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  1. Who are you using for pads/rotors and shipping? Ive looked at buying rotors and pads from the likes of FCPeuro/pelican parts/rock auto and shipping the rotors blows the price out to a point where it’s just cheaper to buy through BnT for brembo rotors (at trade price). Because of the the cost of shipping I was thinking of just buying them when I go to the states first quarter next year and bring them back with me.
  2. You’re not wrong. So it’s not hard to see why there is such a low voter turn out. Less than one third of eligible voters, voted in Auckland. A two horse race with such piss poor trough dweller options is the perfect way to keep voters away. Most voters are I guess apathetic, while a lot are probably refusing to vote out of disgust and a feeling of hopelessness. And there is a saying if if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Well that is a crock of sh*t. If I pay for example $4k per year in rates, and or $30k per year in income tax, I have every right to complain whether I’ve voted or not.
  3. What could have been. Maybe Group A racing and homologated road cars could have carried on into the 1990s, forcing manufacturers to push the boundaries. Weren’t BMW developing a V16 in response to Mercedes M120 V12 from 1991. Or was it Mercedes developing a V16 in response to the E32 750i, with the recession forcing them to go to a more modest V12. I can’t remember. As for the 850i value. Put it on $1 reserve and let the market decide. That IMO will determine its true worth in NZ.
  4. Legal limit on a Class 1 is 6000kg, which shouldn’t concern people using a car to tow, but it could effect those with SUVs and utes pulling big loads. Too bad the CVIU doesn’t target some of these like they do to heavy transport. It would be too hard for authorities to place a legal limit on tow weights considering all cars are different. But if you were using your E46 to tow another 1400kg E46 on a 700kg trailer and ended up down a bank or veering across the road into oncoming traffic, chances are you’d be denied insurance and face relevant charges for breaching the manufacturers stated GCM. At at the end of the day a smaller, lighter car with a narrower track and shorter wheel base will not be as safe as towing at the upper limit as what a larger car will be (3 series v 5 series etc). It may be fine 99% of the time but when the shtf through no fault of your own and you get a sway on the larger mass and dimensions of the 5 series may just save you arse where the 3 will be crossed up in the ditch.
  5. $300k per year and that wouldn't include corrupt back handers from private businesses and organisations. Take Wellingtons mayor and how the recent sale of Shelly Bay to prominent rogue property developer came about, Wellingtons un used and un wanted cycleways popping up grossly opposed by local residents, associate minister of transport letter to Lester regarding 'get Wellington moving' and her refusal to make details public while her husbands company of urban transport planning picks up untendered Govt contracts regarding transport 'solutions' that fit in with their unrealistic but idealistic anti motorist agenda. Yeah the pope would have more chance of being a Muslim than the possibility of no dodgy back room deals and corruption by those who are suppose to represent/are being paid by the rate payer and tax payer. There needs to be a time limit that these trough feeders can bludge off the rate & tax payers. Goff has been sucking off the tax payers tit for nearly all of his working life starting back in the 1960s. Time to kick these self serving bludgers out the door and make them get a job in the real world!
  6. What is the weight of a car trailer, most tandems are 6-800kg. Add a car and that is no doubt breaching the abilities of a 3 series and pushing an E39 to it limits. You can pick up E53 diesels pretty cheap now. Re weight limits for Aus, yes, I was quoting most double cab utes GCM as stated by manufacturer.
  7. How much weight? Can’t be that much if a 3 series is a consideration. You’ll find that any decent weight will be just as much strain on the torque less N/A bmw 2.5-3.0 straight sixes as well. Consider the weight some small capacity diesels are pulling, the most common one would be the Mercedes 2.1 four cylinder which in the largest Sprinter has a GCM up around 7.5 tonne, in use all over the world. Look to Oz where it is currently caravan season and all the double cab utes are pulling big vans all over the country no doubt breaching the max combined weight at 6 tonne.
  8. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Yeah. For those familiar with Cambridge, I saw a highway patrol at the start of the 50kmh zone on Cambridge Rd one foggy morning (coming into Cambridge from Te Awamutu, common/easy spot for them to sit and catch people going over 50kmh). I pulled over and asked him why he wasn't worried about people driving at open road speeds with no headlights on in heavy fog, and pointed out a couple of cars going past with no lights on. He spun some bullshit about people speeding in urban areas. And people wonder why the standard of driving is f**ked in this country.
  9. I agree with tastefully modded ones but generally speaking modified examples have a smaller amount of potential buyers due to differing tastes and intentions. Unsure what basis the seller of the first example above is going off to think it is worth anywhere near $15k. If past sales of a lot of classics, or upcoming classics is anything to go by, originality is key. Jap, Euro, Aussie. Some models have gone for silly money. A lot of these seem to be models that carry nostalgic value, and/or were popular enough back when, for them to be modified/butchered in everyway possible. E30s are a contender for this. Excluding the M325s, the E30s may still be too common, perhaps give it another ten years...
  10. Yeah, Im aware a Corolla, or other reliable cars will need most of those things over that time. If it costs $5k in R&M to keep on the road over the next ten years ($5k is on the high side), it is cheap motoring. Not too keen to comment on how a used Leaf will fare over that time though? I guess its an unknown at this stage... And yes, I fully expect future local and central Govts to impose more anti motorist regulations and taxes in the future, ICEs will bare the brunt of it IMO, especially if the current mob get their way. Wellington City Council have just increased coupon city parking from $8/day to $12!
  11. Your statement kind of contradicts itself. there are some worn out Leafs for $10k but you won’t find a more reliable car at that price... So is it safe to just any Leaf and no dramas? I’d be interested in seeing how a Leaf will go long term. See my intentions of running our $8k Corolla for another ten years and 200,000km, with what I think will be minimal R&M. How do you think a 7 year old Leaf will fare with the same expectation? Are there any high mileage examples getting around with service and repair history? What is your real world range from your Leaf, and does driving with the heater/air con on, and head lights significantly reduce range? I watch from from a distance how the govt tackles EV RUC. I think it was once NZs electric vehicle fleet reaches 2% that they will be subject to RUC. Providing the Govt don’t tax petrol cars further, the appeal of EV from a cost and convenience point won’t be as high as what it is now.
  12. We bought an ex rental 2012 Corolla to replace the E46 diesel. Last of the old shape but the 2013 new shape can now be picked up for under $10k. Nothing exciting about it but the BMW was becoming temperamental and I cbf working on a ‘daily’ on a monthly basis like I was with the BMW (crank pulley, window regulator, LCAs, blower motor not going). The Corolla with 140k on it will likely last another 10 years and 200,000km with minimal R&M. Corolla gets down to 5.6 open road and 8-8.5 around Wellington city (hills and short running). The 320d was 6.0 open road and the same around the city. A return trip to Auckland sees the Corolla over $50 cheaper after RUC taken into consideration. Also considered NZ new Honda Accord Euro 6 speed manual (no decent ones on the market), Mazda 3, Mazda 6, E87 130i and Ford Mondeo 2.3. The Mondeos are good value for money, and it appears the 2.3 are near bullet proof. But they aren’t Japanese, so no price premium, or they carry the stigma of being a Euro car (so apparently costly to run). Was really tempted to go a 120d or Alfa 159 diesel that was on the market at the time but similar story to the 320d, no doubt I’ll be chasing my tail with issues further down the track and diesel is false economy in small cars.
  13. Pet hate, people that list E36-E90 M3s as manual, when they aren’t. I guess they are trying to increase views? As an opportunist buyer, I don’t bother viewing auto/SMG M3 listings. The only time I see them is when the seller advertises it as manual.
  14. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Not that I disagree, but I wouldn't be surprised if those who don't have the personal responsibility or common sense to take out insurance, would meet the criteria of third party, even if they were forced to, and were found at fault in a crash. Most of these types likely Don't have a WOF Might have a WOF but car is in an unroad worthy state Breaching license conditions Drug/alcohol impaired. All reason to be denied cover. We have such a culture in this country now that personal responsibility is out the window and its easier to blame someones else. Couple that with a piss weak justice system and resentment/jealousy for success. If the wannabe gangster takes out your late model six figure Euro in his unwarranted 'ceffy', whats it to him... Your insurance will pick up the tab, easy.
  15. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Yeah there is a reason why it’s top selling. Refer to my last sentence in the post above. I have driven rangers and Hiluxs for work and I cannot see the justification of the price premium between Ranger and Hilux. I don’t think the ranger does anything better than the Hilux. If anything the Hilux is built better, has a better stereo, doesn’t have that awful SYNC 2 infotainment set up, and the SR5 seems to be consistently $5-10k cheaper than the XLT. Despite what I’ve written above I don’t think an SR5 is bad buying at $45k. They have their place and it reads as though it is the best vehicle for your situation. But you have to laugh at the floggers who use these vehicles for purposes that a Toyota Corolla will fulfil. Recreational towing and carrying around the family... there are a lot of SUVs that are a superior all round vehicle to the archaic double cab Ute. As a diesel mechanic I scratch my head at the amount of franchises and contractors who choose these as service vehicles, albeit mostly extra cabs. I currently have a V8 cruiser with boxes, air compressor and gas set on the back. Not ideal for the job, but it does the job. Despite being rated for 1 tonne over the rear axle this is a joke and they need after market springs or airbags. It is even worse trying to get that sort of weight in the tray of the double cab Thai specials. A Mercedes Sprinter has superior payload (3.5t), easier access to toolboxes with both side doors, more space inside and on the roof for any large items. A 2.5 tonne tow rating. And is a much nicer drive. I guess this goes for most tradies but they seem to persist with the Ute. I can only put it down to sheep mentality and upholding an image.
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