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  1. GorGasm

    The only upgrade that made sense

    Sometimes I regret getting my M5 instead of the one of these I test drove.
  2. GorGasm

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    it's in the pictyure: "halfprice"
  3. GorGasm

    E60 M5 review

    Haven't had much grief with mine in 2 years. Just a diff seal, P/S seal and a coil so far.
  4. GorGasm

    X5 wheels on an E61

    No. You need around +15 front and +25 rear offset.
  5. GorGasm

    X5 wheels on an E61

    The rear would fit, the front is 20mm off.
  6. GorGasm

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    I'm glad you explained it. I thought about it but couldn't be arsed spending the time researching. The other thing to mention is that the N5x has a much friendlier power curve. The ramp rate on a 1000HP 2JZ is ridiculous. That coupe is certainly a nice car.
  7. GorGasm

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    Hah, you make it sound like you can just turn the boost up on a 2JZ and get 1000hp. In reality 1000HP out of a 2JZ, RB26 or N54 is going to be a big, expensive job. The 335i has been a performance deal since 2016, or earlier even. I was looking at low mileage 335i wagons in 2015 for under 30 grand.
  8. GorGasm

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Just got my wheels back from refurb, cost a pretty penny. They're ment to be black shadow chrome but came out mostly black.
  9. GorGasm

    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    I just got my wheels back from WheelFixIt. Good guys and good work done, but not cheap. Price will depend on what you get done.
  10. GorGasm

    M5 / M6 Viable parts car?

    The engine and transmission are the valuable bits. The rest is just e60 junk.
  11. Yeah I don't think it would be worth it. Sell the 318 and buy some mods for the 135i.
  12. GorGasm

    E60 M5 6pd manual. i want one !!!

    Id agree with that. You would probably just leave it SMG after driving it. If you stick shift the SMG it is very close to manual in feel.
  13. GorGasm

    E60 M5 6pd manual. i want one !!!

    Yeah im thinking the same, the SMG is pretty good when you are giving it the herbs. Both SMG and manual are a bit of a drag the rest of the time. just
  14. GorGasm

    E60 M5

    Yep, it'll hit 25 in a real crawl. Even my old E55 was better I think. It's a shame as technology really took off in the following years with DI, stop start and deactivation to allow for decent fuel economy out the high performance engines. I'm looking at the new 4.0 TT Audi S6 which has 9.6l/100 combined :o.
  15. GorGasm

    E60 M5

    Grey Lynn. I drop it in and catch the train home. They are pretty good there, just busy, which can mean the service is a little rushed or impersonal some times. Still better than the plastic fantastic that is Auckland City BMW. Urgh. Edit: got my car back, it was just a coil in the end. I must have mixed up my cylinder numbers when swapping over to test. Oh well, fixed now.
  16. GorGasm

    E60 M5

    I take mine to BM Workshop. They are reasonable, but rather busy. Probably about 600 for a service as it takes 9L of fairy princess oil. Fuel economy is terrible. I get 5.0km/l if I use it on my daily commute from Ranui to CBD. On the open road it gets to about 7.2 which I can live with. Sadly my 535i uses literally half the amount of fuel. Downshifting I think it's optimal to just let the trans downshift itself when coming to a stop. Cheers, LR
  17. GorGasm

    E60 M5

    Nice one. Do you get much drone? Mine is miss firing on a cylinder. Suspect it's an injector fault but waiting to hear back. Could be Keen on the 2nd December meeting up.
  18. GorGasm


    That doesn't mean they are better. My Jap import cars have ALWAYS been in better condition than the comparative NZ new vehicle. I'm not saying this is the rule, but for the cars I have had it's been true. My 130i, E500, E55 and M5 all had absolutely no marks on them whatsoever, it's as if the Japanese owners had them running on blocks in their garage to get the mileage up or something. A lot of them also appeared to have service history.
  19. GorGasm

    E60 M5

    Go with the muffler delete and work from there. I got straight through mufflers fitted but I think no mufflers is probably better as the mufflers seem to have a bit of rasp and a bit of drone. When I get mine back I am going to get the secondary cat's deleted to see how that goes. "Performance" exhausts cost a few grand, which is about 10% of the value of the car, not worth it in my books.
  20. GorGasm

    E60 M5

    Delete the mufflers or get some straight through ones fitted. Cost you up to a grand.
  21. GorGasm

    Where do people buy their tyres? (Wellington)

    Beaurepaires also has sport Maxx 050+ on special for about $1000 the same size.
  22. GorGasm

    Where do people buy their tyres? (Wellington)

    I just got 225 40 18 and 255 35 18 roadstone eurovis 04 from hyper for $800. Buy 3 1 free. Don't shy away from the brand they are actually quite good. Decent grip and quiet.
  23. GorGasm

    $1 reserve 130

    I hope he does, he's the best thing to happen to America for quite some time.
  24. GorGasm

    $1 reserve 130

    When my wife was driving mine it was on 9.8km/l city driving. Now that I am driving and stuck in peak it's down to 8km/l. I reckon 8-12km/l is the range, and I have no issues with consumption. Driftit you can give mine a blat when you are back. Also the M5 is a bit noisy now :). As a daily I'd prefer a 530i.
  25. GorGasm

    $1 reserve 130

    Yeah ours is a good little car. Had it for 60ks now with very little drama. Brisk performance, engine sounds good, trans is good, handling is good. Suspension is too hard and steering is too heavy. Seat bases are too narrow and It's a bit small for anything other than basic commuting. I'd probably prefer something else to daily but @ 82k on the clock now and with no issues it's not worth changing.