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  1. These get under your skin......looks pretty well preserved compared to the majority. Lots of metal for the money. Needs to bought by an e38 tragic to save it from a one way trip to thrashed out VIP RIP land.......
  2. Why go to the effort and then move it on..........And in the process loose a bunch of wedge.....
  3. One ended up in a ditch courtesy of a naughty son borrowing it from dads garage......HellBM was the recipient. Another regularly goes down Quay St in Aucklamd City as a daily driver with the plate AWSUM5. The pre-facelift spec has grown on me - if the front lights are in new condition they look great. I think the running costs are pretty reasonable if it’s a Sunday car. Daily it and the costs are more crippling. I think an M5 is a lot of car for the money. You could spend $30k on a HQ Holden and just accept that is the price!
  4. More decisiveness required.......why? Cool car.....what ever the reason hope it all works out for the best!
  5. Great you got a WOF.....VTNZ must have had the riot act read to them by LTNZ as they just failed my GTR for having adjustable castor rods......they have been on there for a decade......insisting on a cert. FFS....... they don’t want to carry any risk.
  6. It’s being restored at the moment by a worthy owner.....saw it recently and it’s being done right.
  7. Cool - let us know when it arrives - there is a great mini tribe around the e39 M5 with a quite active email and catch up mindset.
  8. Yep very keen for that at some stage. Cheers!
  9. Awesome. I see this in my future too......my e38 only has 110km on it but has noisy suspension.......I like the concept of your change.
  10. His name is Rauly and is on here infrequently. He is used to own a red 2002tii which he sold to build a restomod 2002 ....in progress. His shoe is a nice car - great fun to drive! Lives on the shore and goes to caffeine and classics quite a bit.
  11. He put so much effort into commissioning the build and it is a great result but I don’t understand why you would go and sell it. Maybe I am too sentimental and closed off to new experiences! Been driving an e38 for 13 years!
  12. I’m confused......why a Prius when an X5 is a different proposition? it could be a lot of car for the money......just like my $4900 e38 which continues be a great barge . Totally happy with my cheap old risky BM. Just check everything......
  13. Cool - does it have EDC shocks? Curious to hear how the bilsteins go when and if you go there.......
  14. Michael you are taking things too seriously....it’s playful and that plate was originally on a 2002tii. I like it.
  15. Plugging a mates e30. It is a peach and it would be nice to keep but two other classics and a 130i being put into daily use means he’s compelled to thin the herd...........if you want a nice E30 take a look...... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/cars/bmw/auction-1827088258.htm
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