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  1. +1 for the foam lance, not much point in getting the waterblaster without it imo. If you go high flow, make sure your mains flow is up to it, bloody frustrating when it's not and the pressure comes in fits and starts...
  2. Was mostly keen on the boot tbh, have a lead on one, makes sense for you to keep it with the gearbox though...
  3. Would you consider selling the shifter boot and center arm rest separate to the rest of the interior?
  4. And you convinced me to buy two... How about we compromise and just call us 'morons with taste'...
  5. No I have the USB3, with the bluetooth dongle, low dash Mid, I expect it's the stereo version as it connects directly to it.
  6. Nice! Mine doesn't play so nice with the stereo to send track names through, I'm still looking for the CD43 upgrade as I think that may do it...
  7. I recently got the USB version with the BT addon for my E36. Happy with the result, only downside is track titles etc don't show but I think that is the head unit I have, rather than the Grom unit. It mimics the CD stacker by folders on the USB stick. If you want to keep the factory hardware/look, GROM is on point.
  8. tawa


    pic 1, yeh they do look like drill chuck arbors, maybe MT1s? there may be (or have once been) an adapter to sleeve down to that size in either the dril or the lathe tailstock. Pic 6 looks like that chuck might be on an adapter already. pic 2, yeh, assorted cutters, looks like a lot of tool steel blanks rather than carbide insert cutters. Can be tricky to sharpen/setup correctly if you are learning, and tricky to diagnose if they are causing an issue. Hopefully there are some sharper ones in there from the last guy, maybe practice on Ali mostly while you get a feel for things. Personally I go with carbide inserts except for real oddball work as it's so much less hassel and generally eliminates the tool as an issue (carbideNZ do good mail order stuff). pic 3, as Jon says, facing plate, think I have use my one of those once. Nice wee units by the looks of them, can't see from the pic, but does the mill/drill have a drawbar (often a hex on top, it's a long 'bolt' that threads into the toolholder to tighten it up into the taper) to remove the tool holder? Looks like it has a BT30 collet or similar in there so it should do. In which case the drill chucks are unlikely to fit in that, for the tailstock, you may need to wind it out (extend) it a few turns in order for the chuck (and live center in the last pic) to seat properly?
  9. tawa


    The could well be a few tools that go with either, tailstocks often have the same taper as mill/drills so your drill chucks and drill bits could fit both. Quite a few fixtures around for both mills and lathes, can't help much without a few pics of them...
  10. tawa


    Not full time, but I dabble... not Auckland based, but flick up some pics and I can help you out. Also, setup is pretty much everything for machining, unless it's a real basic part, plan to spend 50-75% of your time setting up the job.
  11. Few BMWs hanging out at the nurburgring... The i8 is a very pretty car, but I do wish they put something with a bit more horsepower in it.
  12. That's a fantastic color! but you could probably buy an M3 and repaint it that color, and still have change left over for that price! Dreamer!!
  13. Yeh Dubai ep was exellent. Last weeks Jaaaggggg ep was quite like the top gear of old which was pretty good also.
  14. And taking the piss out of electric cars without any puns, that's just shockingly bad form! RegularCars guy does it better imo https://youtu.be/m-gDhq8VKsQ
  15. Seems interesting how well his use of language aligns with his views, using gay as a derogatory terms immediately marks him as a bit backward, angry, and somewhat uneducated. Reading the article certainly doesn't change that view of him based on his EV views! Not that the EV bloke sounds like much of a winner either...
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