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  1. Hi Genuinely asking for a friend He is looking at purchasing this vehicle , ask for my thoughts and I know absolutely nothing about these vehicles Anyone have advice for him? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/x3/listing/2734630929?bof=hfloiQyP Thanks in advance
  2. From I can recall it was a father/son ownership (son was Paul) and son live Waikanae area, plus it was in better condition that mine.
  3. Im sure this is the car that I sat in few years ago at Southwards for a show and shine, very tidy car then. Points I remember were that , no vanos noises, seats were in excellent condition all round, engine bay was immaculate and the exterior was very tidy. But anything car happen in a few years
  4. Cheers all - went with some Goodyear Eagle F1s to say square for now and to be honest there is not much out there at the moment, this UK review of 3 tyres sealed it for me. Granted review was with Skoda but beggars cant be be too fussy , still intend to purchase a set of style 24s or 39s. Oh and the price - $239ea fitted
  5. Have pm'd him re the 24s and will also keep looking some 39s.
  6. my bad that was meant to read 225 not 235 - I should have proof read before posting
  7. Thanks everyone for your experiences re this minor issue I have, just to confirm a staggered set up on my 7.5s is all good? so 225/40s front and 245/40s on the rear? Will keep an ear to the ground re some style 39s or maybe I have a look at those style 24s
  8. I have just returned from another tyre dealer and they have said that going to a 245/40/17 will be fine Suggested PS4, Eagle F1s and Z tyre Z1, never heard of the last one , apparently its a UK tyre. http://www.ztyre.com/
  9. Hi - I know I have been here before but cant find any posts on the topic, basically I have now been backed into a corner and need to get at least two new tyres and my go to Falkens 452/453s are no longer available. So I am now struggling to find a decent replacement and today I was asked if I wanted to go to Bridgestone RE003s in 245/40/17 Can get a Maxis in 235 40 17 but this brand is a total unknown to me Car has style 22s , not staggered Thoughts - 235 vs going 245
  10. Got $100 for mine last yr and it had a few holes in it
  11. Cheers Kelvin appreciated the feedback- all the vacuum caps just got replaced this time around, they picked up on it as they had become brittle. Its sad when you a had an excellent relationship with a firm for the last 5yrs , where all work has been done to the highest standard or "do it once do it right " has been the culture, then all of a sudden it starts to slide downhill.
  12. Lastest round of work, do I have OCD or is the finishing work of the gasket considered acceptable?. Plus since last repair I have an intermittent smell of fuel in the cabin, apparently there was a clip on the fuel rail not do up properly and if it wasn't that then its most likely the fuel line that runs under the back seat. Pretty much over these guys, if its not one thing its another, time I learnt how to do this work myself I think, unless someone can recommend a competent mechanic for a 93 m3 in Palmerston Nth
  13. Diagnosis in Spark plug two and five loose, tightened noise gone. The also noticed plugs were old and most of the throttle body caps are brittle, apparently the caps issue will cause the car to run lean?. Of course I have no idea on that As both myself and wksp have no record of plugs being done I'm getting the plugs done and replacing the throttle body caps. I'm happy enough with that as it doesn't appear to be last job related
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