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  1. Sometimes, less is more.. https://touch.trademe.co.nz/motors/listing/view/1504706785
  2. No factory M badge on the boot (unless it's an M2/3/4 etc) they were added as local fitment until a few years ago as a NZ thing, following on from the M325i. New M-sports do have two tiny badges on the front guards though...
  3. Seen this in the flesh and know of the owner, it is extremely well looked after and presented. There are a couple of bits that I personally wouldn't have gone for, for example the rear wing is a bit too much for me on a road car. All the M Performance parts listed are dealer fitment on top of the standard M2 parts. However, most of them are dress up or aero parts with questionable performance gains, the exhaust / intake and re-tune definately does give more kW and Nm and is the stand-out one on the list for me along with the adjustables. I agree with the comment about whether there should be "M Performance" parts for an M car, but then there are always those that want that bit more which has usually been the reserve of the aftermarket tuners. As for the "ultimate" M2, that is a big call, certainly the best in NZ but there are tuners in the US and Europe that have done some serious tinkering with the M2. A very well priced car, in immaculate condition - would be a good buy for anyone wanting some fun and to stand out from all the other M2s!
  4. Is this for your 'vert Scott or another E30? The VIN checks out to an E30 Coupe. Using the factory ETK system, and for that VIN the final drive is 41:11 which is 3.73:1 when it was built. As Andy says above could well have been changed by now, so physicall check is probably only way to tell. Also, a good skid will tell you if the LSD still works.. one stipe = no, two stripes = yes. And yes, UK version so sold new in UK (or possibly Ireland).
  5. This is where I think New Zealand will struggle, with the low population density in 95% of the geography, how feasible is it to have two alternative fuel supply networks? I think you will stuggle to fast chargers into some parts of NZ, as there will never be the population demand to justify the cost of putting in the charger and the supply gubbins. EV charging network is "charging" ahead, geddit??, already so it certainly has the advantage now. It would take a very brave person / company to put up the coin to develop a rival hydrogen supply network now that the oppposition is so far in front. Maybe when Tesla the "golden child" has fallen over, the masses might have a re-think and look at alternative alternatives to ICEs?
  6. I think I agree with you, those 16" look very good on an E30. I think the 17"s are just a bit too big for an E30, fine for a E36, but a little too "roller skatey" for the E30. Does the lock-type detail on those reps work as a lock like on the original Alpnas, or is it to look like them? Either way it is a really nice touch.
  7. I do like those reps, proper Alpina size at 16" and the locky thing on the cover looks like the original as well, nice touch. Good that you found some tyres that work with the wheels. Why no centre caps in the photo - prefer the look without them, or just a quick trial fitment of the wheels?
  8. You can use the electric car - to a point. In very many places, and for very many people an electric car would require a massive change to their daily routine to be able to "live with it", not everyone lives in a big city, drives 10km to work at a snail's pace and can charge it up for free during the day. So, yes, there are some people that can buy an electric car and use it now. Also, there are people that could buy a hydrogen fuel-cell car, and use it now. They do exist, they are available, and there is a supply of Hyrogen. Again it may not be possible, or feasible for everyone, but it is for some. One of the Aussie state governments has just committed to a hydrogen fuel-cell fleet, can't remember if it is ACT or NSW, using Hyundais I think it was. It will be interesting to see how that goes.
  9. Not the odd one out, I totally agree with you, the stripes look very good, especialoly on white M cars. However, that much tape on a non-M Sport 3 series, has gone more than a little way over the line!!
  10. Anyone else up for trying to crack this record? I am happy to either drive or be the refueller...
  11. If you want to upgrade the shocks then go the full hog and get KW, v3 or v4 fully adjustable. not cheap but worth it, especially if you want to "tune" your ride to suit your driving, ie, for daily v track v week-end trips.
  12. In my experience shipping by air is worse for damage than by sea, even when it is packed and wrapped to within an inch of it's life. Had a shipment of prototype front bumpers arrive in Melbourne, all clearly marked "top Stow Only" "this way up" "fragile" "do not break down", strapped on a pallet (when they left, not when they arrived), etc. and they were all smashed to pieces. Cargo loaders will do whatever they have to in order to squeeze everything into the hold of the plane unfortunately, plus the package goes through so many more changes of hands / transport hand overs that is gets thrown about at each stage. I believe all the BMW Parts that are air-freighted from Germany come on a Singapore Airlines dedicated cargo flight, but I am not sure who the logistics company is that organises either end.
  13. Sounds like my Mrs., the pedals are all binary switches, on or off, no in between.
  14. Very few people around that can do that sort of work, I would strongly suggest you only consider taking it to a top independent specialist, such as Euro Surgeon.
  15. Deposits are usually from the CCV system in these engines, especially on higher km engines. Check the filter in the CCV has been changed.
  16. The yellow one would be a good base for a Benson & Hedges tribute race car... Hmmm..
  17. If you can please put a price for the whole vehicle, whilst you have put prices against the parts if seperated there is no price for the whole car which technically there probably should be as per forum rules.
  18. I have a Westfalia wiring kit for an E46 tow plug, brand new in box, never fitted, wires into the PDC, etc. properly. Let me know if that is of any help.
  19. Do what the Russian truckies do and light a fire under the fuel tank before starting up in the morning. Not sure it works so well with petrol though... I hope the cold didn't affect your Christmas Dan.
  20. Mid and large size X range are assembled in 'Murica, but the engineering is still based in Germany. Many of the parts are produced outside U.S. As well, not sure about the specifics of door handles in old X5s as well.
  21. Holiday traffic, where the lesser spotted numpty driver leaves its natural habitat of the city and goes out onto the open road.
  22. Lots of worse places in the world to live. Realistic house prices, and much more space are a big plus. I can't say about specific areas, but the region is pretty good. Some sound bimmersporters down that way too!
  23. Welcome to the site, a few good guys from here down in the 'naki. Quality over quantity! Nice car too!
  24. They come up on eBay in the Uk quite often second hand, shipping shouldn't be too bad. I've never seen a "reproduction" version of these centres, although I wonder if one of the centres for the BBS rep wheels would work with genuine weaves?
  25. Just because a Tesla, or some Tesla's, accelerate fast doesn't give them a "soul or character" unless that character is an overgrown iPad that moves.