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  1. 2.8 Crank, 2ltr rods and machined bolt for sale. Bought these from Ray a few years back https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1514648119
  2. Pop in ans see John at JK southern Euro I just replaced the butterfly bypass valve thingy with a second hand one from him in my car and now it idles perfectly.
  3. I have one in wellington, $130
  4. Found this while having a look at the hundreds of E30's on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BMW-E30-325I-PICKUP-...a#ht_523wt_1074
  5. Dark blue Original Tech II rear spoiler, Needs repaint, Missing on of the two studs for mounting on one side (could drill out and put a new one in quite easy) $200 ono plus freight, Spoiler is in Wellington
  6. I have one for sale, Original 2 piece Tech II in dark blue, could do with a respray.
  7. How much should you pay for a Tech II rear spoiler?
  8. I'm after an upgrade for my control arm bushes and my rear subframe bushes. The new sway bars are hard on all the rubbers so i need something firm. Pm me or text 027 258 9052 Cheers
  9. It's pretty much my favorite car ever...
  10. Oh and i forgot to mention the big brakes i bought off DRTE30, and the Tech II steering wheel She is coming along nicely.
  11. Yeah that was me in the Touring towing a trailer. It is the old HellBM touring that i bought from the guy who bought it of Ray. It needed a bit of TLC, the shocks were stuffed, Right rear trailing arm was bent so sorted those out and put a camber toe adjustment kit in the rear (perfect now) i put some big sway bars front and rear, strut brace in front, K&N filter and headers for the motor plus a chip in the ECU. Added some wheels. I sold the Fibreglass Tech II front, and I'm getting the Plastic tech II front and sideskirts painted at the moment to match the rear plastic Tech II. Added a towbar last week... What a mission, had to measure and cut a hole in the rear valance for tongue of tow bar to fit through. Made me very nervous but i got there and it looks good i think (as good as a towbar can look sticking through a bumper. I need it for work) I had to put some spring pads in the back to sit it up abit so it can handle the load. Thanks Chris at Centreline who has been very helpful with The bilstiens sway bars and trailing arm.
  12. I have shudder through the steering wheel at 90-100kph and then 110-120kph. I have had my wheels stud mounted for the balance and they are perfect. i have just put new rotors on and they are straight. the shudder is random, sometimes worse, every know and then at a low speed. sometimes more when cornering, but not consistent enough to come up with an exact circumstance where it happens. I have had a power steering leak recently but the fluid is full at the moment. Could it be the steering rack?
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