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  1. drifty325i

    Lamborghini Veneno

    Dont like it, what to over the top. Much rather a P1
  2. Ill be down there from the 28th haha Id love to see it if your around still
  3. drifty325i

    TechII e30 M50

    Very nice mate
  4. Good news fella, loving the updates
  5. drifty325i

    NZ's best optioned 1M.

    Hmmm i do need a new car
  6. drifty325i

    HELLM3 & 8M3 at the beach

    Very nice guys
  7. Really glad its going to a great home Will, Josh I'm quite confident its going to a great home, Will and I talked about what needs to be done and added over time and hes definitly on the right track. Its unbelievably sad to see it go but life goes on haha I will regret this
  8. drifty325i

    V8 1M supercharged Prototype

    Mmmmm I want
  9. Hi Mate, I'm keen to order some euro plates for my fathers 911. I would like them in blue and with the NZ flag on them etc exactly the same as on my car if you have see it. Number plates TOPLES Cheers Riley
  10. drifty325i

    Honey I'm home

    Fellas Id love to do a mission up there but I wont have time. I'm flat out down here working on my rental house...
  11. drifty325i


    Thanks for the nice comments guys. Matt the engines done 57,000km since new. Its probably done 15km since the freshen up Insurance has been really well priced, I guess its because I've had it with the same company for 8 years with no claims. And I'm 28. Costs me around $900 a year.
  12. drifty325i

    Honey I'm home

    Thanks for all the kind words guys I will make sure I get it all cleaned up and looking sharp for a photoshoot soon. Haha Si not bad mate not bad
  13. drifty325i

    Honey I'm home

    Drove the E30 for the first time in 3 years today........started first pop! Its been up at my cousins farm in a shed....gathering allot of dust for the last 1.5 years since the engine work was completed. Next mission is to get her back up to scratch and more than likely sell her before I head back to Europe. God it was good to get back behind the wheel and stretch its legs a little, reminded me straight away why I love this car. Its a beast and real event to drive. Please excuse the state of it, I can assure you it will be looking sharp this time tomorrow!
  14. drifty325i

    Lost keys need advice

    Cheers for the info Ray I wish mate, but I wont have time as I'm on a bit of a mission over the next couple of months before I head back. Id love to take it on one last good run but we will see...... Thanks for all your help guys, got it sorted today. Got the chassis number and had the key cut this afternoon. Fingers crossed it works haha Riley
  15. drifty325i

    Lost keys need advice

    Sounds like a plan, cheers guys ill hit up the local dealer tomorrow and let you know how I go.....