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  1. Nice to meet you today John and I'm glad the car got a clean electronic bill of health. You negotiated yourself a good deal on that one, a bit of TLC and it'll look as good as it sounds (which is fantastic). Safe travels. 👍
  2. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Fair enough, as I acknowledged, if you have enough work to turn customers away then you can charge what you want really. I imagine there are lots of people that aren't that lucky though and charging extra might not be a tenable option for them.
  3. I did the full cooling system on my e36 M3 and my 328i and for both it was cheapest to import everything via FCP Euro, OE Behr radiators and all. ECS do tend to be more expensive in general than FCP but I'm sure that they have better deals from time-to-time, would pay to cross check. No point in importing coolant though, just pick it up from Repco or Supercheap. Despite what some would have you believe, the BMW stuff isn't unicorn semen.
  4. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    100% agree about (not) complaining! If you agree up front then it's a done deal. I'm just interested in the circumstances where somebody would charge milage+travel time+normal hourly rate. That seems extraordinary to me but I wonder if I'm missing something.
  5. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Interesting. Does that apply for all jobs or just out of the way jobs? I'm not being judgy but if, for example a plumber, wanted to charge me either I'd just call another plumber, or sparky, or builder, or etc. It's not like there's a shortage of any around me. Out of the way, as long as it's an 'extraordinary' fee sure, but normal time and miles is a basic cost of working right? You can't do the job if you can't get to the site, my employer doesn't pay for my to-and-from work travel time or mileage. And if people have enough work that they can afford to turn down jobs then it's a non-issue right, you pick the most lucrative jobs regardless of location, you shouldn't need to add additional fees. I'm fascinated a little by this, perhaps being a city lad has just never exposed me to this reality?
  6. Yes, yuck, they're e9x design and look terrible on an e8x, avoid.
  7. The complexity is that it's not only an PFL/LCI thing, it also has to do with whether you have a motorsport bumper. All E81/7 motorsport bumpers, regardless of the year of the car, have pointy corners... this does not apply to E82/8. Also, LCI is confusing because there were two LCI's, one n 2007/8 and the other in 2010 These will probably work, no idea on shipping: https://marsperformance.com.au/Matt-Black-1M-Style-Front-Kidney-Grille-BMW-E87-E81-Hatch-Pre-LCI-04-10 https://marsperformance.com.au/Gloss-Black-1M-Style-Front-Kidney-Grille-BMW-E87-E81-Hatch-Pre-LCI-04-10 Note they're for a "PRE LCI 04/2010" - lots of confusion. The Schmiedmann ones also obviously fit (I have them) but unless you're combining shipping they're prohibitive.
  8. Sweet, probably lines up with my brake swap. Are you planning to come to the December meet?
  9. And it's a NZ new SMG, not many of those around... pity SMG one, whilst technically delightful, was absolutely awful.
  10. I have a hub puller if that's what you need? @zero might have the bearing tools he lent me?
  11. Come on guys, my Aero spoiler is still in the box! You can get a rep for a couple of hundy.
  12. Ha, I was just looking at that again on Monday night, you thinking gloss black? Ouch on the shipping but I suppose they are quite long. Probably keen.
  13. Good community work Chris, thank you. And I agree 100% with the above, that was exactly my purchasing experience. All 10-14 year old cars require about the same investment unless they are unicorns.
  14. And it's a much more practical storage pocket, even without charging, than the BS ashtray!
  15. Interesting, I have two friends with that setup in E36's with certs. But rules change and I don't keep track, one was done 2 years ago, the other about 4. Sorry if I've provided no-longer-accurate advice!
  16. Quality work Matt, I like the direction you're heading. I'm starting to get audio envy even though I'm no audiophile. As a matter of interested, what did you wrap the door handles/puller in and where did you get it from?
  17. You can get away with stock belts and E30 buckles mounted to the tunnel FWIW.
  18. Hope you get it for a good price, be sure to spill the details if you do! ?
  19. Scrub it up and bring it along to one of our casual monthly Auckland meets... https://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/49568-auckland-monthly-coffee-and-cars-meet/ Most first Sundays of the month. ?
  20. Or cruise... jeez, even mine has that! ?
  21. Here's a rare one, Sparkling Graphite and loaded with options... BMWP Pedals Sunroof Rear PDC Active Steering Adaptive Headlights Comfort Access Hi-Fi Stereo ? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2872814155 Shipped with wood trim, has been replaced with Glacier Silver. Are they stock exhaust tips? Maybe a Japanese dealer demo? I've never seen one like that in NZ, $8,300.
  22. Wait for the very last minute and then try and snipe it? I would have thought it was always going to go for more than $1500 so an auto bid at that level seems okay... or am I missing something? Take a battery, a trailer and a punt?
  23. B6? I'm not a big fan of the wheels but they're not offensive, I've seen worse. Up there for a pre-LCI although that exhaust probably sounds great. If I were selling I think I'd probably include a good picture of that!
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