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  1. Woah! Thats scary.... they were those two prong things, about 1.5-2 years old I think...
  2. I hope you had some helpers with the claybar..... I spent a whole day doing the Mx-5 recently
  3. You should see the polished 24s at night! but really, if i could do it again I would've just bought a bbs set. the cost of buying them then getting it polished + more dremmling and hand polishing........ lol
  4. Bump 600 - need these gone....
  5. Bump, have sold the car so these have to go, $700
  6. Diff fluid was changed using a full synthetic penrite - I forget the exact grade but it was something like a 75w140 with LSD additive. that was about 18-24 months ago, so perhaps worth changing soon but i don't think its urgent. (I ve driven about 7-8000ks in the last 2 years)
  7. Uh also, The white Dowels and the funny looking screws are the mounting hardware for the splitter. They were ebay items and I couldn't get them to fit after about 10 minutes, so gave up, might need the edges trimmer with a dremmel
  8. Hi Vince - yeah the spark plugs have been changed twice. changed it once, then found the spark plug o rings leaking, replaced them and changed the plugs again. Also, the transmission has fresh D4 ATF in it - literally a month old, also the engine is running 5w40 penrite 10.10th, found the 10w50 too thick for it. That was changed in February. you found a 3 spoke wheel? awesome.
  9. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    Hi Selvan, yes it is Feel free to come see it, the car will be home tonight at 820, or we can arrange another evening/weekend. Mark
  10. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    ahhh not at this stage.... not sure if i like the newer beemers yet!
  11. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    Yep still have it.
  12. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    Bump - make me an offer, come drive it. Really don't want to put this on trademe... 😩
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