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  1. coop

    Petrol to diesel engine conversion

    You'll also find amongst Land Rover enthusiasts, P38s are more desirable with the EAS in the vehicle and working than ripped out for coils. For obvious reasons. Coupled with the four wheel traction control, they are were more capable off road then nearly anything else from the 1990s. I think these are becoming more collectable amongst LR enthuiasts, not to the level of the RR Classic but enough to save or not butcher good examples. I had one converted to coils, and it had a better ride quality than one with EAS. My only issue with them is the transfer case - controlled electronically by the BCM and the transmissions own ECM, with no real mechanical locker, so if you break an axle etc in the bush you're really buggered. No doubt another obstacle you'd need to navigate around with a re power.
  2. coop

    Petrol to diesel engine conversion

    I think the over rated 1KZ would be cracking heads on a monthly basis having to haul around a 2.5 tonne Range Rover. Complexities around the P38 might make it easier and cheaper to keep it as a parts car and find a standard 2.5dse, or the later L322 with the BMW td6, or even a td5 Disco. Also I think diesel and V8 gearing are different of the top of my head... the V8 Range rovers will do 70 in 1st and around 120 in 2nd.
  3. coop

    Daily Driver opinions

    Is yours manual? Mine was an auto one. Not the first car I have had that has some discrepancies between fuel use, sounds as though yours is more frugal (I assume your speedo error isn’t reading excessively high, throwing out the total kays?!). Driving sedately say cruising behind trucks at 90 my 320d may have dropped down to 6 or even less over a long distance. But yeah I never managed 1000km on a tank. I think I may have scraped 900km but that was it. The E39 530i Msport I had afterwards made more sense. I could manage about 8/100km open road same driving style. Mich nicer to car to drive long distance especially with the M54 and staggered wheels. Perfect for long distance NZ roads IMO. For an extra 9 or so litres to do my usual trip from Cambridge to Wellington, a no brainer. Even when I was looking at the E87 with the same engine I could not justify it after reading several forums and what sort of mileage people were getting out of them.
  4. coop

    Daily Driver opinions

    Not that economical IMO. I could not better 6.2l/100km in mine. A gentle run at 100 on flat road, say Hamilton to Auckland or Wellington to Hawkes Bay was usually 6.2l/100km It was replaced with a 2012 Corolla 1.8 manual which under the same style of driving will return 5.8l/100km. If I nurse the Corolla and sit in behind the usual open road day dreaming muppets and not worry about passing I can get down to 5.6. Around town they are the same (8ish l/100km) I was set on a newer E87 120d but I read the N47s have timing chain issues. So I thought bugger it, the Corollas aren't badly priced and over ten years it will likely only need a few sets of tyres and a couple of batteries. I would not be confident saying the same about a BMW. I have enough cars and bikes that need attention, I don't want the daily city car to be a long term project or head ache as well. Not trying to recommend a Corolla BTW but the old E46 320d just made no sense with its relatively high fuel consumption and the RUC rort. I think if I were to do it again with the BMW, I'd go for an E46 330i or E87 130iM spec. They seem relatively bullet proof and the extra 1 or 2 litre/100km in consumption over a four cylinder would be worth it as far as smiles go.
  5. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    I guess you could compare further, and ask a few more questions, does Norway have rampant entitlement culture that is too common in this country, largely fuelled by the media and vote grabbing politicians? Is personal responsibility a thing of the past in Norway, where anyone’s failings can be blamed on someone else? Is there a section of society/demographic of Norways population who have no regard for the law, no respect for the police and are repeatedly in/out of the courts, bringing no gain or productivity to society? Does Norway have generational welfare breeders, living off the tax payers for decades? Does Norway place more value on the family unit? Do they value fathers more than we do here, where fatherhood is trivialised while solo mothers are paraded as something to be looked up to. Does Norway have rampant issues with mysoginistic drug dealing gangs, hooking vulnerable people and teenagers on meth, with the tax payer left to bear the costs of these huge spin on effects, while the media and politicians are too scared to do anything about.
  6. coop

    Import tax

    How long has this being the case? I haven’t worked in NZ full time since 2012, but both jobs, one as a mechanic at two franchises, and the other as a line haul truck driver, there was no mention of claiming expenses against income tax (tools, PPE, meals when staying away etc). I’m working in Aus since 2012 as a mechanic. I can claim tools, cell phone, laptop, prescription glasses, over night allowance & out of zone allowance (breakdowns), vehicle, health insurance, any training/tickets/ licences and associated costs. Each end of financial year I get between 10-20% back in tax. As an employee i don’t think this happens in NZ?
  7. coop

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    Nice! I can remember seeing that for sale and thought it was a good deal. If you haven’t done already, google m156 head studs, cam shaft & lifters, and sort out some mechanical insurance.
  8. Perhaps you can put me straight... I thought the M325 was a 325is in other markets. Same car, different badge. Same story with the E34 M535i? Be interesting to see the invoice for the engine build. Either someone’s taken him to town, he’s jacked up the rebuild figure to justify his asking price, or an attempt to impress a potential buyer who wouldn’t have the know how on changing a tyre - someone like Mike Hosking or Jack Tame springs to mind. Hell, for around $22k I could build a 15 litre Cummins or Cat, or 16 litre Volvo inc cylinder head that will be good for 1 million km.
  9. coop

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    Tacky asf. Something that should be on a $4000 heap of sh*t ‘slammed cef’ driven by a skinny pale white trash bogan from Hamilton or palmy who calls all his mates ‘gee’ Gorgeous cars but. I think they made a rule for C&C that cars had to be older than 1990 or thereabouts? there should be some exceptions and these would meet that criteria. True modern classics (along with a (manual) 993 911 😛 ).
  10. The road going past Wingers should do?! That is chip seal and 70kmh, going to 80 after Onslow Rd. Congrats on the car 👌
  11. coop

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    Litres of fuel is a better indicator of use than both hours and kms. Generally more fuel burn = more load and more heat. Would you rather say an X5 that has done 150,000km majority open road at 8-9l/100km. Or the same vehicle that has towed 2.5 tonne for 100,000km at 15l/100km.
  12. But a land cruiser is all of what you mention above except the price premium you pay is two to three times that of a Land Rover. Ive had two cruisers in oz as service Utes. One 4.2 turbo 24 valve and a 4.5 V8. Extremely under performing and inefficient, horrible to drive anywhere. And people are paying over $100k for a decked out double cab! They tipped the scales at 3.8 tonne with my tools, oil, parts & consumables, but cruising at 100-110 both never bettered 16l/100km and take it up to 130-140 and she’s north of 20l/100km. Roads are all flat outback not like NZ. Graham, there is a W124 300te 4 matic on trademe. Over priced but could be a good buy with a few grand knocked off it. Alternatively if you were to go the petrol route into a Land Rover I have an M104 24v in an S320 I’m going to wreck. Sweet engines a bit like the m54.
  13. Have you seen the W210 E320 cdi on trade for $2k? 145kw and 470nm is not bad for something out of the 1990s. The 5.9 Cummins 6BT is a fairly common swap in Aus into Patrols and Cruisers and put out something like 140kw and 550nm. All mechanical so easier to work on. Huge aftermarket support out of the US too. Might be hard finding one in NZ and also pricey to buy. Does it need to be somewhat of a project? You could buy a decent out of the box 4wd such as the WH Grand Cherokee CRD with the Mercedes 3.0 V6 turbo diesel. Probably the best value for money 4wd. Fit a 2" lift, some decent 31-32" tyres, recovery/winch points, and with the Quadradrive 4wd set up it would be hugely capable. Same with the L322 Range Rover with the M57. These are cheap now and nearly everyone Ive seen for sale has had near ten grand spent on the gearbox. Although just keeping an L322 on the road would be an ongoing project in itself.
  14. coop

    Just bought an e34 540i

    If anyone is on the rather large Facebook page called classic cars and wrecks NZ you'll find a similar head up the arse attitude towards anything Euro with the exception of the pommie stuff that was popular back in the 60s/70s. Which made me laugh at your post - in 94 the E34 was ten times the car of the equalivant Commodore/Falcon, not to mention the 5spd auto and 210kw, vs a whopping 165kw from 5.0 cast iron boat anchor.
  15. coop


    Have German designers gone to the Asian brands and vice versa? Totally out of proportion. The Slab sided rear half looks like a ten year old Mitsubishi version of the Rav4 (unsure of the model), the front looks like some Eastern European or Chinese cheap knock off of what this thing should be like. And people knocked Bangle, and the AU Falcon.