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  1. Here it is under lights (filthy again) looking blue.
  2. I'm not saying the tyres are great because I haven't tracked them. But in both coming back from Auckland (SH39, SH4, SH3, SH1) and the Paekakariki Hill (which I do several times a month) they did just as well when pushed as my E34 535is on PS3's, my F10 535D on PS4's and E90 320D m-sport manual on S001/RE003's. So for what you can legally do on the roads these tyres have been ok so far. Even in the weather we had last weekend. I have just found a place doing a set of Laufenn LK03's for $970 which may see me buy them and put them in the garage.
  3. I have PS4's on both the E34 and F10 and would have no issues putting them on this if I can find some. On the E90 I have Bridgestone S001's on the rear and 003's on the front. The rears have done 38k and the fronts close to 80k before being replaced last week. The car goes into Mike Page next week for a look over so any wheel refurb and tyre purchasing will be dependent on what he finds.
  4. I've been doing little bits and pieces this week, removing the monsoon shields (or whatever they are called) and even worse the tape used to stick them on, replacing the black badges, cleaning the caked on wax in the panel gaps and plastic trim and the colour is really starting to grow on me. In bright sunshine it can almost look blue. I've stocked up on bits from UCC to do a paint correction and I'm just clearing work so I can have a couple of days to do it in one go. It needs some trim pieces and I'm reminded of why we all go overseas for our parts. Contacted two dealers and two independents with a list of what I need and only Gavin replied to say he doesn't do trim pieces. No reply from the others so FCP and Schmiedmann will be getting the business. After that the wheels will be returned to silver and I'll likely replace the tyres. Although to be honest I wasn't hanging about on the trip down from Auckland and pelted over the Paekok hill the other day and they've not given me any problems. But Jinyu and Comforser are brands I've not heard of before so I may not take any risks with them. Anyone have any opinions on Laufenn LK03's ? My local guy can get a matching set for around $1200 which seems like a bargain when compared to $2400 for Bridgestone S007's.
  5. The car's filthy after the weekends weather but the sun is out so these give you an idea.
  6. martyyyn

    08 E60 M5

    I'm keen to find out where you sourced this from.
  7. This has an exhaust from XForce whoever they are. It's all fine when cruising, not too obnoxious but it's quite something when kicked in the guts. It will be great to meet up with the others and make some comparisons. This needs new badges and grills and has black wheels which are growing on my but I'll probably be refurbed back to silver when it comes to replacing the tyres.
  8. It's almost impossible to photograph. You can stand side on and think the car is either black, green or blue. The only way I can describe it is like a peacock feather where the colour changes on how you tilt it to the light.
  9. Yep, an E60 M5 in malachite green dark with climate seats and having had the bearings and vanos done is now sitting on my driveway.
  10. It's disappointing I hadn't thought about that already !
  11. Maybe I was a little too subtle. I pick up an E60 M5 this weekend having receipts for the main items and a decent PPI report leaving me with a chunk of change to bring it up to my standard, fuel and emergencies.
  12. A friend of mine had Boxters in the UK, it was a few years ago now but I remember only being in it with the roof down. I don't know if there is enough space in one for me with it up.
  13. Turns out you can find a car with bearings and vanos done for well under 30k.
  14. Nah, dark trumps light all day long when it comes to car's being dirty. You can't see the tar on the diamond schwarz, you can see it when close up on the sparkling graphic metallic but you can see it from a distance on the space grey metallic.
  15. That's true but only from Mackay's to Porirua. From Peka Peka to north of Otaki is not due to be finished until the end of 2022.
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