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    Made some delicious fudge and a nutritional milkshake with the m43 during my lunch break 30 minutes in and I realised my E-torx set is at a mate's. So I haven't taken the head off yet If it has a cracked head I'll probably just park it in a corner and pretend I don't own it, or I could put a manual m44 in it or m42 and it'd still be a pile of garbage I'm doing super well at being an adult and the missus is super happy about this
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    20" dont work in the paddock eh!!! IMG_2029.MOV
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    Potentially for sale in about two weeks. (dependent on another car arriving) I have owned this car for the last 6 years, lots of service history, off the top of my head it has had new Bilsteins front and rear, new rear airbags (suspension), water pump, thermostat, belts, tensioner, viscous fan, beisan vanos seals, DISA valve. Having said that most of these things were replaced as preventative servicing. 203500kms, still runs very smooth and quiet. Car is in nice condition. Staggered alloys, 235/45/17 front (brand new tyres), 255/40/17 rear VIN: WBADS62050GL80548 (I have replaced the fake wood trim for the silver trim) Clearcoat has started to peel a bit on one side, worst bit is a handsized piece above rear window see photo. $5750 Car won't be for sale until I have finalized my next car. Any questions, let me know.
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    SOLD. Huge amount of interest due to low price.
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    Great, make's life so much easier when one has access to the correct equipment.
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    Hang on a sec, are cable ties not BMW approved for all repairs? Seems entirely fitting for a 6 figure and 400 hp car!
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    If you have the old alternator overhaul it yourself win win you gain the experience and have a spare unit.
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    Yep , aramid/ carbon hybrid - I'm still working on the front part ( it splits like the Schrick intake) to get flow into each runner a gnats closer, 1 & 6 are usually short on air at high RPM, will put pix up when it is on the engine with the rest of the bits. It's a complete system from the inlet beside the radiator/ headlight to the side of the head with an M3 air box in the middle
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    My opinion on replica seats: If you use them on the road, then you run the risk of the seat failing and you injuring yourself and others on the road. If you use them on the track, then you are just asking to be killed in a crash if not seriously injured. Professional racing/motorsport seats are expensive for a reason, trusted in terms of safety and reliability as opposed to items being built for aesthetic purposes only. Wonder what happens if you are involved in an accident and the seat doesnt support your body properly? Or, wonder what happens when you are driving a corner and the seat fails and throws you against the window or the steering wheel making you unable to control/drive the car? Here is a nice post (and plenty more info on the ol google) https://www.rx7club.com/3rd-generation-specific-1993-2002-16/warning-counterfeit-sparco-seat-failure-930854/
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    To be honest I am unsure as to what l6 I'd like, any is fine, there just seemed to be more available haha. The plan is to put it into an MGB GT
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    And pics of the new seats front and rear... considering these look nearly new and my old ones looked (and felt) terrible this is a HUGE upgrade... really like the Motorsport fabric as well. 🎯 👍
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    Hopefully surveys like that will encourage brands such as BMW to (re)introduce simple, mechanical, manual cars with as few electronics as practical for real enthusiasts. I don't even want automatic lights or windscreen wipers, I know when to turn both on. A touch screen radio interface would drive me spare (and I wonder why touch screens are even legal).
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    changed the plugs in the M5, someone in its past has removed the coils, broken the tops of 2 of them, and put them back in! Destroyed them both getting them out again, so off the road until i get 2 new coils. Photo of the worst plug...