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  1. I really like this! Been following the build from the beginning - done right. I am an e38 tragic now after 11 years of ownership. His interior looks like a nice place to be....
  2. Not sure if this is back in zauckland - thought I saw it around 6:30am in Parnell......
  3. Still cheap at 12.......over 10 years I would have easily sunk 35k into my old 728i including purchase price. Did carry me for 140000km......more rewarding than spending 35k on a corolla.....
  4. Thumbs up for can be a cave......
  5. Q motors one might have been blue as well.....
  6. There is a white one in Auckland and Q Motors had one a while back which took a long time to register because Land Transport didn't recognise Alpina as a manufacturer. Will try and dig out a picture of the white one.......turned up at Coffee and Classics and it looked very cool - lots of road presence!
  7. It's been a lng time between drinks.......still charging along ok?
  8. These are a nice drive.......I really like ours........every drive feels good. Hope it goes to a good home.
  9. $3750 - felt like a reasonable outcome for both parties
  10. Sold
  11. Open to offers from Bimmersporters. Would be good to see it go to a good home.
  12. Care to reveal its replacement.........?
  13. Mmmmmm lovely. Perfect roads driving up through Middlemarch to stretch its legs - GLWS
  14. Price dropped to $4,100 - need the room
  15. What's the collective view on pricing for this - need to decide if asking price of $4500 is fair or not?