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  1. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    Hi Selvan, yes it is Feel free to come see it, the car will be home tonight at 820, or we can arrange another evening/weekend. Mark
  2. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    ahhh not at this stage.... not sure if i like the newer beemers yet!
  3. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    Yep still have it.
  4. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    yep, pmed
  5. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    Bump - make me an offer, come drive it. Really don't want to put this on trademe... 😩
  6. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    lol just a daily and a Mx-5 I should add it is a very modified late model MX-5, so it 'll have to live in the garage....
  7. mzhu031

    E36 M3 1994

    Didn't think I would ever sell this, but with 3 cars and limited space this has to go. 1994 M3 3.0, NZ New I bought this from KwS in 2014, he did a lot to the car and so did the owner before him (an air NZ pilot based in Auckland). Vanos was done by KwS, see the extensive link here While I have had it: 1. Stereo fixed -New speakers and installed spacers and 6x9s in the rear, then had an audio guy bypass the blown factory amp. 2. AC fixed. Had it looked over by some AC guy, said he couldnt find anything obviously wrong. He regassed it, that lasted for 18 months. Regassed again last summer, still blowing ice cold now. So I suppose it just needs gas every 18-24 months? 3. Engine mounts replaced and the convertible underbody brace installed 4. Had the front valance replaced and the power steering hose replaced 18 months ago 6. New spark plug o rings and valve cover gasket by BM workshop 12 months ago. 7. Radiator and clutch fan replaced with new ones from Germany by BM workshop, rear transmission seal replaced too - both done in Jan 8. Rebuilt alternator in JAn 9. on style 42s, 8.5s all around, freshly polished. Brand new front tyres, 4mm on rears (toyo TR1 sports and Yokohama AD051s) 233ks Will include a brand new front splitter. Bad points - passenger side door card fell off - will need a retrim. Paint on the boot lid fading slightly. $17000, can come down if you bring your own wheels.
  8. mzhu031

    Style 24 wheels - polished

    Bump, make me an offer
  9. mzhu031

    Style 24 wheels - polished

    I bought two of them from an older gentleman. He had them done in Auckland over 10 years ago, so can no longer find the place. The other two were done by Kiwi metal polishers in Rotorua last month - It is apparently extremely time-consuming, the nicer the wheels you have to start with the easier it is. I finished them off by hand - just using a polishing pad then microfibre. Thanks! They would look great on an E36
  10. mzhu031

    Style 24 wheels - polished

    Genuine forged style 24 wheels - I bought two sets and had them polished by a company in Rotorua. all four are 17x7.5, I think these are ET 40 or 41? These wheels look amazing polished to a mirror finish. all four are pretty much in perfect condition. The tyres are old and not servicable, I can have them removed for shipping. the two sets +polishing costed me over 3.5k lol. I'm keeping the 8.5s, $1200 Viewing in Greenlane
  11. mzhu031

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

    Hi Brent Is the steering wheel still available? Its for a 94 M3 coupe so hopefully its the 1 pin version...
  12. mzhu031

    BMW E36 328I Manual

    looks great in white! glws. can i ask where you got the window seals? been looking...
  13. mzhu031

    e36 17 wheels. Style 22

    I think 600 is pretty reasonable, any less than that Ill repaint and keep myself.
  14. mzhu031

    e36 17 wheels. Style 22

    They are all slightly curbed (and not by me!) - all scratches no real chunks taken off. The black bit is a smudge. The clear coat peeling is probably more obvious than the scratches in person. Feel free to come have a look if you want!
  15. mzhu031

    e36 17 wheels. Style 22

    Bump $600