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  1. I have the e38 sickness......currently have two but one will be set free for someone else to own. I considered tidying up my first e38 as it is a good solid car but an easier approach is to watch out for a clean low mile version and simply get into a better one. I just purchased a late 2000 car with 89,000 km and its like having a restored one...... I think they are very useable comfortable family transport and worth every penny as a daily driver. If you are paying someone to restore a car I would put that money into a chassis that is more likely to be a long term classic.......e24 may be under valued....
  2. Keen to hear your views of how the s62 responds to the new remains an itch for me...... Cost benefit views would be good when ready......
  3. They seem to be appreciating in the UK so holding not so bad.......
  4. Yep - probably should have got one from you but the temptation of right now got me!
  5. Well since some windscreen rubbers for my e38 seemed pretty cheap I handed over the $85 wanted by Continental BMW for a genuine one.........looks much better.
  6. Will find out dealer price tomorrow when I get my airbag replaced..........just found one on ECS for $32US but shipping often a killer from the US
  7. My e38 boot BMW roundel has delaminated and I need a new one. Lots of options on trademe but I don't really want to have a $6 badge fall apart or look like rubbish. I looked at Schmiedmann and a genuine 82mm one is 43 euro...... Anyone found a source that provides both quality and reasonable price.....? Thanks!
  8. Thanks to Tim I have driven all the M5s now including the F10 around Hampton Downs. The F10 is a big bruiser that goes like the clappers but left me cold. The small drive in Tim's e60 left me wanting more but it needed to be on the open road where they really shine. My E39 feels wasted around town and a bit lifeless. It comes alive out the back of Taumarunui.......... The E60 chassis is a massive step forward from the E39 - even my wife's 530i E60 Motorsport is a lovely car - fast enough and great around town. I fell for Tim's e28 - fun when going relatively slow. Communicative, mechanical and musical. Lovely car. E60 feels like a weapon......if you need a weapons grade daily buy the very best you can.
  9. Big call....hope you have something better in mind as a replacement! Standard seats aren't much chop in my opinion. Comfort seats might actually be better...... Price seems very reasonable - hope it goes to a good home.
  10. Buy the M5.......and get the personalised plate KITCHN............put your wife's name in the extra script above.......
  11. My GTR was doing the variable 4wd 1989.........but it does sound like a monster in the brewing. To be fair it is a great concept - rwd only steering feel with less understeer and then when you need it you can feel the front hook up. In the GTR it is fun to play with and has been 100% reliable and durable. Although my stock engine is not powerful by today's standards. Still struggle with the muted tones of the f10 compared to the e39 music...... bring it on.
  12. Youtube......lots of shouty M5s to be found.....
  13. I like your thinking. the e28 is awesome - that is a keeper. e39 comes alive with shouty exhaust treatment......which I need to do more of.
  14. I was hoping you would complete the set! Look forward to hearing the future project strategy......
  15. The spread in prices is a lot. Some have gone for over 40k recently. Supply is constrained so sometimes jumping in on the one in front of you is the way to go. I reckon 25 could be a bargain, 30 ok and a bit more above if it doesn't need anything. clutch, brakes, tyres are first up big ticket items. Don't skimp on tyres. Mine came with new Roadstones and I had to throw them away. I have done things like the thermostat for long term health. Check the battery age too. Dave has pointed out there going up in the UK where there are always examples for sale. Well used ones have gone from 7 to11 thousand squid in two years. I think there is a growing interest in the old analogue bruiser......