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    Daily driver? Suzuki Swift should be at the top of your list. Very cheap to run and reliable. I had a pink one (2005 suzuki swift), I could do a hand brake turn in front of the cops and they would be looking confused as to where's the Honda that pull the handbrake! Got plenty of attention from all the gay guys. I happily befriended them, only to discreetly sly into their cute female friends.
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    Sadly its time to sell my first love, I have owned this car for 11 years. I purchased it from my next door neighbour when I was 15. She purchased the car new from Team McMillan BMW back in 1987. The car is in outstanding mechanical condition, serviced every 10,000km religiously in its 31 years of life. No expense has ever been spared on its maintenance. There are a few trolley dents and a couple of scrapes however the paint is in incredible condition for its age. Its an M10b18 engine with a stock manual gearbox, the suspension was overhauled in 2010 with H&R springs and Bilstein shocks. Everything is in perfect working condition, the sunroof etc all work. The toolkit is also complete. Sadly I have to sell this beauty as my Datsun 240z needs some much-needed attention... I can't keep them both 😞 If you want to know anything about the car please just ask... I want to find an owner for her that will take great care of her... She has done me well and she will be missed. - 1987 BMW 318i manual - 165,000kms - NZ New - Looking for $6,800 PS: The plates, roof racks, and bikes are not included. however, for the right price, I'm happy to sell. Contact me on 0211754995 or grantdavis28@gmail.com
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    So with a bit of time off from work I decided to get stuck into chopping off the rear guards to start fitting up the fibreglass ones. Decided to go gently and do it in small pieces so I could make sure that 1) I didn't chop out something behind the skin and cause problems there and 2) it left a reasonably neat and tidy edge to fit up against and 3) by taking it a bit at a time I could get the hole the right size!! still looking for the rust that I was told was sure to be in there, maybe I should stop cutting now...?? As I said before I order a pair of the M3 outer guards to save me from having to fabricate something up to get the wheel arch the right shape, using the proper panels it was more likely that I would end up with a "correct" position of the outer lip to fit the fibreglass guard up against. My welding skills are more than a little rusty, but I'm reasonably happy with how it has turned out. Only one small wound to the hand, and small amount of blood plus one small fire equals a win in my book!!
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    depends how deep your pockets are , there are only 3 left in NZ ( out of the low score of NZ new registered cars ) with mileage under 100,000kms . I know where all 3 live & two owners are welded into them , the other is the car on line now . Your absolute best bet is to consider the LeMans car in Invergiggles . Very good car & I know there have been many on here bagging that car . I used to own one the best E39's in the country ( low mileage car etc etc ) & after i bought it I later found out that it had a whack in the rear 1/4 early on in its life - who cares ! The car was mint & what second hand car hasn't had paint , panel work sometime in its life . If you're looking to buy to keep & not run down the slippery slope of the speculator market ( you know what I'm talking about - you own a couple Porsches ! ) then buy the 03 Le mans car & keep it . I've seen that car close up & honestly who ever did the repair needs a gold medal - you'd never know . Reckon we'll look at that particular M5 in 5 years time & think , gee $35K wasn't bad at all & who cares about the history after all , as there will be no decent examples left & if there are , then they'll be drug money . I think you've missed the boat already mate .
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    I really think a better way to weigh it all up is this: All that petrol money for the 335i tied up in that Honda. Tsk tsk.
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    Realistically you're not going to have much more fun in the M over the 135 (unless perhaps you're Scott McLaughlin) and it's going to cost way, way more. There are very few environments where and E9x M will be better than a F20 135i (although in those environments the gap will be vast) so you really don't gain much. However, it would look good at the coffee meets and we'd all love to see it and it's your money not ours so... To be honest, you'd be far better off getting an E46 M3 and pocketing the change if you're looking for a weekend driving experience (but again, it's not going to be leaps and bounds better than your current car). IMHO.
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    Kyu β€œbabe, can I borrow your F20 tonight to go and pick up a big box of parts from Tom? And you come and help me load it also?” oh wait πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ Seriously, she’s a keeper! My wife would slap me around senseless if I asked her to do the same 😝😝😝
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    good progress, Jon, keep the updates coming
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    you sold the Mini?! 😎 Honestly Kyu, one can't keep up. You change cars almost as often as you change wheels. Better life stories. In retirement, on your rocking chair, you won't be wishing you'd kept the 135i instead.
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    Fast people movers is where it at, now, anyway.
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    Do you have any more photos? Do you think they would be suitable for as a daily driver? There is a green 535i automatic for sale on TradeMe at the minute, it looks nice but the interior is cloth and I am not sure about the auto transmission. It $12k. I am also considering an E30 that is on TradeMe for $9k. I have seen a few from Australia for $20AUD but by the time it gets here is could be up to $40k. Are you going to keep both are will you sell one?
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    Your girlfriend would not like it! She’ll miss all that quality romantic time where she is all dressed up for a night out just so she can help you move car parts in and out of the F series! Don’t do it! Wait for the F80 M3 to come down and buy that ... much better car.
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    I do own both of them. I usually only drive them on sunny days. I have owned the M535i for 3.5 years. Bought it without seeing it in person. Never driven one or been in one before. Instantly fell in love with the M30 engine. Sounds fabulous, like a proper classic straight 6 should with plenty of low end torque. I have had lots of friends who have been as passengers in it and commented on the smoothness. I have upgraded a few things like suspension, wheels, brake lines. I do worry at times that it might not brake as good as the modern cars and I might be in trouble one day hence E34 brakes are on the cards. I do drive it hard from time to time and these cars love it. I keep all the original parts. I bought the E30 Mtech1 four months ago. The initial drive was disappointing thanks to the M20. But the whole car feels very light and compact in comparison. The seating is lower, you feel more tucked in. It's getting a few things done atm - injectors cleaned, valve timing, new heater hoses, suspension, wheels, brakes... Pretty much the same as the M535i. The stock E30 brakes are worse than the E28 stock ones. Rust is the biggest problem. No classic BMW is rust free. They either have rust or been repaired. Oil leaks is the second. But these cars are fairly easy to work on. I don't have much mechanical experience, so I rely on the forums and YouTube for help. But I do most of the maintenance myself. Price wise, $15k should be enough to get you a decent one with some minor issues. The M535i are selling for $30-40k in Australia these days.
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    "No time ticker only genuine buyer." πŸ˜‚