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  1. That's a fantastic color! but you could probably buy an M3 and repaint it that color, and still have change left over for that price! Dreamer!!
  2. tawa

    Grand Tour Season 2

    Yeh Dubai ep was exellent. Last weeks Jaaaggggg ep was quite like the top gear of old which was pretty good also.
  3. And taking the piss out of electric cars without any puns, that's just shockingly bad form! RegularCars guy does it better imo https://youtu.be/m-gDhq8VKsQ
  4. Seems interesting how well his use of language aligns with his views, using gay as a derogatory terms immediately marks him as a bit backward, angry, and somewhat uneducated. Reading the article certainly doesn't change that view of him based on his EV views! Not that the EV bloke sounds like much of a winner either...
  5. That could be of benefit if we go to a more distributed generation and buffered power network. Micro-hydro and wind and even some solar out in that 95% could be buffered by powerwalls or even just cars capable of backfeeding into the network to even out blips in demand from supercharging, depending on how much buffering goes on you could lose all the efficiency gains (viaAC/DC rectumfrying and back again) batts have over hydrogen though. Carbon nano batts could knock Tesla over (though I suspect Elon would pivot to make use of such tech and stay in the game) and knock out hydrogen too. Or other battery chemistry, or supercaps, or even room temp superconductors. I wonder if we'll get to the point where trucking electricity out to remote locations is their most viable source of energy
  6. Don't be so hard on yourself, while the weight issue you brought up was obfuscating, your point about recharge time is not low quality.
  7. I mean, I could macguyver something together if I got a tesla out of it though; all I'd need would be 8 mules, 700ft of 12AWG string, and a bunny in a comical hat More significant is wasting 30-50% of your energy fuel before you can even get it into the car. Does lower mass equal better performance though? Is the Tesla model S outperformed by the Mirai then? I agree the recharge time is an issue. Infrastructure cost is debatable at scale, for now (very small scale) the infrastructure is there to support EVs on our roads, but requires a large cost to support hydrogen vehicles.
  8. Since I lack both, and a weighbridge I just went with their spec'd weight. So include the relatively light 85kg tanks and the relatively light 60kg fuel cell for the hydrogen one to make it an accurate comparison. If you compare the weight of the fuel itself and not the containers it would be 5kg vs 0kg for electrics since charged batts weight no more than empty ones! I'd say the biggest problem is the recharge time, what difference does weight really make? And where do you get the hydrogen from? Fossil fuels (non-sustainable) or from the same electricity you put in batteries, just with far less efficiency; it's faster to refuel and weighs less, but it's a less efficient use of electricity. That's what makes it less viable.
  9. What does the fuel cell and hydrogen tank weigh? Let's at least try to be fair and compare the same factors eh... Curb weight for example, the Mirai is 1850kg to the Tesla's 1961kg, both Luxury 4dr sedans.
  10. You source the electrons from renewable electricity generation, which give you more bang for your buck in batteries than they do in hydrogen fuel cells. The comparison between hydrogen and batteries should not focus on where the electricity comes from since it is the same for each place, but the efficiency is markedly different. That's what makes hydrogen less attractive. Batteries.
  11. 75% on electrolysis init? Or have you got some updated numbers from this decade? Then about the same for electricity generated in a fuel cell. It's viable in the same way the horse and cart is viable, it works but has been superceded by better technology.
  12. When you think about it, fossil fuels are also like a battery, just one which takes thousands of years to trickle charge, and has incredible power density at the expense of an incredibly high internal resistance. Bingo. Not sure the JFM pixie converters are any cheaper or last any longer than current batteries do anyway.
  13. Only due to moving goalposts via technological progression. Batteries are the current best solution in a growing number of use cases. BEVs are objectively a better environmental option compared to ICE cars provided both satisfy the desired use case.
  14. Got bored of that pretentious wanker in the video, does he get to what car he thinks the environmentally conscious should buy? As with anything, money talks, and money spent on electric cars in the belief they are better for the environment just expands the market niche and creates market forces for the development of cars which are unquestionably better for the environment. In addition to secondary market forces on renewable energy supply.
  15. What's with all the electric vehicle hate? sh*t's going to make petrol cheaper if nothing else. Would also be interesting to put a few of the 'evs have no soul/character' types into a tesla for a day and see if the tune changes...