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  1. I'm keen to talk to whoever buys this. I've been trying to buy E60 M5 bits since last year from a couple of wreckers but they barely answer the phone let alone reply to messages.
  2. YMMV obviously. I've done germanplates and even had Euro plates made at Blackbush Market in South London (sadly no longer) and was eventually pulled up by an English cop in Otaki, twice, in a week ! I saw a friend of mine a few weeks ago who had a plate made at least 15 years in the German font and it's still on the car so he can't have had too many problems.
  3. So the prospect is for a ban of new ICE sales in 20 years and the likelyhood of being expensive as hell to drive sometime (probably years) after that (if they don't get that way sooner given the current price increases). Meh, no drama for me I'll be 75+ by then and I can't imagine the rod bearings on the M5! TBH I lost interest in new ICE cars years ago. The line between the E60 and F10 did it for me. My E60 M5 is significantly bigger than my E34 but our F10 is huge. It's big, it's heavy, it's bloated with padding everywhere and huge seats, it's a 7er not a 5er. Sure the F10 M5 is fast, but you can't properly enjoy it anywhere other than the track. But what price will EV's be in 20 years ? What kind of range will they have and how fast will they charge in 10 years let alone 20 ? Given their performance would you even want an ICE ? My 21yo daughter doesn't drive, has no interest in it or any need to as she lives in a city. If/when she does ever buy a car it will be an EV. For my 18yo son a car is just transport. He shows an interest because his friends love my M5 and 535is, but that's all. He will have no problem buying an EV as his first car because he doesn't really care. My 14yo daughter will likely never drive an ICE. We'll have an EV by the time she's learning to drive and a 100km range is all she needs for school and sport so a cheap Leaf is perfect for her. I understand not everyone can afford an EV (new or used) at the moment. But there are currently 55 Leaf's on TM for under $10k. You can buy one today for $5k if you can handle a 50-70km range and let's be honest, that would satisfy a significant number of households in NZ.
  4. Not legal and not sold as such, but I'll just leave this here. Pressed aluminium, correct flag and fern, correct font, correct colours and reflective. https://doozi.co.nz/listing/701059322/create-your-own-euro-nz-style-number
  5. I saw this and drove it a few years ago, probably close to 10+ years now I think about it. It had been chipped and MAF "tuned" and ran like a dog. Whoever the owner was back then said it just needed to be tuned properly. It sounded to me like he'd just bolted everything on and left it at that. It's fair to say every now and then it did take off but the moment I got back into mine I knew I wasn't going to buy it (Id always wanted a red one). The body was rough, the interior was rough and looking at the photo's I would still take mine over this every day of the week.
  6. Thanks, all I'm doing is returning it to stock. I think the E60 M5 is classy enough as it is, so why change it. Maybe I'm getting old !
  7. And today I replaced the black wheels with the rubbish tyres with a set I've had stripped, straightened, painted and wrapped in PS4's. I think this is the best cosmetic change I've made.
  8. Black badges, Jap plates and debadged updated to proper badges, Euro plates and badged.
  9. The split did make me think that, but the first one had definitely been bent in two and there does appear to be some kind of metal backbone to it which I couldn't straighten out. The second one was far less bent but it still doesn't make sense for it to be twisted in the way it was. I managed to straighten it and get it on so that's good enough for me.
  10. The FCP rear window rubber was replaced after I sent them the photos. It arrived really quickly and in a massive box this time, but it was still bent. Thankfully not enough to stop me getting it on but given the size of the box I don't know how it's been damaged this time.
  11. Starting to remove the black and the Japanese. Front and rear euro sections arrived last week and am waiting for the bodyshop to paint them. Original grills bought last week from a wreck as original are ridiculously expensive and the euro plates arrived today. Just have to decide whether I use the euro front and drill holes in the plate or get another set of euro plate holders. I think I'm leaning towards the first, paint the holder, drill holes in the plate and get covers for the screws.
  12. Yep, it's a Jap import. I've used Densions and various others in the past which required all sorts of button presses to get working but this doesn't seem to replace the CD changer at all.
  13. My M5 came with one of these units replacing the CD changer. I can connect to it via BT and make and receive calls and browse my phone book but I can't for the life of me work out how to stream audio. I've searched the web for days. It says it does BT audio but I can't find instructions on how to do it. I've tried every combination of the pins, BT, CD and phone setting I can think of but still nothing. It comes with a bypass switch which I've tried both on and off. I've disconnected and reconnected. I've tried the aux it's supposed to provide. Still nothing. The USB powers the phone but that's all. Anyone have any experience with one of these ?
  14. Bought some bits from FCP Euro and fck me if they didn't fold the rear window trim in half to get it in the box. I know people with half a brain cell who wouldn't have done this.
  15. Here it is under lights (filthy again) looking blue.
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