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    Xmas Eve E46 M3 Colour Combo @ HELLBM
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    The ad was a bit weird, but the guy seemed Ok when I went round and looked at the car...
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    good bugger award goes to dutchy
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    I,d like to go look at this car but im too scared of getting spanked and whipped.... http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-825246982.htm is this a member car? be honest..
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    Super, that's that sorted, can we please get back to taking the piss out of the add now ?????
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    i think after Glenns advise would only be right to take it to him to service.
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    I took your advice and went to BM workshop for a full diagnostic. They were great as always! They concluded it was a dodgy fuel sender and that I had just run out of fuel....I little red faced I am. However the fuel gauge said 15l remaining. It has now been fixed and is reading correct. Apparently the injectors were showing low fuel readings which potentially confirms the diagnosis. Either way, full take of gas and full service/check over its running like a dream with the Bm guys saying it's an exceptionally tidy example.... With no other fault codes and car feeling as tight as your sister.
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    You just happen to have that pic to hand right Jon...
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    If you place an add like this expect some response, so you loosen up it is x mass take a joke
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    interesting looking at diesle vs crude for the last wee while AUD prices FIGURE 1: COMPARISON OF SINGAPORE DIESEL PRICE (GASOIL) WITH CRUDE OIL PRICES and aussie pump prices
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    I better mention I did have M3 headers on my M54