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  1. The fitment of the Fenix radiator its self wasn't to bad. It was more the electric fan and fan shroud that was a real pain in the ass to make fit. If I had my time again I would have just got a z3m radiator (Part Number:17112227281) and then made brackets to mount the fan. In your case I wouldn't worry about the electric fan just keep the clutch fan.
  2. Is that price include shipping GST ect?
  3. I agree with you on the DCT boxes. But there is something about rolling though the gears in a manual, Why not just make manual an option and those of us who want it can have it!
  4. Yeah its a shame, How ever they haven't released the specs on the m5 yet. So there is still hope but highly unlikely I would think
  5. Agreed, Its like a modern take of an old look. I like it very much!
  6. Interesting to see the new 5ers that will be coming out soon. IMO they look a lot better then the f10/11s and god dam that interior looks amazing! And now it's both 1inch shorter and 1inch longer The new kidney grilles look interesting!
  7. I Would go see Glen @ Good guy who knows his stuff!
  8. 124kw is good for just adding a pod filter : ) Once you have the intake and exhaust on what power are you hoping for? Nice build by the way! : )
  9. It's going to be a rocket ship by the time your done with it. If your making a track car why are you keeping A/C? As for brakes I would go m3 at the front with 400 odd Hp. 😀
  10. Nice project keep the videos coming. What power are you looking to get of it with the supercharger?
  11. Some Pics of the wheels would help, What condition are they in? Do they come with tires? If they do what size and brand are they?
  12. Give Brent from BM World a call. I think he has e46 m3 running gear for sale.
  13. you should come along EVERYONE would love to see this beast you have build. What a car good job man hope to see you tomorrow.
  14. Bump. prices are negotiable 😀
  15. Guibo Sold- Thanks Dave. Also have there wheels for sale. They are 19x8.5 Et18 all round have come off a 5er little curbing on all of them looking for $600, Price is negotiable