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  1. Really? From the photo you have posted you can see what looks to me like the end of the chassis rail bent through 45 degrees and crushed. That doesn't look too easy to replace correctly. The link to the parts catalogue is helpful, but you really need the full repair manual that shows exactly how things are to be removed and replaced. Was the accident not recorded, I would have thought it would have been with that amount of damage? Isn't it funny how many people manage to hit things smack bang in the middle of the car... but can't seem to steer around it, even with ABS??
  2. E30 325i Rag-Top

    CHEAP (?) V12

    Don't start that one again. Although a big old 7 series like this does scream "drug dealer car" so maybe a body or could be the stash? Let's go halves and find out which one! As for the Toyota V12 being cheap - if you think BMW Original Parts are expensive, Toyota can take things to another level for the less common stuff. And that was even with a hefty discount!!
  3. E30 325i Rag-Top

    BMW Model Cars

    Hey Glenn, what scale is the M3 GTR model? I would be very interested if it is in 1:18th scale.
  4. E30 325i Rag-Top

    CHEAP (?) V12

    Everything about that car screams "money pit" to me. Possible head gasket issues, leaking oil and pretty much neglected everywhere else.
  5. E30 325i Rag-Top

    Unicorn E46 330d low kms cheap!

    And don't forget it's got a tape player in it!! Luxury!!
  6. E30 325i Rag-Top

    X5M razor style key on all F-series

    Cool, you got the right one. I should have known that frequency, lol.
  7. E30 325i Rag-Top

    BBS reps and E30 fitment query

    I would be more worried about fitment and rubbing than pot holes. Unless they are real cheap rubbish made from recycled plastic they should be more than ok for everyday road use.
  8. E30 325i Rag-Top

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Considering it's a 32 year old race car that's had at least two big (and many small) accidents it's surprisingly solid. Couple of spots that need attention, which you tend to find when it's completely stripped. Definately not "riddled with rust" as you put it. Worst part of the car is the rear end, hence the boot lip, which was stitched on from an '83 NZ New 323i that I never treated properly before painting.
  9. E30 325i Rag-Top

    X5M razor style key on all F-series

    Ah, right. Didn't click on the link, just read your post. Yup, that is cheap for a spare key. Not sure that frequency is the right one for NZ New remotes though, is that the exact one you have ordered?
  10. E30 325i Rag-Top

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Finally got some decent weather and managed to co-incide it with some free time, and managed to be fairly productive with it as well. Took the tow bar and wiring off of the F31 as that is now being replaced with a different car and model. Also cleared out all the accumulated junk and bits off stuff that seem to accumulate in daily drivers. Brushed the brake dust off the wheels to make it look half clean when it goes back. Since the yellow ball made an appearance in the sky I took the covers off the convertible and took it out around the block to drive the cobwebs out. (Oh, if only it were really that simple!! Full story would be... Put the garage door up, which pushed two tyres and a wheel off the stack by the door causing them to bounce off the convertible and around the garage. Luckily the cover saved any damage to the paint. Looked in about four cupboards and three drawers to find the keys for the convertible, tried to start it - not quite enough juice in the battery, found keys to wife's car, moved that, then pushed the vert back so I could boost it off the race car battery - finally got it started. Drove it around the block a couple of times to get things up to temp, tyres really squeaky - need more air. Pumped up all four tyres by foot, put it back in the garage. Brushed some of the dust and bits and pieces off the outside, put the cover back on.) Total miles travelled this year, since last WoF, now up to 92miles - woop, might make triple digits before it goes for next WoF! On Sunday took the E46 wagon for a drive as it hadn't been started for a while, it's sitting waiting for me to give it a real good clean and tidy up before we sell it. Also managed to find a bit of time to fluff around on the racecar, got the bushes pressed out of the new rear subframe and cleaned up some of the bodywork ready for painting, wrote a few more things on the list of jobs that need doing. Treated a little bit of surfacre rust on the subframe and around the lip of the boot where it was starting to bubble. Painted a few more parts for the latest model kit M3 and stuck a couple together, so much more detail on this one than the first one it's testing my eyesight that's for sure. Overall quite pleased, and don't feel like crap today which has happened the last couple of times I have tried to do anything, so might chance my arm at a few more jobs during this week.
  11. E30 325i Rag-Top

    X5M razor style key on all F-series

    Not so sure what the point of that would be, as you don't actually end up with a spare key if you have to cannibalise your existing key to make the new one? So all you are doing is changing the case from the "old" style to the "new" style. You would really need to know what you are doing with a soldering iron in there as well, having smashed up some of these keys it's a pretty small and intricate pcb to start soldering things onto and off of. Good luck if you give it a go, let us know how you get on...
  12. E30 325i Rag-Top

    Unicorn E46 330d low kms cheap!

    Bloody hell that is nice. Good job it's all the way down south otherwise I could see myself accidentally buying that.
  13. BMW M GmbH extends its range of four-wheel drive high-performance models. Munich. The BMW M GmbH is extending its range of high performance models in the segment of Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV) and Sports Activity Coupes (SAC). The high-performance character so typical of BMW automobiles will be passed on to two further BMW X models, the series development of which has already been kicked off. During the DTM racing weekend at the Nürburgring (7 – 9 September 2018), prototypes of the BMW X3 M and the BMW X4 M were test driven on the circuit. Thus, the camouflaged pre-series vehicles made their first public appearance precisely where the dynamic driving qualities of the BMW X3 M and BMW X4 M will reach their final level of maturity. The Nürburgring is the traditional setting for the completion of the ultimate testing and tuning programme for the specific overall M package comprising drive system, suspension and aerodynamics. With large air intakes at the front, specific M features for optimised aerodynamics and an exhaust system with four tailpipes integrated into the rear apron, the vehicles already bear the characteristics of a BMW M model at an early stage of their development phase. The technological highlight of the BMW X3 M and the BMW X4 M is a newly developed straight six-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology and high-revving characteristics. Part of the development process is the specific tuning of the M xDrive technology introduced for the first time in the new BMW M5. This technology is deployed in the BMW X3 M and the BMW X4 M to ensure constant supreme and performance-oriented transfer of engine power to all four wheels. The M- specific further development of the intelligent four-wheel drive system guarantees maximum traction and loss-free distribution of drive torque for achieving extremely dynamic handling characteristics. In interaction with the active M rear axle differential, cornering dynamics, agility and precision in the driving behaviour of the BMW X3 M and the BMW X4 M are lifted to a level unrivalled within the competitive environment. “With their M specific performance characteristics, the BMW X3 M and the BMW X4 M will set benchmarks in terms of dynamics in their respective vehicle segment,” says Frank van Meel, President BMW M GmbH. With the development of its latest model innovations, the BMW M GmbH is once again breaking into an additional segment. The BMW X3 M and the BMW X4 M render it possible for the first time to experience superior performance, agility and precision also in a Sports Activity Vehicle and a Sports Activity Coupe of the premium mid-range class. Thus, the BMW M GmbH is consistently continuing its successful strategy of dynamic growth with new and particularly attractive vehicle concepts. Ends. *Please note: this is an international media release without adaptions for the New Zealand market.
  14. The new BMW X2 M35i: M DNA for the most powerful compact Sports Activity Coupe. Top-of-the-range model delivers dynamic handling characteristics and an exciting design for an impressive first appearance. Munich. Sportiness coupled with a polarising appearance – based on this formula, the new BMW X2 has inspired above all a young and modern target group following its premiere in March 2018. With its extroverted design, the BMW X2 interprets the character of a premium SAC (Sports Activity Coupes) in an entirely new way within the compact segment. The top-of-the-range version of the BMW X2 is the M Performance automobile. BMW is now presenting the new top model of the X2 series. The wide BMW double kidney grille of new BMW X2 M35i features a surround in Cerium Grey for visual differentiation at first glance. Likewise, the surrounds of the air cooling inlets and the exterior mirror caps are finished in Cerium Grey. The rear of the X2 M35i is characterised by the standard M rear spoiler and two specially designed exhaust tailpipes, which also come in Cerium Grey. BMW’s most powerful 2-litre TwinPower Turbo engine. The new BMW X2 M35i featuring a 225 kW (306 hp) 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine definitely sets new benchmarks above the previous versions. As the letter M in the type designation clearly signalises, the new X2 M35i possesses the impressive dynamic handling qualities of an M Performance automobile. Behind this is yet again the BMW M GmbH, whose racing know-how flows into the development of all components. The 2-litre TwinPower Turbo engine concealed under an M Performance cover is the very first M Performance four-cylinder engine and at the same time BMW’s most powerful version. It delivers a fascinating maximum power output of 225 kW (306 hp). Maximum torque is an extremely powerful 450 Newton metres. To ensure that this sheer power is securely transferred to the tarmac, the X2 M35i comes as standard with intelligent four-wheel drive technology xDrive in conjunction with the 8-speed Steptronic transmission including Launch Control. The automatic transmission features specific M Performance tuning. Equipped in this way, the BMW X2 M35i is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. The necessary thermal stability of the engine is now ensured by a redesigned cooling system. Outstanding driving dynamics thanks to M-specific tuning. Being a typical M Performance automobile, the BMW X2 M35i features, in addition to a powerful engine, also a M Sport suspension system that has been specifically tuned and adapted to match the car’s sporty character. A adaptive suspension offering two different manually adjustable modes and combining maximised sportiness and driving comfort is also optionally available. A particularly special technical highlight – and also a premiere for an M Performance automobile – is the M Sport Differential installed in the front axle gear. During highly dynamic driving manoeuvres, this locking differential most effectively reduces possible traction losses on the front wheels. In addition, the braking system has been upgraded for use on the X2 M35i. The M Sport braking system with fixed callipers in Dark Blue metallic and 18-inch steel discs at the front (17-inch at the rear) guarantees consistently short braking distances even under the highest loads. With that, however, the M know-how is still far from being exhausted. Steering and suspension have also both been adapted to match the performance of the drive system. For instance, thanks to a special setup, the M sports steering conveys to the driver an impressively direct and precise steering feel. Furthermore, the X2 M35i comes as standard with the M Sport suspension with a stiffer spring and damper setting as well as vehicle lowering. The rear axle construction has been redesigned. A suspension with an adaptive spring and damper combination offering two different manually adjustable modes is also optionally available. Upgraded exterior design thanks to M Performance typical elements in Cerium Grey. The sporty aspiration of the X2 M35i, which is the result of its inner qualities, is reflected in an exciting exterior design with numerous typical M Performance Automobile elements finished in Cerium Grey and based on the X2 M Sport Package. This begins at the front with full LED technology for the main headlights and fog lights and continues with the double kidney grille in Cerium Grey and the newly designed side air intakes of the same colour at the front for best possible cooling of brakes and engine. The exterior mirrors have been upgraded by special caps, likewise in Cerium Grey. At the rear, the X2 M35i boasts a distinctive M rear spoiler and demonstrates its fascinating sovereignty with an M Sport exhaust system with two tailpipes (each 100 mm in diameter). Thanks to the adapted silencer system, the exhaust system produces a particularly sporty sound spectrum. 19-inch M Sport light alloy wheels in 715M styling (optional: 20-inch M Sport light alloy wheels in 721M styling and in Cerium Grey bicolour) impressively round off the exterior design features. For the first time Exclusive M sports seats ensure perfect seating comfort and lateral support. An exceptionally sporty look also dominates the interior. As with the exterior design, the basis is again the M Sport Package. Moreover, the X2 M35i features as standard an M Sport leather steering wheel with shift paddles and door entry trims at the front bearing the lettering “M35i”. The optional M sports seats at the front are a novelty. They offer not only perfect lateral support for both driver and front passenger in sharp bends, but also the highest level of comfort and safety through integrated headrests. The M sports seats are available in the following three different designs: FabricTrigon/Alcantara combination in black with blue accents, Leather Dakota Magma red, perforated with black accents and Leather Dakota black perforated. Matching seatbelts in an M design are also on offer. Trend-setting digital competence for state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to the uncompromisingly sporty orientation of both drive system and design, the BMW X2 M35i also demonstrates BMW’s trend-setting digital competence in the areas of operation and networking. For instance, the full-colour BMW Head-Up Display is among the optionally available features. It offers a display range that is unprecedented in this vehicle segment. If desired, the latest generation of BMW ConnectedDrive and the new BMW Connected App can be fitted. Optional functions such as the wireless use of Apple CarPlay set further highlights. Driver assistant systems include, for example, camera-based technologies such as the traffic jam assistant for less tiring driving in dense stop-and-go traffic or the optional parking assistant. Ends. *Please note: this is an international media release without adaptions for the New Zealand market.
  15. E30 325i Rag-Top

    Know Your Car!

    You missed Stanley Unwin from that list, made a whole career out of talking gibberish!!
  16. E30 325i Rag-Top

    DON'T BE THIS GUY !!!!!!!

    Quote: "Miller then tried unbolting the regulator on the tank and tried to attach the gas torch head straight onto the bottle." It is just incredibly lucky that this guy didn't take anybody else out with him when he went bang, in a residential area, during the day. The age old problem of how do you stop dumb people doing dumb things, without making it more difficult for all the other people to do it properly.
  17. E30 325i Rag-Top

    When will it stop? E30 316i for $15k

    Whoa.... shots fired!! In terms of performance and handling, the E36 is without doubt a better car, and also in terms of "bang for buck" the performance of the E36 is far greater than an E30 - look at the prices you can get a reasonable E35 M3 3,2ltr compared to say a Spanish E30 325i. If you wanna go fast, what would be the better bet? Having said that, can you ever love an E36 as much as an E30, and will the E36 ever start to appreciate in value like the E30. It is this whole heart over head thing that tends to mess you about when looking to buy cars. Disclaimer - the E36 compact is clearly not part of this argument as they are just silly!
  18. E30 325i Rag-Top

    When will it stop? E30 316i for $15k

    Or the Spanish version "rear 5sp manuel"
  19. E30 325i Rag-Top

    When will it stop? E30 316i for $15k

    So if a car is 50 years old and done 200,000kms then that still counts as low mileage? i don't subscribe to that logic, that process would be defining "below average mileage". Low mileage would be an absolute figure for me, and that would certainly have to be well south of 100,000kms even for an E30 that is getting on for 30 years old.
  20. E30 325i Rag-Top

    When will it stop? E30 316i for $15k

    I think only E36 had bottle caps in 15", the E30 14" ones go for about $15 each at the scrappys. and since when has 110,000+Kms been "low" mileage??
  21. E30 325i Rag-Top

    When will it stop? E30 316i for $15k

    Minus about $5k as it is as 316i, minus about the same amount as it looks like an SUV due to the ride height from the stock springs and bottlecaps with high tyres. Weird spec as well, 316i with leather, (maybe a re-trim at some point in it's life and no pics of front seats??) and bugger all other options added.
  22. E30 325i Rag-Top

    WTB: E46 MSport Fog Light Trim/Surround

    I think I have a couple of those in box somewhere in the garage, not genuine part but brand new aftermarket parts. Can have for very cheap.
  23. E30 325i Rag-Top

    e30 coupe project for someone?

    Very much of interest, but too far away from me unfortunately. Cost of shipping it up to Aucks would be far too much. Pre-facelift coupe that looks to be quite worth saving. Someone in SI must be interested..?
  24. E30 325i Rag-Top

    $50k F10 M5

    M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel can be programmed with your favourite combination of modes and settings. It's hours of fun deciding what's your preferred set up, takes a lot of back-to-back testing!!
  25. E30 325i Rag-Top

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sounds like your "disease" is catching though. I must confess I seem to have bought a few more sets of wheels since drinking coffee with you on Sundays... Coinkydink..? Maybe, maybe not.