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  1. FS: Style 18 Wheels w TOYO R888s

    Hey Guys, For sale is my set of BMW Style 18 wheels with Toyo R888 tyres. Would rather sell all together but happy to sell just the wheels or tyres if you are after one but not the other. Wheel & Tyre info:Fronts: 17x7.5 ET 41 Rears: 17x8.5 ET 41Stud pattern: 5x120 (Fits BMW & Holden) 235/45/17 R888's all round with around 4 mm tread left. $600ono Pick up in Hillsborough or can ship at buyers cost.
  2. Here I was thinking I clicked on a "FOR SALE" post ha! GL with the sale SJ, They would look good on your e46 tho
  3. E46 316Ti to 330ti swap , shopping trolly to track car :)

    YES! Well done Brent!!! Do you think the overflow tank will last with the supercharger sitting right next to it?
  4. N54 rebuild who’s the best?

    from what I have read/seen n54's can reliable make about 600-700hp on a stock engine. As other have said no such thing as a bulletproof engine! that being said if your looking to get one rebuild I would go to www.taylorautomotive.co.nz/
  5. E36 328i Valve Cover

    This should be the right one, 11120034107 ......also its not aluminum its magnesium believe it or not!
  6. Tyre recommendations

    I'm running 225/45/17 in the front with 3 -degrees camber and 0.20 deg total toe in have done about 10,000 km's and looks like i will get other 10,000 km's. The rears on the other hand, well that's other story
  7. Tyre recommendations

    They often have buy 3 get 1 free or buy one get one half price.......
  8. Tyre recommendations

    Best all round tire when it comes to cost/performance/tire-life.
  9. GDM - E36 Drift/Race Project

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how did the dyno day go? I trust the engine is still in one piece?
  10. GDM - E36 Drift/Race Project

    387kw on 98 and 575kw on e85...No matter what the numbers are it will be one hell of a fun car to drive😀. When is Dyno day?
  11. Question on tyre fitment - 135i

    What Wheels are you running? there are a few different types of factory wheels for you car. have a look here and find your ones. http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/ That aside you should be able to 225/40/18 with out any problems I would think as long as your front wheels are 7.5inch or wider. Once you have found out what wheel you have go here(http://www.willtheyfit.com/) and make sure the new tires will work.
  12. GDM - E36 Drift/Race Project

    Next step, BURNOUT TIME! make sure to upload a video! hehehe
  13. E30 325i Turbo 378hp Finally Tuned

    That has to be one of the cleanest engine bays I have seen in a long time! good job man, car looks and sounds amazing with 500nm of torque it would scare me to0! think we need a video of you killing some tires
  14. E36 328I Track Car

    s54 is a amazing engine! but i'm sure your just like me. You will buy the s54 and then still want to put the Extreme on it and push it never harder . if you do want a s54 Pm me I know of one that's just been rebuild and the owner no longer wants it. IMO buy the ecu and push your current engine to the limit without buying cams ect then when you are ready for the s54 you will already have the ECU!