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  1. Hello, did myself a google but most things that came up aren’t my issue. Noticed the car was randomly locking itself repeatedly even when locked, could hear the actuators clicking. With or without key really close by but within reasonable distance. After running through some tests I have deduced that my key is constantly on lock. The button feels fine, the key is in excellent physical shape, but I have to take the battery out, as soon as I put it back in car locks and continues to receive lock signal (mirrors fold in and windows roll up). kind of relieved it’s only the key but potentially an expensive replacement. Has anyone had or seen this before? Would I have to open the key with a knife like the older diamond shape ones?
  2. Yes definitely so much better. I did think a set of seats from a sedan would also fit. apparently E9* was the first model to have radar cruise as an option. We really love the 330D! Such a great all rounder but it does feel a bit slow now! when shopping for a car with equivalent specs the only things that come close are 3x - 6x the price. I wouldn’t mind an X5 but too big for my GF who is the main driver.
  3. 330D needed it's thermostat replacing, was getting DPF codes as regen not able to do it's thing. As I mentioned in another thread, I hadn't encountered stretch fit belts before. I decided to replace the drive belts while I as in there and had been supplied a non stretch belt. I ripped the PS pulley clean off the pump 🤐 Not easy to track down on this side of the globe, I got a proper gates stretch fit belt and my old man spun up a pulley out of aluminium (what a legend) put it all back together and took it for a blast over transmission gulley to get the temps up. All seems happy, gave it death and nothing flew off or broke. Temps are now reaching up to 92c where as before couldn't get it over 70c. The 335d we've bought to replace it doesn't seem to hit the mark with us the same as the 330d so wondering whether we just keep the 330d after all! The 335D pulls like a freight train but we miss sports seats, radar cruise and comfort access 😢
  4. I like the wheels but overall it's a funny car to me and doesn't come across as special, well not in a good way.
  5. Well will have to take my time, just blew apart the PS pulley trying to stretch a replacement belt on. What a daft idea 😫
  6. Hello As per title I currently own an E91 PFL 330D Touring. It's an AWESOME car and we've had a great run from it - but it's getting to a point where it needs an enthusiast to take some time doing some maintenance (which I have a lot of OE parts for) I've just committed to replacing it with a 335D Touring (https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/335d/listing/3545233440?bof=GIZZ5ZCe). This will give me a bit of breathing space to figure out my best plan of attack with the 330D. Pros of 330D NZ NEW Montego Blue Factory 18's Leather Heated Sport Seats - black Brushed Alloy Trim Comfort Access (2x keys but only one works with comfort access, needs prioritizing in key queue) Factory Hideaway Towbar Radar Cruise Control No pesky i-drive front/read PDC Auto lights, dimming mirrors Recently removed all the butterflys from swirlflaps - have blanking kit and new seals to do it properly. Recently replaced starter motor with brand new one 160,000 WOF and Reg well into end of year/ beginning of next 160,000km on clock - RUC paid to 165,000. Good service history and books included. I've done the last 2 oil changes myself with BMW genuine filter. Replaced air filter (worst design ever bmw) cabin filter, fuel filter. Fitting new thermostat this weekend (car not getting up to full temp, unable to do exhaust burn off) Cons Was a Southland car originally and has a lot of stonechips on drivers front corner of car Bumper was swiped by someone recently on front drivers bumper corner, mostly polished out but with stone chips probably almost warrants a touchup/respray Wheels are curbed and tires slightly too small (probably main cause of kerbing) Needs trans service, have bought new genuine ZF pan and all associated gaskets/seals including valvetronic body and connector. EGR control valve "honking" - have bought aftermarket replacement is under intake manifold so should be done when addressing swirlflaps scanning codes shows that the glowplugs aren't functioning, doesn't CEL or anythign and car has always started ok. stock of this seemed non existant when I looked so didn't worry about it. Has been used for it's purpose - a good practical car. Awesome for pretty much any duties Obviously a great car and it actually has more features than it's replacement, but I really need something I don't have to worry about as I've just started a new job and I've got two new houses and a renovation on the go. Would like to know what people think, I would like to get atleast $10,000. Cheers! Ben
  7. Unsure, it was often parked on the roadside on a very busy street. The house has ample space for cars on the section so I guess he wasn't precious about the car.
  8. Oh this was a nice car, lived just round the corner from me. The owner isn't short of a few bob judging by his house/yard.
  9. Emphasis on the was, also I think it was better original. If anyone comes across an e34 wagon that isn't coozed I'm keen!
  10. Was a great car, I bought it for $3200 ($1 reserve by a dealership) from memory with just under 100,000km on the clock. Had all the books etc, factory towbar everything was nice and respectable. I got run off the road at about 80kmh by a hiace van who decided to be in my lane. After getting that all sorted (a massive f**kabout) another wally backed his trailer into it at the local tip while I was unloading my trailer. I figured it was cursed after that and sold it
  11. This was once mine and very original
  12. I got my NZ new 06 E91 330D for 10.5k at the beginning of the year, 123k on the clock, optioned nicely with radar cruise, comfort access, OEM swing away tow bar leather etc. You can give me 18k for it haha.
  13. Still about, any offer over $3000 will do the job.
  14. Hey yeah I did do that. Said sports on the vin decoder and I also spotted sports printed on the front struts.
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