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  1. @Bandit - Is the local (chch) guy you refer to, the same one listed on https://www.fibrenew.co.nz/find-a-location/new-zealand-franchises/ ?
  2. Thought I'd share... panel work done and side panels repainted (matched to the faded platinum green from the roof).  It's lighter than the factory colour, but  I prefer it.

    The 'driver' is my 91 year old Mum who brought the car over from the UK with Dad in the mid-80s.  It was passed to me a few years back.

    Still a few niggles.  Sunroof doesn't run smoothly.  Same with wipers.  Hoses probably need replacing.  Otherwise pretty good.




    1. Olaf




  3. Cheers. And thanks for the advice, although I am thinking it's pricey despite the good things going for it.,
  4. A good looking car but seems to have had problems getting WOFs over the years. Anyone know it? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/2901368707
  5. I need some replacement green cloth for my 1983 e28, in particular, the herringbone pattern cloth in the centre panels of the comfort seats. The green is listed on REALOEM as 0133 PINIENGR but it's no longer available. Anyone know where I could find a seat with the same cloth (maybe a rear seat) in reasonable condition?
  6. The cracks are so small they don't show in a photo. Is leather wrapping the same as vinyl wrapping, and who does that in NZ?
  7. I have a 1983 e28 which, until a few years ago, had a perfect crack-free dashboard. It is garaged all the time and when parked outside I always use a sun-shield. It has done no good and the cracks are appearing. Is there anything I can do to repair (fill?) them or prevent them expanding?. I am guessing not. I don't like the idea of a dash cap, but perhaps someone can recommend where I could source a high-quality dash mat?
  8. I think you'll find my interior is 'piniengrun' Matt
  9. So far I've spent about $8k (including the purchase price) on my '83 528i with 120,000 miles on the clock. Based on this listing, perhaps I wasn't so stupid after all. E30s seem overpriced. E28s are more comfortable and better looking (especially on nice wheels and lowered a bit) IMO. Look at Matt's http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/37489-e28-535i-project/?hl=%2B535i+%2Bproject.
  10. tony2657

    E28 535i Project

    Congratulations Matt. What a relief. Like you I was starting to worry that it might be a 'broken' loom. Wanna do mine next?
  11. tony2657

    E28 535i Project

    Thanks for reminding me to catch up with this project Matt. You have done an amazing job. (cue old man story) I have to say it does bring back some scary memories of when I and few mates changed a head gasket on a friend's Vauxhal VX490 back in 1975.... a reasonably straighforward job you'd think. The car ran for a few days after, before the engine blew. Maybe we should have saved the beers for after we finished?
  12. Managed to buy one off ebay for $80. All fixed.
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