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  1. Thanks William interesting you suggest that I won.t have clearance issues with a 654mm height tyre when the tyre guy with his online programme thought it would be with 205/55 and 632mm. other than fitting up different tyres any suggestions how I can physically check this? I’ve been thinking.. I’ve got some spring compressors could I compress the springs to the bump-stop then measure off the ground to top of wheelwell or some other way?
  2. Advice please. I have got myself some 16” Alpina replicas staggered 7”&8” for my 1988 320i. . Suspension setup is Bilstein shocks and springs all round so sits a little lower than standard. Trolling the internet it appeared that 205x55 and 225x50 rubber was the way to go for a B3 setup, but the ‘Michelin Man’ told me the 55’s may be to tall so go 50 on front and rear (as 225x45 options appear to be limited for the rear). Of course this means the rears will be 20mm taller. Does this matter? I was looking at Michelin PS3 ( for fast road occasional track day) as I have PS4 on the B5 and like them. Any other options members can suggest/recommend?
  3. I thought about following it but assumed it was going to yours and it had been a long day..
  4. Spotted on Southern Motorway heading south today. Got off at Papakura.. wonder where it is headed..
  5. Hi Will do you have a FL dash no cracks? interior door handle surround? rr tail light with good seal? Any 16" alloys?
  6. Hi I'm after a set of Alpina 16" 4x100 wheels. Prefer staggered 7j & 8j but will consider WHY Will also consider Oz Alpina replicas.
  7. Reckon you should get the Mother Theresa award 👍
  8. Tasty.. if only I had a car to put it in lol
  9. 16 owners! Last one repo and you have to wonder what the service history is like.
  10. Thanks Allan maybe something like this ? Not too far from you! Given it's milage more a driver than collectable? I was looking for a manual but I guess with the right manual box, shaft and LSD it would make a good project..
  11. Right they shaved quite a bit of weight off with that facelift plus they went to the M88 engine? How often do you see or get a "dog leg box" in?
  12. This has been sitting in storage for 17 years. Has rust rear left inner guard tower and outer front wing (prob inner too?). What do you think?
  13. Yes would like to see a photo. I understood there was one around Auckland wasn't sure what colour. cheers
  14. Thanks Pete Uses the 4.4L hand built by Alpina with some of their internals and with their sc feeding it.
  15. Yeah dealer in Auckland was selling it black on black if I recall. When i brought mine the Alpina register had one other in NZ now there are 4! At this rate will be setting up an NZ register lol