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  1. coop

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    Tacky asf. Something that should be on a $4000 heap of sh*t ‘slammed cef’ driven by a skinny pale white trash bogan from Hamilton or palmy who calls all his mates ‘gee’ Gorgeous cars but. I think they made a rule for C&C that cars had to be older than 1990 or thereabouts? there should be some exceptions and these would meet that criteria. True modern classics (along with a (manual) 993 911 😛 ).
  2. The road going past Wingers should do?! That is chip seal and 70kmh, going to 80 after Onslow Rd. Congrats on the car 👌
  3. coop

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    Litres of fuel is a better indicator of use than both hours and kms. Generally more fuel burn = more load and more heat. Would you rather say an X5 that has done 150,000km majority open road at 8-9l/100km. Or the same vehicle that has towed 2.5 tonne for 100,000km at 15l/100km.
  4. But a land cruiser is all of what you mention above except the price premium you pay is two to three times that of a Land Rover. Ive had two cruisers in oz as service Utes. One 4.2 turbo 24 valve and a 4.5 V8. Extremely under performing and inefficient, horrible to drive anywhere. And people are paying over $100k for a decked out double cab! They tipped the scales at 3.8 tonne with my tools, oil, parts & consumables, but cruising at 100-110 both never bettered 16l/100km and take it up to 130-140 and she’s north of 20l/100km. Roads are all flat outback not like NZ. Graham, there is a W124 300te 4 matic on trademe. Over priced but could be a good buy with a few grand knocked off it. Alternatively if you were to go the petrol route into a Land Rover I have an M104 24v in an S320 I’m going to wreck. Sweet engines a bit like the m54.
  5. Have you seen the W210 E320 cdi on trade for $2k? 145kw and 470nm is not bad for something out of the 1990s. The 5.9 Cummins 6BT is a fairly common swap in Aus into Patrols and Cruisers and put out something like 140kw and 550nm. All mechanical so easier to work on. Huge aftermarket support out of the US too. Might be hard finding one in NZ and also pricey to buy. Does it need to be somewhat of a project? You could buy a decent out of the box 4wd such as the WH Grand Cherokee CRD with the Mercedes 3.0 V6 turbo diesel. Probably the best value for money 4wd. Fit a 2" lift, some decent 31-32" tyres, recovery/winch points, and with the Quadradrive 4wd set up it would be hugely capable. Same with the L322 Range Rover with the M57. These are cheap now and nearly everyone Ive seen for sale has had near ten grand spent on the gearbox. Although just keeping an L322 on the road would be an ongoing project in itself.
  6. coop

    Just bought an e34 540i

    If anyone is on the rather large Facebook page called classic cars and wrecks NZ you'll find a similar head up the arse attitude towards anything Euro with the exception of the pommie stuff that was popular back in the 60s/70s. Which made me laugh at your post - in 94 the E34 was ten times the car of the equalivant Commodore/Falcon, not to mention the 5spd auto and 210kw, vs a whopping 165kw from 5.0 cast iron boat anchor.
  7. coop


    Have German designers gone to the Asian brands and vice versa? Totally out of proportion. The Slab sided rear half looks like a ten year old Mitsubishi version of the Rav4 (unsure of the model), the front looks like some Eastern European or Chinese cheap knock off of what this thing should be like. And people knocked Bangle, and the AU Falcon.
  8. coop

    Go Large, no - go XL!!!

    'Totally loaded' Is it me or does anyone else find it extremely frustrating that car ads, private and dealers list the most basic features that have been around for decades? Look up any high end car/SUV that is within ten years old and you'll find listed ABS Cruise control Power steering Electric seats etc. Pretty sure in the 1970s, Mercedes S Class and the yank junk had all of that.
  9. coop

    E87 120d

    Can anyone give some real world fuel figures from these for both highway and urban? If I buy, it will be used mostly around Wellington with a couple of trips a month up to Cambridge. My 320d didn't really impress with the fuel economy, 6-6.2 l/100km open road and 8-10 around Wellington. Despite that Id happily buy another, but most look well used/neglected. I imagine the E87 will be slightly better for fuel economy. Slightly off topic, I have been looking at BMW/Mercedes with no great criteria. Seems as though there are only a handful of models to get, and all the other are lemons sure to fail before 200k. Two companies known for putting out some of the best bullet proof engines back in the day and yet they struggle to get the modern stuff right.
  10. coop

    NZ's first e39 M5 for sale...

    Yes and wasn't it on the market for weeks at around $18k 5 or so years ago?
  11. coop

    E34, what's it worth?

    I used to own that in Wellington from 2004-2012. Great car, never really let me down, did a couple of intake manifold gaskets and ignition barrel. I $1 reserved it on trade me and I think it sold for about $2500.
  12. coop

    How to make an e34 look Bogan.

    Paint the factory wheels black.
  13. coop

    Talk to me about the E65...

    Sorry but it is a valid comparison because the reality of it, is if a component on one of these aging cars fails, then new parts will have to be fitted to the car (would you bother to fit a second hand turbo, or oil cooler, or timing chain kit, if you could find one? Regardless of OEM or aftermarket equalivent, it still won’t be cheap), and you’re forgetting the cost of labour which can sometimes make up most of the repair cost). Someone who purchases a comprehensive warranty/insurance applicable to the car wouldn’t have to worry about this. Your example of the X5 is fine but someone who has to fork out $14k for e63/c63 camshaft & followers or $12k for an E60 SMG pump probably won’t see it as such an investment haha.
  14. coop

    Talk to me about the E65...

    I guess it goes on a case by case basis - if intending to keep the car for a year or so then maybe no need? In any case on a used high end tech loaded car over 100,000km and coming up or over ten years old it is quite a gamble to take imo. No one will be paying six figures for an E60 M5 in2018. As you probably know they can be had for $20k. Just say there is vanos or SMG dramas in the period of ownership over three years (possible). Doesn’t look like such a cheap car after all. Same with my example above of the W211 E63. op perhaps if you want to work on your own gear invest $2k or so and buy the software off eBay compete with Dell 630 or Panasonic toughbook laptop? Then you’ll have no dramas owning more modern complex BMWs further down the track... could also use it for cashies etc (I have done the same with Mercedes xentry C4 software and laptop).
  15. coop

    Talk to me about the E65...

    I don't think this is true for the majority of high end Euros, or high end cars from any manufacturer. You can service them all you want, it won't stop, to name a few... BMW SMG failure Mercedes M156 head bolts, cam shafts & followers failing Mercedes 7G auto failure Mercedes M272 balancer shaft failure VAG DSG issues Land Rover/Range Rover TDV8 twin turbo failure and 5.0 V8 timing chain failure. All of these issues can cost 50-100% of the value of the vehicle to repair which will send a lot of owners broke if not covered by a comprehensive warranty/insurance. I was close to buying an M156 powered Mercedes - ML63 or E63 and knew about the head bolt issue - rang Autohaus in Auckland to see what I need to budget for head bolt replacement as preventative maintenance. I was then told about how the camshafts chew up as early as 80k and to budget at least $14k to do the whole lot... And there has been no fix for this issue so will need to do it again further down the track. E60 M5 documented expensive failures have put me off one of them and I thought the E63 will be the next best thing but I'll just stick to two wheels for my speed fix. To the OP, E65s can be had so cheap, is it worth bothering with a warranty and having to spent considerable dollars on servicing and repairs through an authorised garage for the off chance something catastrophic does go wrong? A little off topic, what is the go with referring to working on a car as 'wrenching'. Some blokes been reading too many yank forums? Ten years as a diesel mech across Australia and NZ and Ive never heard anyone refer to it as that. Do y'all grab your wrenches outa the trunk before you pop the hood?