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  1. How to make an e34 look Bogan.

    Paint the factory wheels black.
  2. Talk to me about the E65...

    Sorry but it is a valid comparison because the reality of it, is if a component on one of these aging cars fails, then new parts will have to be fitted to the car (would you bother to fit a second hand turbo, or oil cooler, or timing chain kit, if you could find one? Regardless of OEM or aftermarket equalivent, it still won’t be cheap), and you’re forgetting the cost of labour which can sometimes make up most of the repair cost). Someone who purchases a comprehensive warranty/insurance applicable to the car wouldn’t have to worry about this. Your example of the X5 is fine but someone who has to fork out $14k for e63/c63 camshaft & followers or $12k for an E60 SMG pump probably won’t see it as such an investment haha.
  3. Talk to me about the E65...

    I guess it goes on a case by case basis - if intending to keep the car for a year or so then maybe no need? In any case on a used high end tech loaded car over 100,000km and coming up or over ten years old it is quite a gamble to take imo. No one will be paying six figures for an E60 M5 in2018. As you probably know they can be had for $20k. Just say there is vanos or SMG dramas in the period of ownership over three years (possible). Doesn’t look like such a cheap car after all. Same with my example above of the W211 E63. op perhaps if you want to work on your own gear invest $2k or so and buy the software off eBay compete with Dell 630 or Panasonic toughbook laptop? Then you’ll have no dramas owning more modern complex BMWs further down the track... could also use it for cashies etc (I have done the same with Mercedes xentry C4 software and laptop).
  4. Talk to me about the E65...

    I don't think this is true for the majority of high end Euros, or high end cars from any manufacturer. You can service them all you want, it won't stop, to name a few... BMW SMG failure Mercedes M156 head bolts, cam shafts & followers failing Mercedes 7G auto failure Mercedes M272 balancer shaft failure VAG DSG issues Land Rover/Range Rover TDV8 twin turbo failure and 5.0 V8 timing chain failure. All of these issues can cost 50-100% of the value of the vehicle to repair which will send a lot of owners broke if not covered by a comprehensive warranty/insurance. I was close to buying an M156 powered Mercedes - ML63 or E63 and knew about the head bolt issue - rang Autohaus in Auckland to see what I need to budget for head bolt replacement as preventative maintenance. I was then told about how the camshafts chew up as early as 80k and to budget at least $14k to do the whole lot... And there has been no fix for this issue so will need to do it again further down the track. E60 M5 documented expensive failures have put me off one of them and I thought the E63 will be the next best thing but I'll just stick to two wheels for my speed fix. To the OP, E65s can be had so cheap, is it worth bothering with a warranty and having to spent considerable dollars on servicing and repairs through an authorised garage for the off chance something catastrophic does go wrong? A little off topic, what is the go with referring to working on a car as 'wrenching'. Some blokes been reading too many yank forums? Ten years as a diesel mech across Australia and NZ and Ive never heard anyone refer to it as that. Do y'all grab your wrenches outa the trunk before you pop the hood?
  5. Snap On battery tools.

    All this gear is about three years old and works fine. $500 for the following. RRP about $2500. 1/2 gun. 3/8 gun drill with 1/2” chuck LED light x2 chargers x2 18v batteries x2 14.4 volt batteries note only one charger and 14.4v battery is in the pic. The 1/2 gun will likely undo anything car related. I could strip 10 stud truck wheels torqued up to 650nm with it. The 3/8 gun is probably the handiest tool I’ve owned. However I’ve gone to Milwaukee gear now. I may may be able to assist with delivery in the north Island sometime before Tuesday next week.
  6. This has to be taken on a case by case basis though? Buy a new ute or smaller SUV for $60k. No money spent on repairs for warranty period, say five years, sell after five years and 100-120,000km for 30-35k. Buy a new VW Golf or Camry for $30k. Same as above, but sell for about $15k after five years. No money spent on repairs, no dramas with DIY R&M (or paying someone $80+/hr), no worries before a long trip, organising repairs etc. The Golf/Camry has cost less than $100/week to own. The ute/SUV maybe $120. Rough figures but a general idea and a reason why a lot of people buy new and take a hit in depreciation instead of chasing their tail repairing and maintaining something older. Unfortunately for most motorists there is simply no incentive to proactively keep on top of R&M for a 10+ year old/150,000+ car. The cost to do so outweighs the hit in resale after say 5 years of owner ship especially on something like an X5 etc.
  7. Off road X5?

    What suspension knowledge did BMW gain to stand from RR considering all LR had put out prior to BMWs ownership was live axles? I had thought the post live axle L322 RR/Disco 3 had raided the BMW parts bin, as detailed in your post. Taking this thing from factory 28-29" rolling diameter to 33" would make it a real slug, its bad enough going to 31s on most 4wds on stock gearing.
  8. Off road X5?

    Spotted this whilst browsing X5s. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1437664883.htm?rsqid=374e9dd67ff942cbb282d883ff41bec1 Not my thing, kinda see the appeal for novelty value, but what a flog trying to pass this off as a genuine 4wd by comparing to Surfs etc. Bloke prob doesn't understand how gearing works. Get this beast up Muriwai Beach in soft wet sand, coupled with no low range and the added load to turn those bigger tyres, she will cook the trans in no time. Sounds good but.
  9. No it is alright to say man made, as it implies a negative connotation to men, which is more than acceptable in hypocritical leftist ideology. Now if the shoe was on the other foot.
  10. End of an era... 2002 E46 320d Touring

    Probably a better buy than something with one third of the mileage with next to no preventative maintenance carried out with big ticket items needing to be replaced in the near future. What fuel figures do you get? Mine was consistently 6.2-6.7 l/100km regardless of city or highway. Nice cars and better than the underwhelming 4 cylinder petrols. Are you also selling your 500se?
  11. This doesn't make sense, considering run of the mill BMW engines have their fair share of expensive issues. M62, N62, N42 none of them at the high end of the performance spectrum but have well known inevitable issues which will cost more than the value of the car to repair.
  12. Sorry, you may have interpreted that wrong, I'm not calling those who purchase EVs clowns, it is directed at those who are put on a pedestal with a voice telling us what we should do, but are far from doing that themselves - politicians, uni lecturers/reserchers/gullible students, mainstream media, influential people in larger corporations etc. I see regular articles or opinion pieces like this, whether true or not, as a way of planting the seeds in the minds of the public that ICE = bad, and EV = good. Install enough guilt in the population and it will be easier to expect motorists to buy EVs and roll out taxes in the coming years for those who are still using petrol/diesel cars. This elitist attitude assumes motorists fit their idealist model, as if one 200-250km charge will last the whole week, and no one needs to carry out several or dozens of weekly business or family/houshold errands.
  13. Would mainstream media print anything to the contray? Would 'researchers' who are likely in the govt pocket come up with different results that don't tow the official line on climate change? It would be more environmentally friendly to run my current 15 year old car for another 5-7 years which returns 8.5l/100km highway than to increase/encourage consumerism and drop $40-50k on an EV for a five year cycle. Just more wealthy, white western liberals telling us what we need to do as a way of virtue signalling to feed their false moral conscience when it comes to enviro/social issues. They will happily guilt trip the majority of the population on green issues while they have no dramas shitting into clean drinking water, using excessive amounts of water (three showers/day, two laundry cycles/day, watering their garden on their high six figure - seven figure quarter acre section), daily consumption of meat and dairy (demand for intensive farming), two or more late/new vehicles per household, jet setting on holiday every 6 mth - 1 year etc. These clowns are the epitome of hypocrisy and fail to put their money where their mouth is, but expects everyone else to tow their line.
  14. Cls63 Project

    He said he also owns a c63. W211 E63 is in the same boat as the E60 M5 in the way of non existant resale and excessively high repair costs when the shtf. Can pick both up for low $20k these days. A lot of car for the money. Give it two years and the twin turbo v8s will be in the $30k territory.
  15. Cls63 Project

    Check out the Ozbenz Facebook page. Not a bad page, similar to this site - mostly real enthusiasts, not f**kwits wanting to drop them on 20s for the stance and other tacky mods. Have you run into any dramas with your C63 regarding the head bolts and camshafts? Autohaus in Auckland gave an approx figure of $14k for camshafts, lifters and head bolts for the M156 engine. Which has put me off buying a w211 e63 and made me look at the e55 instead. Which I will may purchase before Xmas if I find the right one.