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  1. Appears to be a 740i (non sport) with a body kit and mpars. Not sure why it says some sport models had a shorter diff, I thought ALL sport e38s had a shorter diff, as it looks like this is not a sport model! Certainly a low kms car - but a lot of money!! Maybe the seller has been browsing BAT and Cars and bids in the US and is trying to raise the price level of e38s in NZ!!
  2. When we brought our e70 over from Perth, it had been thoroughly detailed with certificate for MPI. Not good enough!! After an MPI "detail" we were presented with our X5 complete with the directional controls on EVERY air vent broken. Fast forward a few years, and using a pencil to adjust has finally got to me!! Wondering if any members could recommend a local source for the left, right and centre vents in NZ? TIA
  3. Message sent. Cheers
  4. The company that shipped my car was Auto Logistics and upon checking I was wrong about the amount. It was in fact $705 Palmerston North to Christchurch depot!! I picked it up from there. Hope this helps. By the way, I love that colour. When we ordered my wife's e70 back in 2010, we saw one on US owners forum in a similar colour and couldn't find a similar colour in the ordering info. So I contacted the guy and he told me it was Mineral Green, so that's what we ordered with Saddle leather. Best car (along with the e38) that we have ever bought and still in as new condition in our garage almost 12 years on. Good luck with your purchase.
  5. I had my e38 shipped from Palmerston North to Christchurch for $750 back in February. Turners organized it but was just one of the shipping companies. Can look it up if you need more info.
  6. We have a 2010 35d which we bought new in Perth. Been the best vehicle and amazing economy on open road. 110 - 120 kph from Perth to Esperance (700k) in 40 degree temp on less than a tank and under 9l/100km. Not sure over here but in Oz the 30d was a single turbo whereas the 35d is a twin turbo and I think the 40d which came out mid 2010 was twin turbo and as mentioned above, had the 8 speed transmission. Ours has the sport pack with sport seats etc and we optioned it with Style 214 20' wheels. We have towed a horse float with ours since we bought it. Touch wood, it has never missed a beat. It's my wife's car and she loves it.
  7. Thanks for those suggestions. I will follow them up. I have tried several "google" ideas but with little or no success.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has a magic solution to removing water spots from the glass on my e38? Cheers
  9. Some sad pics from Europe (2) Bimmer Check | Facebook
  10. @Banditthanks for that. I have had a look at their info online and they have several types. Are you talking about the show covers with the stripe, as that's the type I was thinking of?
  11. My e38 lives in one side of our 4 car garage (original owner was an architect with a love of Alfas , Fiats etc and so really a large 2 car garage!!) but dust still accumulates over the time it is waiting for an outing! What suggestions do folks have for an indoor cover that is kind to the finish and is dustproof? Given the length, just over 5m, it will obviously have to be available in an XL size I guess? Look forward to thoughts. Thanks
  12. Pretty sure those tongues with square male are a standard item in various different tongue shapes for different heights and you can get them at Repco, Supercheap and I think even Mitre 10.
  13. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get cabin filters (under hood and in cabin) in Christchurch, or NZ without having to go OS to purchase. Cheers
  14. For what it is worth, we have a 2010 e70 we ordered new is Oz before we retired over here. It has travelled just over 100k and has never missed a beat. On it's 4th set of tyres, second set of rotors, 4th set of pads (it's my wife's car and she still thinks she is driving the rally car of our silly days!!) and second battery. Regular scheduled services and it still goes like a shower! Ours is the 35D as delivered in Oz, to differentiate from the Jap import 35Ds I have seen here. Like the 40D ours has the twin turbo, which is a world apart from the more mundane 30D. Flicked into Sport and it literally takes off. We ordered ours in Mineral Green with Saddle trim and Style 214 staggered rims - still looks good. And I am pretty sure that as of the 40D they had an 8 speed box.
  15. Spent some time over the weekend giving the 7 a tub and tidy up after spending a week on transport trucks and dusty holding yards!! Has cleaned up quite well so a few more pics.
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