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  1. Get a Stihl. https://m.stihl.co.nz/STIHL-Products/Waterblasters-and-Vacuum-Cleaners/Electric-Waterblasters/244432-1587/RE-109.aspx The newer karcher is not made like the old ones.
  2. Oh so very nice. Not sure if it’s a members car but goddamn it’s hot. 👍
  3. I don’t see pics! Lol
  4. I’ve figured it out. MFM means MotherF******Monster. 😂 16.2L/100kms on a drive to Oakura Bay via Old Russell Road. Superb road. No such thing as a straight. No traffic at all which was a bonus. Get to drive past the Russian’s place at Helena Bay.
  5. It’s a standout - I saw the wheels and the R32 badging. Wondered if someone was taking the piss. Then clicked about reading about someone building something like that somewhere! 😂
  6. Were you in the R32 Touran? 👍
  7. Absolutely. I have to say that the active steering in the 535i definitely helped the car feel smaller when parking. Certainly the suspension feels more tied down and is not as plush as the 535i. Not harsh. Just not as plush. As for steering. The M5 still has a hydraulic rack and is noticeably better in feedback. But I think the best feature is the HUD. And the instant rush. Will need 2 rear 20” tires soon at the rate this carries on. 😂
  8. Exactly. It was time to see what the fuss was all about. 😂
  9. Pulled the trigger once I got the all clear from she who must be obeyed 😂. Traded my 535i M-Sport Touring for an M5. Beautiful day to put some rubber down too. 😎
  10. $59k https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1722762664.htm I’d stay away from the F10 550i - too many engine issues.
  11. It’s a great cruiser and fits most of our gear. I find normal comfort mode slightly lethargic at times but going into sport mode does bring out a different personality. The 8 speed is sweet. Hardly caught in the wrong gear but if it does - it’s sorted pretty smartly on its own. Very overdriven in 7th and 8th gear. Steering is numb compared to E39. But all the new cars have that issue. It’s direct and I can live with it. I think the air suspension in the rear is much better than the E39 touring. Despite being a motorsport - it is compliant and feels sporty enough for me. No issues with pitching and rolling. I mean it’s a wagon but it corners a sh*t load better than an SUV. I think it needs a carbon clean first. I wonder if some of the lethargy in comfort mode is due to carbon buildup. It feels bloody sprightly in sports so I haven’t bothered too much about it. The most annoying issue is the washer fluid warning light. And effing stone chips!!!!
  12. So I’ve done about 3500kms. Average consumption is 11.4L/100km. Long distance motorway running is spectacular. Consistently 8L/100km. Putting the hammer down however does make the fuel gauge move faster downwards!
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