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  1. Hi any e46 330i coupes for sale? preferably Auckland based. will freight or travel… projects considered. m sport pls auto pls Thanks
  2. trip3

    E46 330D

    Is anyone looking at selling their 330D 46? Please message me. We've seen the green one on trademe and the silver one FB marketplace - apparently needing lifter work. Thanks
  3. What's your budget? And would you be interested in a light grey set? Including four cards...
  4. trip3

    E30 Coupe Part out.

    How much to ship carpet to aklnd?
  5. Pm me. Could be keen on whole car. Thanks
  6. If this is the same car that sold last year for 90k with all the left hand parts.. Then WOW But then again it only takes one person to really want it If this does sell for asking price... Then prices of standard 2.3 m3s are gonna climb too...
  7. Hi. I'm probably blind... But where are the cars located? thanks
  8. trip3

    E36 318is MS

    Got an option for u... Pm me
  9. That looks cool too... The one that was on trademe was a left hook... Stickers were substantially bigger - lol Is this one for sale too?
  10. Hi All... anyone got contact details of the person that has this JPS 635csi? maybe a member on here? pm me please
  11. All good mate I've got a few sets
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