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  1. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Yeah there is a reason why it’s top selling. Refer to my last sentence in the post above. I have driven rangers and Hiluxs for work and I cannot see the justification of the price premium between Ranger and Hilux. I don’t think the ranger does anything better than the Hilux. If anything the Hilux is built better, has a better stereo, doesn’t have that awful SYNC 2 infotainment set up, and the SR5 seems to be consistently $5-10k cheaper than the XLT. Despite what I’ve written above I don’t think an SR5 is bad buying at $45k. They have their place and it reads as though it is the best vehicle for your situation. But you have to laugh at the floggers who use these vehicles for purposes that a Toyota Corolla will fulfil. Recreational towing and carrying around the family... there are a lot of SUVs that are a superior all round vehicle to the archaic double cab Ute. As a diesel mechanic I scratch my head at the amount of franchises and contractors who choose these as service vehicles, albeit mostly extra cabs. I currently have a V8 cruiser with boxes, air compressor and gas set on the back. Not ideal for the job, but it does the job. Despite being rated for 1 tonne over the rear axle this is a joke and they need after market springs or airbags. It is even worse trying to get that sort of weight in the tray of the double cab Thai specials. A Mercedes Sprinter has superior payload (3.5t), easier access to toolboxes with both side doors, more space inside and on the roof for any large items. A 2.5 tonne tow rating. And is a much nicer drive. I guess this goes for most tradies but they seem to persist with the Ute. I can only put it down to sheep mentality and upholding an image.
  2. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    It would be quite disappointing if they abandon a new model further down the track. Especially with their plug in hybrid models becoming more popular. Bring something revolunary to the segment as all of these Utes are way, way over priced for what we get. i.e. plug in hybrid and four cylinder turbo petrol similar to the E Class at 2.5l/100km. Its not like they don't have the expertise to bring out something class leading - Sprinter, Vito, Actros etc. Mercedes could have differentiated the current X Class by using their own 2.1 and 9 speed out of the ML etc. Something like 150kw and 500nm. With low range and more realistic price tag it could be a decent piece of kit. ATM its just an over priced segment purchased by sheep trying to keep up appearances.
  3. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Not surprising. I had a look and it appears that the discounted 2018 models are gone, but the four cylinder X Class new and optioned demo stock have comparable pricing to V6 Amarok, and are nearly $30k more than an SR5 Hilux and $20k more than XLT Ranger. So no wonder! lol.
  4. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Which is pretty much a Renault engine. I think they are having trouble moving them, rrp up around 72k. Last time I checked there are still 2018 plated ones on trademe with nearly $20k knocked off them.
  5. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    I would rather have a Y62 Patrol than any over those over priced, over rated, wanker attracting fashion statements. It will do everything better too, unless you need to move something like a fridge or motorbike (that’s what trailers are for, and kinda a moot point since most of the flogger driven utes have hard lids or canopy’s anyway). At least the Mercedes has a decent engine, but you pay for it, most of them have sticker price of over $90k. Option up a ranger and you’re looking at $80k. Usually when you spend that sort of money on a vehicle with leaf springs, drum brakes and extremely basic plastic interior, it’s a factory optioned 1960s desirable muscle car from the USA which hold or go up in value, not depreciate like a stone when the latest fashion statement is realeased two years down the track.
  6. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Most of the NZ new ones were manual. We never had the CVT option, just 4 speed auto, and sedan. Back when Nissan had a decent line up in NZ show rooms - R34 GTR, R34 GT-t, 200SX, P11 Primera, TD42 Patrol. Maybe the SR20 SSS Pulsars at the same time as well, I can't remember. Look at the absolute sh*t they are flogging off today. No wonder they need to offer 1% finance to move it.
  7. coop

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    Find out the hard way. I mean how selling a car can be mentally and financially draining, especially when seller are not willing to meet the market. Potential buyers will know the car and what an unrealistic seller he/she is as it stays on the market for months, or re appears in a years time at a lower price. Seller has to deal with time waster like the questions on the listings. Seller has to keep it insured/warranted/rego/serviced for the time its on the market (assuming they will do this and not stick rego on hold, cancel insurance and only wof/service come sale - a gamble and perhaps deterrent to potential buyers/test drivers).
  8. coop

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    Price would still be too high if it was a low km immaculate 3.2 6 speed. Might be ten years too early with that pice, I think instead of the smug comments people should bite their tongue, let the market do the talking and seller to find out the hard way. Remember back in 2007 ish you could pick up an M325i E30 for under $10k. If I can find a decent one for under $15k around this time next year I'll grab it.
  9. coop

    Vehicle compliance..

    Read up on their private import laws. You can take one vehicle over with you as a private import. But it has to be imported within the first year (or two, can’t remember) of you arriving in Australia, to live. It’s been a while since I looked into it. I don’t know how it goes, with you being in NZ and the car in the UK. How long have you owned the car for? This may effect chances of taking one over as a private import. It may be worth the hassle. There is an E39 M5 on carsales for $125k. And it hasn’t been mentioned on here, but one was put on Facebook in the South Island last week for $75k. It seems these are going the way of most other desirable classics and are becoming out of reach for most car enthusiasts.
  10. Jesus that looks bloody horrible. The same story with the modern Range Rovers and Mercedes S Class. These taky digital clusters would put me off buying one, considering that is the part of the vehicle you look at most often. We will look back at these in 20 years and think wtf (like most people probably do to the VK Commodore interior/dash/instrument cluster). No one will do the same at the aesthetically pleasing E39, E46 or E34. Timeless designs.
  11. Havent Kia and Hyundai snapped up all the BMW and VAG designers and engineers...
  12. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    The brighline test is paid on profit (short term). A percentage of sellers who fall under it will profit from little to no reward but you can bet in this flattened market there is no one buying for short term capital gain, unless they are buying & improving properties (Reno, landscaping, adding bedrooms etc) and selling for profit, and there is nothing wrong with this. The majority of CGT won’t be paid on profit, it will be paid on inflation, and or hard work (building up a business). And nearly all families will be paying it on a family home, either through inheritance, if the home is business tax deductible (and a lot of small businesses rely on the house as part of their business), or the 400,000 of so eligible lifestyle blocks in NZ. The bright line test is a ‘fairer’ way of targeting property speculators. I’d extend it to the family home to avoid any loop holes speculators use to avoid it, and bad luck to any private sellers that happen to buy and sell within five years. As I said before most property investors are in the game long term. Buy and hold, pay down debt on P&I mortgages and increase cash flow. It’s not a huge issue to most of them. It will end up hurting ordinary kiwis more - those with small businesses, those who stand in line for inheritance, those who rent out the granny flat, the single dweller or couple that Airbnb their house a couple of nights/week to help pay the mortgage, the family on $80k per year who want to sell their $400k rural lifestyle block (while the family on $250k pa don’t pay it on their 2.5 million dollar Mission Bay mansion).
  13. The Cosworths are more of an E30 M325 competitor. 190E Evos are more M3 alternative, which have asking prices of up around usd 200k. edit. Now that most of the significant classics (from Europe, US, Australia) have reached price a point that is out of reach for the average car enthusiast, I think both the E30 M325 and the 190E Cosworths are a realistic and safe buy that are guaranteed to go up in value.
  14. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Then on those rental properties you'll have to pay tax on inflation when you sell. This may not be the end of the world as they are rentals, but people are kidding themselves if they think the CGT won't creep to the family home. Under the recommendations, if you use your home as part of your (small) business, it will be subject to CGT. A non earning lifestyle block will be subject to CGT. When these owners come to sell in ten years time to buy in the same market the CGT they've just paid on inflation leaves them with less than what they just had. The jealous lot who like taking a stab at land lords, and say they want to encourage people to dump their money into the share market and business, are the same ones shouting from the roof tops when business make decisions to increase productivity or profits in the way of laying off workers by shifting off shore, automation, downsizing unproductive floor staff etc. 'greedy share holders' 'greedy land lords', you can't win with those types its the same old broken record. Is there a housing crisis... There are over 30,000 properties for sale on TM atm. 8,000 for rent. The 'crisis' revolves around un tenantable feral tenants, where no right minded land lord will want in their house. Exacerbated by click bait media. When the TWG pick up on how prices for classic cars, motorbikes, tractors, trucks and heavy machinery has taken off, and still going up in price, you may have to fork out a CGT on you Volvo! Are you on the NZ Volvo FB group?
  15. coop

    Quick rant thread.

    Interesting proposition regarding a 75-90% estate tax. My bet would be those who are subject to that will have their money/assets off shore, or will cash them in and send/invest money off shore or spend it up. I think your first sentence contradicts itself? As in those who are poor, or are perpetually poor, can pull themselves out of it by merit. Those who are automatically wealthy without merit or deserving it, will likely be in the same financial position some years after the inheritance. I think people who have a similar viewpoint to you seem to think that there is a confined or limited amount of money in this county. Money makes money, and if someone who is poor has the drive & common sense, and perhaps the right advice/direction to become rich, they will do so. I've seen it many times. What sort of threshold will be subject to such an estate tax? Consider two or three kids may be beneficiaries, of say a $2million estate (I don't know what an average deceased estate in NZ is worth, but I'd guess $2 mill is on the high side), well that only leaves the kids with $1mill, or $660,000 or so each. Hardly big dollars, especially if they live in Auckland and don't own a house or have a substantial mortgage.