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  1. coop

    The COVID-19 Thread

    @kwhelan I think you mean the director general of health threatened to resign. The minister of health wouldn't know what side of the bed he gets out of every day. Kinda telling that public servants and council workers are on full pay.
  2. coop

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Yes I came thru Wellington from Aus on March 13th (a few days before isolation rule came about) and it was business as usual. No extra arrival card to fill out and no questions asked (E gate). I was having a one week break from my FIFO mining job in WA. The job is still open for me, but I'll probably only go back to grab my tools as I've done it long enough, and its a good excuse to leave. So I'm out of pocket at the moment, and still need to find a job when lockdown lifts as I don't think there will be international flights for some time. I'm not stressed as have put cash away incase the sh*t hits the fan in anyway (looks like it has paid off). I realise I am very fortunate unlike a lot of people and business owners. Part of me thinks the reason why the media blatantly peddles mis info is to keep the public on side, especially while this lockdown is on. If they were critical and drove that message home everyday we'd be seeing a different, more rebellious attitude from the public. I think if we stay at level 4 for longer than 4 weeks people will get restless and start asking questions. I've seen snippets on social media that behaviour like that is happening in Spain atm and they are in their third week.
  3. coop

    The COVID-19 Thread

    This is where the media have failed us. They've swallowed the governments sound bites with no fact checking and now half the public are going around believing it. The USA had implemented a travel ban from Chinese and European flights in mid January. There was 32 days between Australias first case and ours (25th Jan v 28th Feb). Thats at least 32 days notice between each countries cases for our Govt to put a plan in place and excute it before it reached our shores. But they didn't and it did reach us. Self isolation was put into action 15 days after our first case. Australia closed flights from China and required any nationals to self isolate in another country for two weeks, one week before NZ. Quick acting and most stringent country to fight CV19? Hmmm Now, any Australian citizens returning are going into quarantine for two weeks in accomodation designated by authorities, and not allowed to leave. NZ... Our nationals are going into self isolation. Ours can still go to the pharmacy and supermarket. So whats the point of this four week lock down if new arrivals are under the same conditions that saw covid 19 take off in the first place. Australian workers can access $1500/fortnight for 6 months if they're out of work, as opposed to NZ $585 for three months. Workers can apply to access $10k out of Aussie super later this month and $10k in June. Australia are carrying out 8 times the testing we are. All states bar NSW have better case numbers, and lower increases relative to population than NZ. Aus is in Level 3, and some businesses are still operating, albeit not as busy. Some money changing hands is better than none. Yet the Aus govt gets raged on by the media and public via social media for apparently not doing enough... while our GovCo promotional BS spin artists aided by the media is telling us no other country has acted as quick and decisive enough as NZ. Wheres the tui. I think Australia are waiting for the death toll to hit 900,000 as predicted last week - LOL.
  4. Well at least it's not LS 😴 Nice project, is that yours sitting next to it too? Have you had any dealings with Mike B. from NW Auckland? A lot of knowledge and contacts for parts. I'm pretty sure the Charger is still the most successful touring car in NZ. I have this VG, in the process of stripping down engine. 245 and 30 thou over. Managed to find a Hemi 6 4bbl manifold so will go Holley Sniper EFI (at this stage). And re gear from 3.23 to 3.7.
  5. coop

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Well, what is your idea of 'qualified' sources? The current mob of mainstream news is so bent they're swinging further and further from reality and driving away people who simply want the news. By way of social engineering and click bait headlines, to shock or invoke fear for revenue as they're up sh*t creek financially & dropping readership. On the upside, we have been saved from the onslaught of current NZ political propaganda via piss poor gutter journalism in furthering the climate change cause, driving a wedge through society by way of anti baby boomer and anti land lord rhetoric, propagating the mythical gender pay gap or concocting some racial discrepancy between Maori and White NZers (forgetting all the other races & cultures in this country). Etc. I'm not fan of the term conspiracy theory because it suggests the official line from Govt sources and mainstream media is the truth and the only truth. Remember NZ Flight 901, 1979. If that had happened today, people who questioned Air NZ and Muldoons blatant cover up would be labelled a CT. The same goes for Labour youth sex camp of 2018. Perpertrator is a minsters son with and extremely prolonged trial, all details surpressed and the judge was the brother in law of prominent ex Labour minister who is still floating around in the back ground. ALL pics of that night removed from all social media before the story hit the press some months later. Conspiracy? Hmmm. On the upside, it silenced the MeToo movement in NZ which was about to gain traction at the same time. How could the media and activists run with this with faux outrage while their feminist Primeminister denied all knowledge of this happening, tried to cover it up, ignore the victims and protect the offender.... In other words, 'qualified' sources mean eff all when they're pushing agenda or in the pocket of the government or big business.
  6. coop

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Good post. Trump didn’t say things would be back to normal by Easter (despite what the mainstream press and those with TDS like to parrot), he said he’d like to see things back to normal by Easter. There was no guarantee from him. There has been some confusing and contradicting statements from Ardern and other ministers surrounding the four weeks (this is nothing new, on a wide range of issue since taking govt), but this situation is unprecedented and I don’t think anyone would want to be in her position, no matter how sound the advice she is receiving. I think it is good to see people have left the tribal politics outside while we can all get on with trying to make it through 4 weeks. If this lock down goes for any longer the sh*t will hit the fan in many ways.
  7. If you are specifically after one of them, it would be a good one to go for. Not many were optioned with low range, and I’m pretty sure they also come with a rear diff lock too.
  8. Hey mate, where are you located?
  9. F650 would be a good option especial if you're wanting to do a bit of adventure touring. Depending what you want it for, try an older 4 cylinder 250. Such as CBR250RR, ZXR. Damn fun bikes but they need to be thrashed. I wouldn't get too carried away as far as purchase pricing goes for a bike to gain your licences. Get by with the minimum as chances are when you get your full you'll probably look to upgrade say a f 650 to a 850 or 1200 etc. Or 250 sports bike to a 600 or 1000.
  10. coop

    Holden out

    Be interesting to see what the police force go with. With the demise of the Aussie designed and built Holden I’m surprised VW haven’t been successful in supplying more vehicles. Although I think the Govt resigned with Holden for 5 years in 2016. VW pretty much have the market covered. Decent performance orientated Golfs and Passats or Touareg could substitute Commodore for highway patrol. Base model Passat could take over from Commodore. Good range of vans and Ute option as well.
  11. coop

    330e Hybrid

    Hah, well I’m always open to different opinions. Budget will dictate the older F30. Diesel is not viable thanks to RUC. Currently have one that returns 5.5l/100 and it’s cheaper to run the other half’s 1.8 Corolla that returns 6l/100km. If I can find an old XM Citroen, 740 Volvo or W123 Benz in diesel I’ll buy one in a heart beat and not worry about RUC.
  12. coop

    330e Hybrid

    Thought that might be the case. I was hopeful the batteries may aid in the stop start open road driving that is common around the provinces (like say SH1B Cambridge to Taupiri with many stop signs). Being an aid in getting the car back up to the speed limit, reducing the work and fuel burn of the petrol engine. It seems on one charge batteries will last for 20km.
  13. Has anyone had experience with these? Rated at 2.1l/100km combined. Normal 330 with the same 2.0 turbo petrol is rated to 5.5l/100km. What are these petrol engines, and other general 3 series components like for reliability/longevity? I guess its too early to tell how the battery/motor side of thing will stack up in the long run? Do the fuel figures of both models hold up in the real world? They look like good value for money. I guess this is what happens when the market shifts to horrible small SUVs and Utes that are used for duties a normal sedan/hatch can carry out 99% of the time. Currently doing around 1000km a week of mostly open road driving around the Waikato/BOP.
  14. Yeah, I’ve had several. highest mileage was an AU XR6 Ute at over 650,000km when I sold it. All original but first gear synchro wasn’t too flash. I know where this Ute is and am gonna try and buy it back in a couple of weeks. next was an AU Fairlane at 570 ish k then a whole lot between 530k down to 80k. no major dramas. The odd wheel bearing, tie road end etc as expected. Easy to work on, parts are cheap asf, great long distance cruisers and they just go forever. As with most cars that have aged by time or mileage they aren’t without their faults but compared to anything Euro from the last 15-20 years they’re a walk in the park.
  15. Before the rise of the Toyota Hybrid, thousands and thousands of Aus and kiwi taxi operators kept going back to the Falcon for decades. 12 years on and there are still BF wagons getting around in Aussie as cabs. Enough said.
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