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  1. My GTR was doing the variable 4wd 1989.........but it does sound like a monster in the brewing. To be fair it is a great concept - rwd only steering feel with less understeer and then when you need it you can feel the front hook up. In the GTR it is fun to play with and has been 100% reliable and durable. Although my stock engine is not powerful by today's standards. Still struggle with the muted tones of the f10 compared to the e39 music...... bring it on.
  2. Youtube......lots of shouty M5s to be found.....
  3. I like your thinking. the e28 is awesome - that is a keeper. e39 comes alive with shouty exhaust treatment......which I need to do more of.
  4. I was hoping you would complete the set! Look forward to hearing the future project strategy......
  5. The spread in prices is a lot. Some have gone for over 40k recently. Supply is constrained so sometimes jumping in on the one in front of you is the way to go. I reckon 25 could be a bargain, 30 ok and a bit more above if it doesn't need anything. clutch, brakes, tyres are first up big ticket items. Don't skimp on tyres. Mine came with new Roadstones and I had to throw them away. I have done things like the thermostat for long term health. Check the battery age too. Dave has pointed out there going up in the UK where there are always examples for sale. Well used ones have gone from 7 to11 thousand squid in two years. I think there is a growing interest in the old analogue bruiser......
  6. Factory rear window tints? As in they were already on the car? Mates new 320d has very dark windows for the rear and I don't think it is considered a modification
  7. How would you describe the Dinan springs compared to oem? I find the factory set up a wee bit soft.
  8. Do it - the lines of the wheels are lost with black and JDM bronze is the go.....
  9. My wife's e60 530i Motorsport feels a lot more modern than the e39......which feels pretty old school now. However the torque from the s62 is addictive....
  10. Awesome - look forward to seeing it in the M5 line up at caffeine and classics! Come and break up the carbon black! It is great to see another M5 being looked after. I saw this car in Ponsonby when it was in daily duties.......before I had one and of course I wanted it!
  11. I had a good chat to the owner in 2014 when it sold to Dave. It was owned by an enthusiast who had Porsches etc as well. It was well maintained but did have little scrape with a wall at Hampton Downs. Worth checking.
  12. Yep long term ownership is a good sign. Still good value compared to a poverty spec XY Falcon! it going to be interesting to see if M cars hold or go up in value. Many people being priced out things like 911s
  13. Just curious on the collective view on this. There seems to be a big spread in pricing of late. Appears to be in pretty good condition..........price is up there!
  14. Great spec - it is loaded! Is the exhaust right through or just rear cans?
  15. Cool - great to see you have another sacrificial lamb for ripping the heart out - haha. curious to hear that Tubi exhaust. I second the call for a M5 meet up. more photos and history for the tragics among us......