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  1. Nice! You will have to upload some photos when you get them on the car. What tyres are you looking at?
  2. 100% your making the right choice they look soooo sexy. What size wheels did you end up getting?
  3. Cool, Hopefully we get a decent price.
  4. ARC81885ET38HBK
  5. I have a Client Code your more than welcome to use, I might be keen on getting a set as well. Maybe we could try get somewhat of a Group buy going?
  6. Hey Garett, Got an update for us all? Have you done anymore work on the engine?
  7. Yes same box just different bell housings. I have heard of people cutting the front part off then getting the front part of a v8 bell housing (from a auto box) then having it welded on to the rest of the bell housing. They also run plates from the front of the bell housing to the rear so its quite strong. Just an idea!
  8. Pics of manifold? Could be keen!
  9. The fitment of the Fenix radiator its self wasn't to bad. It was more the electric fan and fan shroud that was a real pain in the ass to make fit. If I had my time again I would have just got a z3m radiator (Part Number:17112227281) and then made brackets to mount the fan. In your case I wouldn't worry about the electric fan just keep the clutch fan.
  10. Is that price include shipping GST ect?
  11. I agree with you on the DCT boxes. But there is something about rolling though the gears in a manual, Why not just make manual an option and those of us who want it can have it!
  12. Yeah its a shame, How ever they haven't released the specs on the m5 yet. So there is still hope but highly unlikely I would think
  13. Agreed, Its like a modern take of an old look. I like it very much!
  14. Interesting to see the new 5ers that will be coming out soon. IMO they look a lot better then the f10/11s and god dam that interior looks amazing! And now it's both 1inch shorter and 1inch longer The new kidney grilles look interesting!
  15. I Would go see Glen @ Good guy who knows his stuff!