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  1. MISS BM

    Yas Marina Blue F82 Numbers

    But they’re still not Smurf Blue... got to be Smurf Blue 😁 I agree. Estoril in an F82 would be perfect.
  2. MISS BM

    Yas Marina Blue F82 Numbers

    Surprinsly Red is my favourite... just haven’t seen a Red M4 to consider.. ever 😶
  3. MISS BM

    Yas Marina Blue F82 Numbers

    Java Green.. Austin Yellow... Sahkir Orange 😎😎 Yas was just ❤️
  4. MISS BM

    Yas Marina Blue F82 Numbers

    Right. Time for regret to settle in.. it’s going to get comfy.
  5. Is there some form of ability to check the numbers of a particular vehicle registered in NZ, precisely M4's in Yas Marina Blue...? A 1/4 Century crisis (can't say mid-life) saw me take on an M4 in Yas Marina Blue. Once I realised I don't need two (three..) depreciating assets rotting in my drive, I moved her on. When handing the keys to it's new wide smiled owner, I asked them to please call me if they were to ever consider selling her on. Sorely disappointing to hear he's the sort that provides fellow family and friends with his hand-me-downs and I most likely won't ever see the vehicle again 😬 So it leaves the only option of securing another one when the times come. Bugger.
  6. MISS BM

    Ultimate ex’s revenge........

    So this is how you do it....
  7. MISS BM

    MissBM V.2

    Thanks she has sold, sold on the last listing but I'm one of these people that leave it until paid in full and picked up. She's off Sunday
  8. MISS BM

    MissBM V.2

    Heyya, I never tinted the headlights, it was just the indicators. No problems for warrant. Looking at M2 or RS3 Sedan when it arrives next month.
  9. MISS BM

    E46 M3 Owners Wanted [Auckland]

    For those interested in coming along to watch, we will be at Torque Performance in Auckland
  10. MISS BM

    E46 M3 Owners Wanted [Auckland]

    Times Run is 30 minutes each. Once you have confirmed time please note that's it locked in 9.00: Ray 9.30: Ray 10.00 Alex 10.30: Darin... 11.00: Akanksh 11.30: Jayden 12.00: Sam 12.30: Nick 13.00: Brent 13.30: Neal 14.00: Amber-Leigh
  11. MISS BM

    MissBM V.2

    Nup it's on the list of things to do. Service was closer to the top on that, and inspection II's don't come cheap haha
  12. MISS BM

    MissBM V.2

    Wipers can be smeary. Headlight Adjustment Front ride height level Moisture in Taillights Mobility Sealant Kit used up Water in boot from seal around taillight Diff & Gearbox damp with oil around drain area. Subframe reinforcement needed if keeping car lowered.
  13. MISS BM

    MissBM V.2

    Had her Inspection II yesterday so feeling nice and fresh Just a few notes on things to do. Valve readings all good and in perfect range. Asked BMW to run over it and pick out anything and everything that isn't what would call right for an essentially new car (haha) I now have a handy dandy list of maintenance items to tick off (thanks BMW) Will sort out over next couple months while she sits there pretty. And some shots of a night shoot with Charl The two sisters.
  14. MISS BM

    E46 M3 Owners Wanted [Auckland]

    Date is now confirmed as the 27th of August. 9am start. Torque Performance, Avondale. Will get time per run and work out a schedule. If anyone noted would like to run at a specific time (eg, Wellington Member Neal) please message me. Thanks everyone.
  15. MISS BM

    E46 M3 Owners Wanted [Auckland]

    Date has been penciled in for 27th August with 9am start. If this works, please message me to confirm. Will be at Torque Performance in Auckland and is $90 for the run.