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  1. mattsimis

    Wheel spacers for E87

    Anyone selling spacers to suit an e87 (130i)? 120x5 72mm CB 10 to 12mm with longer bolts
  2. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    Yeah for sure. It would be no better in Ireland locally, but does have the benefit of the UK being right beside it. As far as I can see its the cheapest CSi available anywhere by a long shot: Car and Classic UK (UK and Europe) Mobile.de (Europe wide)
  3. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    The Oz guys are having problems with post 1989 cars when they dont own them previously. My understanding of their rules is that buying a car and importing is a nightmare. Owning a car and moving it with you is not (especially from NZ to Oz and vice versa). The main Oz buyer backed out as he is afraid of the smoking under hard acceleration I mentioned.. seems to have it in his mind he would need to spend "half again" to fix it, which is nonsense IMO. Anyhow, just put it up on Cars and Classic.co.uk as I'm not getting enough traction here. The local offers are way too low to even consider.
  4. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    Just to note here too that I'm also entertaining part exchange (cash my way) offers with something I could sell before I pack up and leave NZ. I got a couple of such offers along with a couple of guys interested in exporting to Oz (which isnt panning out too well for them atm).
  5. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    Nah, BMW arent that flamboyant. Repainting the engine intake is common on the E31 due to the cosmoline buildup which looks gross. I took it a step above silver and black and went with BMW M colours to match the S70 M engine and cover.
  6. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    Updated photos, getting as much interest from Oz as NZ. Would be nicer (and far easier) to sell locally though.
  7. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    Cash hopefully! Thinking about moving abroad for work and dont want to subject it to international shipping again (technically the 3rd time in its life!).
  8. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    Ive had both and the SEC really felt like an old car when driving and also has a myriad of vacuum hose problems. It did get a ton of compliments tho. The other gotcha on the SEC is the rust.. its got cavities prone to rust in the best of climates but in the UK or Ireland, its horrific. The E31 drives like a new car (ie you dont feel like you are floating at speed, its got better everything in the normal car sense) and is nicely rust proof. It doesnt have the insane vacuum hose problems but does have electrical oddities. On the flip side, 2 of everything means you have redundancy (the other engine bank will run, becomes a 6 cylinder) if fault detected. On the technology and service side; Servicing a CSi isnt bad at all (though I would do most myself).. its bad rep came when it was launched as a technical tour de force in the 1990's. Its tech is very humble and simple by 2016 standards, a new Honda Accord (as a random example) is 10x more complicated. Really, we are talking semi-sequential injection, copper spark plugs, distributor caps (!!), narrow band O2, low PSI fuel pumps (with 2 for good measure) built upon an low compression engine originally made in the 70s! Its complex but revolutionary Z-link rear suspension became standard in (all?) BMWs after it. Technology wise, its little more complicated than a M60 engined E34 (which I loved, had 2) and far behind an M62 E39. I also have a Magnesium engined N52 530i E60 LCI, that thing is !! in complexity, but an amazing engine.
  9. mattsimis

    Genuine 850csi

    Thanks for the feedback, its my CSI up for sale. Surprised by some of the comments about the rims. I really like them and they usually get rave feedback.. and they really are rare period correct rims! They are nice and wide which really complements the CSi's fat ass shape. I previously had Style 5 and Style 32's on it.. I've had this car for quite a while! PS: Here is is beside my 560SEC back in Ireland.
  10. mattsimis

    E60 M5 2005 - buying advice

    Let us know how you get on. I'm considering an M6, same engine, same problems! Ive never used 3rd party warranties but hear lots of horror stories.. any recommendations?
  11. mattsimis

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    Real Wheel steering. Touch wood the only prob I had with mine is some rusty piping that needed replacement. Sadly "no one in NZ" seems to be able to handle metric /DIN high pressure fittings and pipework so had to buy BMW parts.
  12. mattsimis

    Staggered M Contour Style 23

    FYI I have a version of these and they look great painted (plastidip), just FYI for potential buyers!
  13. mattsimis

    Removing Plasti-dip

    Also try Goo Gone (the orange sticky goo remover, you can get it in Mitre 10). Its what Plastidip themselves recommend and instantly turns it to and easy to remove liquid.
  14. mattsimis

    2002 330i e46 sedan , topaz blue parts car ,@ BM WORLD

    Damn pity about the wheels... you got anywhere that can get them fixed? The two passenger side are well gouged, slammed into kerb sideways?
  15. mattsimis

    My new car

    Nice. Is that the stock exhaust tip, meaty looking!?