp server .. time should be corrected in the next 30mins
  6. cliff


    Let me paint a picture for you .. this is how the pro recovery of the bimmer site took place.... * 3x guys in Auckland .. with Servers, Beer and skype... * 1x in Christchurch, with remote connection, skype .. and of course: beer. Results: Josh taking a leak behind the rack... Andrew giving me the glad eye... HOT! Josh couldn't find the key to get into one of the servers .... apparently a screwdriver and adjustable pliars do the same job? When in doubt .. apply more alcomohol... Josh and Andrew reeeeeaally confused about where the keyboard is supposed to go... Ollie making sure the beer gets consumed... All up, I Must say .. It's one of the more fun recoverys I've performed!
  7. Looks like you're back on track. I'll have to add the 'non standard' sources again ... but for now, the youtubes etc work
  8. Just FYI Ollie, I don't actively monitor these forums, i just look after the machine they are hosted on. (Don't get me wrong, my next car will be a bimmer, but I just have sooo many forums to keep up with ). If you have an issue, either get Andrew or Josh to hit me up, or add me to ICQ/MSN
  9. Should be good now ... logs are telling me they're flowing now. Unfortunately, some people will get a flood of emails from the last couple of days - sorry.
  10. Give it a whirl now - I've found a few permissions to tweak for images.
  11. I'm not sure what happening there? Is this an issue that other seem to be having, or unique to Allan?
  12. date has been updated/corrected - was 2 hours out
  13. Yes.. bimmersport had moved ... again. It's not my idea.... I'm just the monkey who does the grunt work If you see any issues, let me know
  14. cliff

    Posting Issue Fixed

    Post should now show up ...
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