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  1. Secniv

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    I have a spare connector in the vicinity (front passenger side right) but no sensor. Haynes manual a little unclear but doesn’t the (M20 anyways) use the blue temp sensor feed data to ecu to determine fueling? Spent the evening replacing vacuum lines (they looked original) see how it goes tomorrow otherwise plan b.
  2. Secniv

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    Thanks for that. Yeah I plan to ohms test temp sensors as it does cough and hesitate when cold as well. I've seen Youtube set-ups for smoke test using glass jar/soldering iron/mineral oil bike pump and tubes. Is this what you used? I was thinking I could use incense sticks in the jar instead of iron and oil?
  3. Secniv

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    You figure what was going on with the lumpy idle? I'm trying to track down similar issue on the m20b25. Going to try replacing vacuum lines and if needs be set up a smoke test or could it be fuelling do you think?
  4. Secniv

    Alignment issues

    As long as there isn’t anything badly bent or broken I don’t see why not. Is this for the vert?
  5. Secniv

    Alignment issues

    So in the end.. Rear: I replaced OEM bushes with aftermarket eccentric hardware with poly bushes. Front left strut was 4mm out with no cracks but concern around straightening and weakening it. Finding a straight 51mm replacement was going to be hit and miss and expensive so went with adjustable camber plates. With a specialist alignment from Avanced Wheel Alignments in Napier it now handles like it should
  6. Secniv

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Yup fugly! Still Walter had one and he was pretty cool in the end.
  7. Secniv

    new e30 owner auckland

    Welcome. I have had my E30 for a year now and enjoyed fixing\replacing all those little things like seals, bushes along with bigger aesthetic and performance mods. Truely is a (costly) labour of love 😀👍
  8. Secniv

    1986 M635csi

    Followed this on TM trying to figure how I could fit it in the garage (need a hoist lol). Glad it went to someone who appreciates it and looks great in white. Enjoy
  9. Secniv

    WTB Bosch Fuel Injectors

    After Bosch injectors 19lb (200cc) orange EV1 prefer gen 3 4 pintle (Bosch #0280155746) x6
  10. Secniv

    Alignment issues

    I’d like to do it right so wielding in rear adjustable plates would be the solution. Which ones did you use? The IE Posi-locks look the best but $US230+shipping. With the new front strut mounts and spring pads I no longer bottom out. I measured ctc on the towers and is spot on at 1002mm so no deformation. I measured struts spring perch to hub centre RH was 37.8mm and LH was 37.4mm which corresponds to the diff in ride height. Subframe ball joint to strut ball joint were same. Do you think 4mm would make a 2.5deg diff in camber? Have I missed anything? cheers
  11. Secniv

    Alignment issues

    Cheers Jared and good to know re your experience. i did have a horrible thought I installed the trailing arm bushes around the wrong way but I double checked and the collars of the bushes are all outboard of the arms. Wheels all torqued up.tyres idk but feel ok and the car does handle nicely in the twisty stuff. Like you say there’s no way around it other if it’s age the rear adjustable kits are the way to go or take a gamble on other 2nd hand arms being straight? I found online that factory spec between the front towers centre to centre is 1002.2mm +/-2mm. I’ll check this and should tell me re distortion yes? Strangely left front ride height is 5mm higher than right front (I checked air pressures the same). Would a strut brace help straitened up things or should I just go to adjustable camber plates?
  12. Negative rear toe: I rebuilt the rear end on the E30 with new OEM trailing arm bushes, poly sub-frame and diff bushes. I also added a whiteline 16mm sway bar. It already sits on Bilstein shocks and springs lowered 30mm, although I’ve used additional 5mm spring pads to help clear the 16” wheels. So I took it in for wheel alignment and I have negative toe 3.5mm LH and 5mm RH. Excessive front LH camber: To complicate things there was excessive camber up front and regularly bottoming out. Thicker spring pads, new strut mounts and control arm bushes has sorted out the RH but LH is still a problem. I had a good look but nothing appears to be bent and shut lines and panels look straight.. Is it possible that the shaft in the shock is running untrue and needs rebuilding? Or any other ideas on what be going on? Comments and advice appreciated.
  13. Secniv

    Bottle caps and tyres

    E30 4x100 14” Bottle caps with 195/65R16 Supercats with bolts Good condition wheels near new tyres $240 or will consider swaps for rear parcel shelf speakers
  14. Update i purchased a 16mm whiteline rear arb and installed it with a pair of E30 OEM links with the whiteline polyurethane hanger bushes. Took it for a spin on some of our great Waikato roads this afternoon. Along with the other improvements I made ie. new OEM trailing arms bushes and AKG polyurethane subframe mount bushes what was good handling just got great with nice flat handling through the corner and with stiffer links up front turn in feels better as well. Still a track day would be the best place to really test it.
  15. Secniv

    New BMW owner in Hamilton

    Welcome.. also from the tron a recently acquired an E30