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    Hence my statement of getting it diagnosed properly. The times i have seen MAF & 02 sensors replaced by people because of codes recorded, only to later find a mechanical issue has put them outside their parameters. Sounds like they may be out of their depth to come up with the statement you quote. I would say it is quite likely vacuum issue.
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    Get the mechanic to diagnose it properly. It sounds a very random statement to be stating that an 02 is suspect. An 02 sensor out is not going to cause the issue you allude to. The car needs scanning properly & monitoring live data to correctly diagnose.
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    So finally got around to giving the car a wash and taking a couple of pics showing the new front bumper. Can tell that I need to line it up a bit better on the drivers side, but its not too bad.
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    Some people get kicks out of Lambos, I get kicks out of a very simplistic, beautiful car. The E46 M3. And finally, I have one to call my own! For the last month, I have been sitting on a secret, and couldn't wait to finally let it out after the reveal at the Euro Car Club Meet.. I finally did it and got myself an E46 M3 - and holy sh*t, best decision I made within my life. I LOVE IT! Sneakily hiding out at Rays, I can finally be a proud mother and dote on it I bought the car early November. I was originally looking around just to see the price margins, budget up - I never intended on actually purchasing one. And then I found this, sitting among the crowd of other unloved cars in a yard - who the hell would put a poor M3 in there? It was dirty, it hadn't been driven in so long the battery had conked out, it looked like the worst example of an M3 I had ever seen.. But when it started that all changed. It sounded perfect, it sounded like it just needed to be let off on a run. And so I obliged kindly. Flippen awesome, loved every moment of it, the brutal changes of the SMG, the cornering of the moment, the acceleration times. Despite the fact it looked 'rough' I saw the diamond in the dust and decided, f**k it, it's coming home with me. First things was check over - ring around about it. Clean as a whistle. Not even a subframe crack (score!) So now the details: - 2002 E46 M3 - Carbon Schwarz - SMG - 70,000 Miles (112ks) - UK Import 2010 - M LT/ALY WHEELS DOUBLE SPOKE 67, 19" And it has pretty much all the neat options minus a Sunroof - which I am more than happy to live without as it only adds weight.. And it's completely stock.. Fantastic. Being a UK Import - the main and obvious worry was rust. But lucky for me, a Full AA Rust Report done came back clean, as well as a good Ray report from HellBM - the car isn't even sporting Subframe war marks. Next up was the Vanos/SMG checked out - and again good as gold. Being a completely stock car, it gives a great platform to work with - it means no one else has gone in there, which is the best way really. I have a huge long list of what I would like to do over time, and it won't be leaving my side unless seriously needed... sh*t happens! Will do another post with my list once I dig it out.. But so far; - Carbon Supreme Tints (Thanks Car Folie) - Diff Oil Service (Thanks Ray) - New SMG Shifter (Thanks Ray) - Floor Mats (Thanks Ray) - Scanned and Checked over (Thanks Ray) - Cut and Polish To Do: - Fog Light Upgrade - Angel Eyes - M3 Genuine Floor Mats - New Wheels - Subframe Reinforcement - Suspension Set up (Shocks/Springs) - Rear Tray Black - Replace a couple Harman Kardon Speakers - Rotors, Brakes, Lines upgrade - Put a Spoiler back on! (missing one) - Respray Boot and loads of other things I am sure to add on - brain faded at the moment. Well hope you enjoyed the read and the fact I always say way to much... Included are photos of the paint.. err.. correction stage. To be honest, she was a dog when I got her :/
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    E46 M3, Manual 6 spd, DME reflash with driveability enhancements. $24000 ono http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=829265515&ed=true E34 1992 525ise Factory manual with LSD, Bilsteins/H&R etc. Ex. cond. fresh paint .SOLD $5000 Reserve http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=828562487&ed=true SOLD -E21 Mint NZ new 1982 323 manual.-SOLD Surplus E46`s: SOLD 1999 320i $1 Reserve SOLD 2000 318i $3500 Call for details, pics etc.
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    Given the oxygen sensors are around $350 for the pair (via pelican parts, no idea what they'll cost locally) I strongly suggest running the car through a scan first. The likelihood is your Lambdas are fine, and it's a lot of cash to spill on parts that probably don't need replacing. Your money, your call of course, but a $50-60 scan from an experienced tech will accurately isolate the problem, instead of throwing money around chasing ghosts. Good luck, hopefully you get your issue solved quicker than mine
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    Yeah yeah... Same on the other car too haha.. My sister E46s. Perfecto
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    A dead oxygen sensor left you stranded?
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    Can't help with any practical experience with these sorry Pelican has Bosch and genuine listed 11781742050 oxy sensor before cat Bosh $91.00 Genuine $260.75 US Dollars 11781433940 sensor after cat Bosch $104.50 Genuine $260.75 Their are four in total two before and two after the cats. Would make sure that it is these before replacing as those prices it is not cheap. Best of luck
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    Yea, ill own 1 one day too, perhaps when I grow up and I have to see this car almost every day. Tortured with envy
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    Had quite a bit of fun trying to get the processor to power on the amps via a relay. Turns out the relay used more current that the two amps combined. Removed the relay and the amps powered on. Finished off the remote on and processor looms with Molex connector and tesa tape Next came the setting the input levels for factory system, iphone 6 input and car pc digital input. I did these by ear as don't have access an oscilloscope. I did set the amp outputs via multimeter to avoid the chance of output clipping into the speakers. I found that the bm53 tuner RCA mods didn't quite have enough to drive the high level inputs on the processor. Ended up feeding it both the plus and minus differential audio outputs from the bm53 tuner. The drop in sound quality was noticeable by doing so. Looks like the output stage on the tuner is the limiting factor in the factory system. Next was to remount the amp racks and mount the amps into the small storage tray. I'll run the system like this for a few weeks. Connected the speakers and sub and gave the processor a basic tune just giving it high and low pass filters according to speaker needs. Processor features time alignment on all channels as well as 1/3 octave equalisers on every channel. Will set these up later once the speakers have has 50 or so hours use. Tried the different sound source inputs. Factory cd / radio sounds ok , iphone 6 with lossless music sound good. Car pc with flac via digital output sounds excellent. Only issue so far is the 5 1/4 mid bass in the front has a hole in the sound in its lower bass registers. I'm running steep filter on these so may drop this a bit further down. Really don't want to cut holes in the door behind the driver. The ski pass bass has worked out well. Without a doubt the Cleanest sub bass I've had. Even if cranked to silly output levels I get no rattles. The spg555 / passive radiator can move some serious air. Goes low with detail and bass timing is good. Next stage is to work on mounting processor control , mouse and iphone in console area somewhere
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    My sister has a swift sport... Keyless.. we decided to try.... guess what you can just pop the lock and get out as usual. tragic.
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    I've got access to a CBD screening room. Shall we organise a Bimmersport screening, John???
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    i will always stick to 10,000km on an NA car and 5000km on a turbo car. Engine oil these days is subjected to some intense conditions and breaks down over time, its cheap insurance and means the engine will be cleaner and operate better for longer. Would be interesting to compare two engines, in the same conditions, the same ages but one run with long life intervals and the other on shorter intervals. Run them for 10 years and see what the insides are like. Its like a manufacturer (Audi?) is now looking to start bringing out cars with lifetime service intervals.... where the oil in the engine lasts as long as the expected lifespan of the car (which has not been specified, but i bet its short). Much like lifetime trans fluid in BMWs, we know how that works out.
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    As above, a pressure test needs to be done on the head as there does not seem to be any obvious leakage point.
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    looking good amber-leigh. nice colour too
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    Clears look outdated to me. Sooo last decade.
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    Yeah thats what i was thinking, very curious,