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  1. Wow - seem Do you have any experience with them?
  2. The e38 rear deck subs are 5.25 paper cones with an 8 ohm resistance - which aren’t easy to find. in my previous e38 I found some on Trademe where the paper rings had been replaced by foam ones and they worked pretty well. Unfortunately my latest e38 has the same issue where the paper rings fall apart and the cones rattle. Does anyone have a line on replacement speakers in NZ or who repair speakers? there are options in the US but only one seems to be well regarded and it requires modification to the speaker box. cheers Glenn
  3. Replaced the rear tail light on the M5 as the led bar had gone phut. Then went to install a CTEK charger on the battery and the negative earth clamp After much phaffing about I have a new clamp and the charger wiring is all aligned so the battery foam cover etc all goes back in properly.......small job turns into a bigger one. Now off for a WOF.....
  4. Mine is original at 107,000. Holds fine but I did one hard launch and it couldn’t cope so I think they are vulnerable to abuse.
  5. The led bar in my Hella facelift taillight has gone phut. Anyone have a good spare? May end buying new if anyone know a good vendor. Prices are a bit scary......
  6. You could buy a new cheap car and watch it depreciate like a stone or buy the 7 year old BMW with 100,000 km and enjoy driving it while trading off a portion of the reduced depreciation to budget $1000 per year on maintenance. I just bought a 17 year old BMW with 90,000km and it runs superbly. Cheap motoring on a total cost basis.
  7. Common but Style 32s float my barge..........
  8. There was one here in dark blue........I saw it in the late 80s at the Hamilton art gallery........was awesome then and even more so now......
  9. I really like this! Been following the build from the beginning - done right. I am an e38 tragic now after 11 years of ownership. His interior looks like a nice place to be....
  10. Not sure if this is back in zauckland - thought I saw it around 6:30am in Parnell......
  11. Still cheap at 12.......over 10 years I would have easily sunk 35k into my old 728i including purchase price. Did carry me for 140000km......more rewarding than spending 35k on a corolla.....
  12. Thumbs up for can be a cave......
  13. Q motors one might have been blue as well.....
  14. There is a white one in Auckland and Q Motors had one a while back which took a long time to register because Land Transport didn't recognise Alpina as a manufacturer. Will try and dig out a picture of the white one.......turned up at Coffee and Classics and it looked very cool - lots of road presence!
  15. It's been a lng time between drinks.......still charging along ok?