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    Hi, Well after 10 years of lusting after an e46 M3 I finally have one sitting in the shed :-) its a 2002 with manual box and around 150k on the clock. You may know this car as previous owner was on a couple of forums I believe. It pretty much had all the work done to it that I would have done which has saved me a ton of time and monies, 19" work rims, BC golds, LED lights and a few other bits a pieces. Its Phoenix Yellow, not a colour I ever liked but its growing on me and it nice to have something that stands out. The rear subframe has had the HellBM treatment and I'm hoping its mechanically sounds for a good thrashing ;-) Plans include full service (inspection 2), hopefully a tune from HellBM, some new interior trim to replace worn items, a new steering wheel and racing buckets. and maybe down the road lower diff ratios. This is my third BMW, my plunge into euro cars was an E61 MSport 525 wagon, and that lead to another E61 MSport wagon, this time a 550. Loved both those cars but wanted a weekend warrior that I could swap cogs in. Hoping to hit a track or driver training day.
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    Time to get that cert baby!!!!! so it's out of the garage driving, braking, loosing traction and all out being an awesome car. still buzzing the engine package and all the changes have made this car unbelievable to drive! I'm still unsure about the exhaust noise limit but will wait for the test. had one little hiccup along the way and popped the steering shaft off luckily we were stationary at the time but fixed that up and we were all back operational again! so happy to finally have it completed, now just to get it to Wellington.
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    Cheers. Yes hoping it will be an easy fix. Already made the dealer aware so confident that it will be sorted. Its a 2001 4.4l Sportpac ex-japan with 199kms. Went to look at it a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by the condition it was in and the price! Had a good drive of it last weekend and a deal was done. I'm not being too fussed, I drove my X3 for 6 months with its engine light on haha. Expecting it to be a coil or 02 sensor etc. As advised by TermiPeteNZ a MBI was essential!
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    that's if he can get traction maybe better to do a 50-150kmh
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    Got a new job, daunting uphill task ahead but more opportunities to grow.
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    Been beemer-less for a few weeks and have taken the plunge on this: Picked it up after work. I have a drive of about 25kms home. I get halfway. I glance at the dash. And I see this: Oh the joys of BMW ownership. Why do I punish myself? Now the fun begins with getting it sorted...
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    Not having to get up and go to work on your birthday is definitely choice bro! The brand new M3 Competition Pack on the drive is the icing on the cake!!
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    Looks nice mate! It may not be as bad as you think; could be as benign as a coil. V8 and four wheel drive - cool!
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    Hell yeah! What an amazing achievement! One more small hurdle to go then its all on!
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    It's $6500 buy now on Trademe and $5500 no reserve Nice car by the way, if I was in the market (read: had any money) I'd be all over it!
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    Can you do a 0-100 video? I would be keen to see how fast it is.
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    Street legal track car, Chris!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnDBbHwRk14 because I don't know how to cut and paste a small section of video I've put the whole video up . funniest part 4:21
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    We all feel like we paid too much for our e39 M5s - until we drive them home (going the long way). I have had mine for 6 years and not a single moment of regret. They are fantastic all rounders.
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    Time to add some more pics from playing about today!
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    No, nabbed a metallic blue 328is that was up on TradeMe for less than 24 hours, its rough but a good candidate for motorsport. Good to see about the XYZ's, will have to look at them in the future for sure.