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  1. Yes would like to see a photo. I understood there was one around Auckland wasn't sure what colour. cheers
  2. Thanks Pete Uses the 4.4L hand built by Alpina with some of their internals and with their sc feeding it.
  3. Yeah dealer in Auckland was selling it black on black if I recall. When i brought mine the Alpina register had one other in NZ now there are 4! At this rate will be setting up an NZ register lol
  4. Yes saw this and has the black interior. I believe this is the 4th into the country? With only 88k on the clock and a full service history it may be a good buy.
  5. Great seats looks like Alpina stripes where'd you find them? Know what they're out of?
  6. A bit like when you take that international flight sitting on the runway and then the pilot floors it on take-off... just a smooth, seamless rush of speed and then you realise you're flying lol
  7. Hey Nathan, Yes I was reading the comments as I was thinking about buying the B5. The different points of view was very entertaining You know the M5 had always been the epitome of motoring for me and I drove a lot of M5's before the B5 particularly, as you indicated it's rarity particularly in NZ. I believe there are or soon to be 4 here. And to be fair I would be driving an immaculate Blue E39 M5 or Black E61 M5 now if I'd had my ducks in a row at the time or it hadn't sold by the time I got there thankfully, as I hadn't driven the B5 by that stage. The sound of the V10 on song and on the edge is hard to beat but IMO unless you're going hard it would be hard to live with particularly the SMG around town, at least and based on the 10 odd M5's I drove. The E39 M5 also sounds great and a excellent drive but when I drove the B5 with all the power of the E61 M5 plus the extra torque, good handling and the Alpina conversion sold me. Having said that I was very wary of issues with the supercharger and the failures I had read about overseas. That the importance of using the right grade and type of oil at the prescribed service intervals is critical. Given the complete service history and work that had been carried out during it's life together with my mechanic saying inside the engine looked like new and the car had been well cared it was an easy decision and one I am very much enjoying. It has an easy life just occasional weekends and long trips. cheers ps. sorry I'm a noobie and forgot to quote ya
  8. Hi All I brought a Japanese import Alpina B5 December last year. So much power 368kw and torque 700nm, yet handles well, is flexible around town, understated. Had 130k's on the clock but a full service history (albeit in Japanese). To date and touch wood, no problems other a parking light failure and upgrading halos to LED. Back in the day I owned' and sometimes raced' a 2002Tii. I got a lot of enjoyment out of maintaining and rebuilding the engine some 25 years ago and would like to find me a pre-1990 project car. Looking forward to reading the forums following what's been done, tips and tricks. cheers Vincent