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  1. @Banditthanks for that. I have had a look at their info online and they have several types. Are you talking about the show covers with the stripe, as that's the type I was thinking of?
  2. My e38 lives in one side of our 4 car garage (original owner was an architect with a love of Alfas , Fiats etc and so really a large 2 car garage!!) but dust still accumulates over the time it is waiting for an outing! What suggestions do folks have for an indoor cover that is kind to the finish and is dustproof? Given the length, just over 5m, it will obviously have to be available in an XL size I guess? Look forward to thoughts. Thanks
  3. Pretty sure those tongues with square male are a standard item in various different tongue shapes for different heights and you can get them at Repco, Supercheap and I think even Mitre 10.
  4. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get cabin filters (under hood and in cabin) in Christchurch, or NZ without having to go OS to purchase. Cheers
  5. For what it is worth, we have a 2010 e70 we ordered new is Oz before we retired over here. It has travelled just over 100k and has never missed a beat. On it's 4th set of tyres, second set of rotors, 4th set of pads (it's my wife's car and she still thinks she is driving the rally car of our silly days!!) and second battery. Regular scheduled services and it still goes like a shower! Ours is the 35D as delivered in Oz, to differentiate from the Jap import 35Ds I have seen here. Like the 40D ours has the twin turbo, which is a world apart from the more mundane 30D. Flicked into Sport and it literally takes off. We ordered ours in Mineral Green with Saddle trim and Style 214 staggered rims - still looks good. And I am pretty sure that as of the 40D they had an 8 speed box.
  6. Spent some time over the weekend giving the 7 a tub and tidy up after spending a week on transport trucks and dusty holding yards!! Has cleaned up quite well so a few more pics.
  7. Hi there. Christchurch based, West Melton. First post, member for some time when I had a 2007 335 Coupe but never posted and moved it on as I'm a liitle less able to climb in and out of them as I used when "I wore a younger man's clothes"!! Moving on a few years and I'm back where I belong. 2001 740i in Titan Silver with black leather. Had a 2001 in Anthracite with grey Nappa leather back in Aus but sold it when we retired over here just over 7 years ago. Regretted the sale ever since. Fast forward to today when I picked this up. Came down from the North Island. One owner, 88k on the clock and M pars factory supplied. All original paperwork with vehicle from Shelley BMW in Wellington, $160k new!! Absolutely beautiful with only a few niggly things to fix. Cheers Archie
  8. Hi there, Just discovered the site - been a long term e38 Bimmerboard member before retiring to NZ 6 months ago. Recently bought a beautiful 2007 e92 and reading US websites there are kits to put reversing cameras in hardwired to display in car. Anybody know of anyone who could wire this in, in the Chch region. Cheers
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