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    Sold! But staying in the bimmersport family. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    The smallest daughter (still on L plates) just got back from driving the wife's new (to us) E87 130i for the first time. As she came down the driveway she had a huge stupid grin on her face, only to tell me that she waaaay prefers the E87 over the E90 320i she has been learning to drive in. So proud of her.
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    Pop round and pick it up, tell the guy that whoever was driving it is liable for the extra costs and they can get his info from the Police..... Then set fire to it?
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    clutch kit ordered. assorted seals, bushes, guides associated with clutch job ordered, along with new badges and a set of plugs. Cambelt done in 2011, just4000kms ago. Do I do the belt only as tensioners will be barely worn? It's an old engine - need to track down why it's a bit smokey on start up. At 257k kms is it getting a bit long in the tooth, or does it just need some good running to clear out the buildup of doing just a few hundred kms a year of village running? It certainly needs new leads, dizzy cap, rotor, and coil, to bring the electricals back up to snuff. and I'm thinking about how to play this. It'll need some body/rust & paint in the new year, to keep her in good order for the longer term. I'm working on a plan to get mechanical remediation (clutch/cambelt/suspension) done sept/oct so I can make e30 Megameet in November. Definitely needs rear antiroll bar. In the mid-term (next three years) It needs to meet it's primary job - teaching my kids to drive mid next-year to early 2021. So a tractible easy-to-drive 4cyl manual e30 coupe. And its secondary job is providing me with a bit of lightweight classic e30 fun... and quite possibly some Surgery Classic Sprints action at Manfield. It's destined to live in storage much of the time, I think. To meet these dual-modes of operation, I'm thinking either: a) stock trim ๐Ÿ˜‡ This is simple, big on the driver training, low on cost and not much on the sprint action. Or b) 318iS mode ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Basically some suspension first (318iS spec - heavy bars, not particularly low, decent shocks/springs) and a disc brake rear. Then M42B18 in place of M40B16. Relatively straightforward. Hubcaps on for teaching parking. ๐Ÿ˜‹Basketweaves for general fun use. At least the 14" rim keeps the tyre budget affordable! I prefer the idea of option b) because it takes care of maintenance, takes advantage of BMW Lego, and yet sticks to the factory formula. I guess a cert would be needed in our modern world. And then there's 2021 onward: Transformation/conversion to become sister car to Andy's MY E30. Collect conversion parts from 2020 in preparation. ๐Ÿ‘ป What can you guys tell me about M42 conversion for an e30? Are they still plentiful to source from e36 iS and Ti? Which Motronic would I need? I guess I'd need new engine mounts, the coil-on-plug electricals. Cooling hose and radiator changes?
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    Today I washed 5 cars, and waxed one. Volvo 855-T5 wagon is going on sale any day now. e46 wagon was filthy, so it got a good wash - though no time for wax. e60 needed a good wash - there's plenty of pollen flying around now. I washed and waxed the e30 (Grey Thunder); it really needed a clay-bar and gentle polish, though no time so simply Super Resin Polish from Auto Glym. The fifth car? I washed my neighbour's starlet. 17,000 steps, I think I've earned a glass of pinot. More news in e30-land, I also researched more parts for the e30, gearing up for the clutch job (no pun intended), cambelt job, and some suspension refresh work. It'll need a pair of tyres on the rear sharpish, one just passed the WoF with 2mm.
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    Do you get all the drugs & alcohol with it when you pick it up ๐Ÿค
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    Most of the sockets and spanners are SAE. The purchaser has to take all. There are some special items here but I don't have time to list everything itemized. I also have quite a few special tools BMW repairers might like as well. Lets start off at $500 ono and go from there
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    SOLD. Time constraints and other projects mean I haven't had a lot of time for this so it needs to go. As with a car of this age it has good and bad points. 225k on the clock. Engine starts and runs sweet. I replaced the engine mounts and the center hanging bearing but should have read a bit more before doing that. I didn't pre-load the hanging bearing so it knocks a bit under power changing from 1st to 2nd. Usual interior issues. Roof lining is sagging and material is coming off door cards but seats and carpets are good. Doesn't have fog lights Chipping to paint on the rf guard and a few small dings around the car(I'll add photos when I can) New reg and wof on it. $1800 ono If I list it on Trademe it will be for a bit more than that.
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    I like it - jeez I wish someone would buy mine. In the meantime, GLWS!
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    Bought a new diamond key for the e39 - had a miserable 'won't start at all' situation that luckily was resolved by trying the spare key. Ordered a new one to safeguard against the spare (same vintage) dropping off too. Not a purchase I relished, but the fear of being stranded in a parking building for two weeks was too strong to ignore.
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    Hope this ends with dealer being named and given sh*t reviews everywhere possible. Amazing what lengths they went through just to skimp on the repair costs. Absolute scum if this is all what it sounds like.
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    How much is too much for a low km E36? Try this... PS if you see it, like it and proceed to buy it, I accept commission in a number of different currencies, just ask.
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