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    But Brent... it's an NZ New one, so would have been perfectly serviced.... BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right!
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    Mechanical sympathy and a generous wallet is the key.
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    Fuel Is about 19.2 L/100, oil Is more like 1L every 3000Km.
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    I would be stoked If my m5 got 17.5 L/100 but It doesnt use anywhere near that much oil.
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    I have a number of 1/18 scale cars & a bout 20 Minichamp MotoGP bikes, the detail is amazing I also have a number of original Matchbox cars still in there boxes, that I got from my Grandfather, I used to play with them as a kid,under his supervision of course
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    neglect , abuse when cold , wrong oil types , running low on oil too many times , no dispstick , oil level sesnors fail these engines burn upto a litre of oil per 1000km $150 per 5 litres of the bmw oil . also 15,000km service intervals , should about 8000km
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    Questions for seller: 1. When you stopped was there 6 litres of oil on the road behind you? How far behind you? 2. Does "on road costs included" mean "drive away"? Might be worth the 10k! Question for you all: Why, in today's day and age with modern electronics etc, doesn't a low oil pressure warning force the car into limp mode, instantly start reducing available power and force the rev limit (eventually) down to 0. Would be trivial to implement in software.
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    Cheers for the legitimate banter on here. Seemingly endless bunch of knobs on TM.
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    Oh. My apologys. Im in Auckland. Il change that.
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    Today, with the excellent help from Kerry of Mosen Euro Parts (Hamilton) we did the RMS, flywheel, clutch, gearbox oil, driveshaft coupling, shifter parts, and O2 sensors on my M5, plus a bit of cleaning etc as we went along. Six hours in total, pretty straight forward with all the right tools including a hoist and trans jack. The exhaust took a bit of mucking around to get off and on, one gearbox mounting bolt had rounded off and we had to get "creative" but all in all a great day - fricken cold though...