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  1. Walter Röhrl attending a recent get together at one of the stages of the ‘Olympia Rallye 1972’ https://www.rally-maps.com/Olympia-Rallye-1972
  2. C-130 Hercules

    $5 parts

    Apologies, just realised this a standard bumper correct? Was after a sport. My eyes deceived me...
  3. Where did you source from? Mine will need doing soon as well.
  4. C-130 Hercules

    $5 parts

    Cool, I’ll take it. Is this at your work or pick up saturday ok?
  5. C-130 Hercules

    $5 parts

    Does the rear bumper fit e36 coupe?
  6. Used to have the limousine version. It is the sweetest sound, second only to the M21.
  7. Did you check with Startech for pricing? They are usually quite reasonable for parts.
  8. Hi Leon - sorry they have sold. Thanks.
  9. I would suggest to approach a tyre shop for discarded packaging.
  10. Yep, fairly decent quality I would agree.
  11. S87-7 can be had around $240 mark. Not too bad. Edit: Actually maybe not such a great deal if you add GST.
  12. Has the guibo/flexi been installed correct way around? Had similar problem on a e39 once.
  13. Yes NZ is a good source for good condition classic cars due to our climate.
  14. I’m sure there will be some at the Brit & Euro this weekend. Don’t know if any that sold recently but seen a couple imported from Japan in questionable condition wanting good money for it.
  15. Bump $50 will take them to the metal yard next week.
  16. Yes, I am pretty sure they are reps. No distinguishing marks to suggest otherwise.
  17. Bump - $100 ono. Taking up space, would like them gone.
  18. I bet it made a racket too!
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