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  1. Autosure warranty for 3years was $4995 and the excess was $1000. I decided to bank it and spend the money on servicing. So far the only non- scheduled maintenance was coolant line leak which was fixed for $700. Brakes/tyres/fuel/5w-40 oil will be major items. Rest of car is solidly built. M cars burn a bit of oil and mine goes through a litre every 3500-4000kms. Less if spanked. 😂 I coded out the active sound. Made long distance driving more comfortable as the car is very quiet now with no fake noises.
  2. Depends on the tune and of course preventative and scheduled maintenance. If the car had the right spec, you could get the engine rebuilt and know that it’s good - not like the F10 is regarded as a classic anyway. lol.
  3. Exactly. It is Aventador performance for less than the cost of a brand new i30N.
  4. It is a bit silly I’ll admit - I just wanted more sound and a mild tune. It sorta escalated after that😵. But the car feels like a different animal. It feels as if it’s lost a few (hundred) pounds and sprints off the line just tickling the throttle. Wet roundabouts are taken very cautiously indeed and if it breaks - I know I had fun in the meantime. These cars are mad fun unleashed.
  5. F10 M5. Downpipes and a tune. Everything else stock. Now I giggle and sh*t myself at the same time. 😵
  6. Stay safe people.
  7. Oh so very nice. Not sure if it’s a members car but goddamn it’s hot. 👍
  8. I don’t see pics! Lol
  9. I’ve figured it out. MFM means MotherF******Monster. 😂 16.2L/100kms on a drive to Oakura Bay via Old Russell Road. Superb road. No such thing as a straight. No traffic at all which was a bonus. Get to drive past the Russian’s place at Helena Bay.
  10. It’s a standout - I saw the wheels and the R32 badging. Wondered if someone was taking the piss. Then clicked about reading about someone building something like that somewhere! 😂
  11. Were you in the R32 Touran? 👍
  12. Absolutely. I have to say that the active steering in the 535i definitely helped the car feel smaller when parking. Certainly the suspension feels more tied down and is not as plush as the 535i. Not harsh. Just not as plush. As for steering. The M5 still has a hydraulic rack and is noticeably better in feedback. But I think the best feature is the HUD. And the instant rush. Will need 2 rear 20” tires soon at the rate this carries on. 😂
  13. Exactly. It was time to see what the fuss was all about. 😂
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