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  1. lidistick

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    $59k https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1722762664.htm I’d stay away from the F10 550i - too many engine issues.
  2. lidistick

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Love it. 👍
  3. lidistick

    Mad Germans

    Hot damn.
  4. lidistick

    Time for another BMW

    It’s a great cruiser and fits most of our gear. I find normal comfort mode slightly lethargic at times but going into sport mode does bring out a different personality. The 8 speed is sweet. Hardly caught in the wrong gear but if it does - it’s sorted pretty smartly on its own. Very overdriven in 7th and 8th gear. Steering is numb compared to E39. But all the new cars have that issue. It’s direct and I can live with it. I think the air suspension in the rear is much better than the E39 touring. Despite being a motorsport - it is compliant and feels sporty enough for me. No issues with pitching and rolling. I mean it’s a wagon but it corners a sh*t load better than an SUV. I think it needs a carbon clean first. I wonder if some of the lethargy in comfort mode is due to carbon buildup. It feels bloody sprightly in sports so I haven’t bothered too much about it. The most annoying issue is the washer fluid warning light. And effing stone chips!!!!
  5. lidistick

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    So I’ve done about 3500kms. Average consumption is 11.4L/100km. Long distance motorway running is spectacular. Consistently 8L/100km. Putting the hammer down however does make the fuel gauge move faster downwards!
  6. lidistick

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/40/19 all round for $1600. Pretty sweet deal - Hyperdrive buy 3 free 1. Will post thoughts. These are non RFTs. I have a puncture goo thingy and a 2nd hand tire inflator for $15 (gotta love trademe!)
  7. lidistick

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    First proper fill - 505kms and 50.2L. Jussssst under 10l/100Kms. 👍
  8. lidistick

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    On the drive from AKL to Whangarei, I managed 12.6km/L - about 7.9l/100kms via OBC. Average speed was 93km/h on the OBC. Haven't filled up yet and will report once I do.
  9. lidistick

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    Yes it is. N55 engine. Twin scroll turbo - goes well enough. I've just come from a Nissan Fuga 450GT - up top, the V8 is better, but at normal driving there is more surge and punch for cut and thrust driving.
  10. lidistick

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    Having been in an E39 530i Touring previously, this has been a long time coming. I’m trying to get my head around the Idrive. As well as the size of the car. It’s long! Ride is not bad on 19” RFT. Needs a Towbar and some tints and I think she’s good.
  11. lidistick

    Vin decoders

    I used BMWvin.com prior to purchase - I don't think it digs into the detail tho.
  12. lidistick

    Time for another BMW

    Dealer is top class. Good honest guy. He does pick his cars. Full BMW service history! First for any car I’ve bought 2nd hand.
  13. lidistick

    Time for another BMW

    So I pulled the trigger. Artic white Msport 535i with black leather Adaptive M sport suspension Panoramic sunroof Active steering etc love it 👍
  14. lidistick

    Time for another BMW

    So I drove a 535i. I need to recalibrate my brain. The n55 is seriously quick; quick enough for me. Was tempted to try the 550i but I’ve heard about the turbo v8 and it’s lack of reliability. I also saw a 335i Active Hybrid in M-Sport. Looks cool. Certainly nicer than a E90. Very few F30 335i available - that must be a real rocket.
  15. lidistick

    Time for another BMW

    racechip? sounds interesting