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  1. lol when I had 7.5s on the car i ran 245s the whole time.... drove about 25k and the guy who owned the car before me did too.
  2. Bump - make me an offer, moving house and dont particularly want to lug these around
  3. I have a set of style 24s - forged wheels, polished with no tyres
  4. Woah! Thats scary.... they were those two prong things, about 1.5-2 years old I think...
  5. I hope you had some helpers with the claybar..... I spent a whole day doing the Mx-5 recently
  6. You should see the polished 24s at night! but really, if i could do it again I would've just bought a bbs set. the cost of buying them then getting it polished + more dremmling and hand polishing........ lol
  7. Bump 600 - need these gone....
  8. Bump, have sold the car so these have to go, $700
  9. Diff fluid was changed using a full synthetic penrite - I forget the exact grade but it was something like a 75w140 with LSD additive. that was about 18-24 months ago, so perhaps worth changing soon but i don't think its urgent. (I ve driven about 7-8000ks in the last 2 years)
  10. Uh also, The white Dowels and the funny looking screws are the mounting hardware for the splitter. They were ebay items and I couldn't get them to fit after about 10 minutes, so gave up, might need the edges trimmer with a dremmel
  11. Hi Vince - yeah the spark plugs have been changed twice. changed it once, then found the spark plug o rings leaking, replaced them and changed the plugs again. Also, the transmission has fresh D4 ATF in it - literally a month old, also the engine is running 5w40 penrite 10.10th, found the 10w50 too thick for it. That was changed in February. you found a 3 spoke wheel? awesome.
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