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  1. Secniv

    Bottle caps and tyres

    E30 4x100 14” Bottle caps with 195/65R16 Supercats with bolts Good condition wheels near new tyres $240 or will consider swaps for rear parcel shelf speakers
  2. Update i purchased a 16mm whiteline rear arb and installed it with a pair of E30 OEM links with the whiteline polyurethane hanger bushes. Took it for a spin on some of our great Waikato roads this afternoon. Along with the other improvements I made ie. new OEM trailing arms bushes and AKG polyurethane subframe mount bushes what was good handling just got great with nice flat handling through the corner and with stiffer links up front turn in feels better as well. Still a track day would be the best place to really test it.
  3. Secniv

    New BMW owner in Hamilton

    Welcome.. also from the tron a recently acquired an E30
  4. Secniv

    New-ish member in the 'Tron

    Welcome also from the tron
  5. This discussion has been very helpful thanks guys. With a slightly larger diameter than stock rear sway bar turning attention to the front my thinking is to keep the stock 20mm ARB and use some stiffer new links ie. from a Mondeo wagon 2001-07, a E30 Zone upgrade recommendation "These units are rose-jointed, giving a firmer, stronger hold over your anti-roll bar". they are Lemforder manufactured so I don't feel so bad about putting them on lol. Thoughts?
  6. According to the whiteline website the link is 100mm in length the same length as the E30 link. Did you just bolt up or something else eg. washer (steel or nylon) in order for the bush to bar connection to function in the manner it is designed to?
  7. That’s a very interesting point re the rounded whiteline link concentrating the load narrowly as opposed to the OEM part enclosing the bush. Point 2: Would positioning the link on the other side of the bar so it was vertical equal improved functioning of the bar?
  8. That looks like a great setup Jacko and the trailing arm tab appears to be in good shape too. I expect is 16mm? The length looks similar to the Z3. But AUD$330 for just the rear these days
  9. Unfortunately it is more like AUD$600+ now checking through BNT and the Whiteline website http://www.whiteline.com.au/do_segue4.php?make=BMW&model=3+SERIES&model_final=3+SERIES+E30&vehicle=5%2F1983-3%2F1991
  10. Thanks for the reply Andrew. I assume it works for the Z3 (I've never driven a Z3 to be fair)? And would the shorter Z3 links offset the longer arms? Plus the sway bar links for the E30 are a lot longer and thinner than the shorter thicker ones for the Z3.
  11. Help/advice please. Has anyone attempted to fit a bmw oe non-e30 ie Ti or Z3 rear sway bar to an E30? I’m in the process of replacing subframe and trailing arm bushes and discovered there is no sway bar (strangely given a PO went to the expense/trouble of upgrading to bilstein springs and shocks). Anyhow I was after a bar a stiffer than 12mm and more M3esk 14.5mm (going to aftermarket 16mm I expect will mean reinforcing the trailing arm tabs and stiffening up the front to compensate as well as a lot more cost). Issue 1 - So I’ve got on trial a z3 1.9 14mm bar. Brackets fit no problems but the kink in the back of the bar doesn’t line up with the diff hanger and bar fouls the pressed crease in the hanger. Have tried fitting both ways but fouling is only worse. I could ‘modify’ the hanger (hammer/grinder) but I expect this may compromise the stiffness/integrity of the hanger. Issue 2 - note also that the arms of the z3 bar are longer than an e30 but the links are shorter which compensates? Until I have the car back on it’s wheels I won’t really know if this will be a problem. Thanks in advance
  12. I’ve upgraded and these are are barely used if anyone is interested. Could be interested in swaps(+/- cash) for other E30s bits eg. premium rear speakers, rear sway bar or temp me, Were on the car when I brought it so don’t know what make they are but chap I brought it off was in the trade and looked after the car very well so expect they are good quality. https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/brakes/auction-1590434799.htm
  13. Secniv

    WTB E30 rear sway bar

    After a rear sway bar and brackets for da30. Prefer 14.5 but will consider 12 or aftermarket 16.
  14. Secniv

    Alpina B5 for sale down South

    I have one of these in Alpina blue (check my earlier post) and enjoy it immensely for its understated looks and phenomenal performance. Yes it is more GT than “race car” like M5. Having test driven a number of E60 M5s I certainly prefer the Alpina spec’d sport auto over the smg unit. FYI Alpina hand rebuild the motor using up spec internals as well as there own designed supercharger. From what I have read and carry out is that regular oil and filter changes using specified oil will help prevent premature supercharger bearing failure a noted issue. As quoted from evo.co.uk “The Alpina comes with a heavily revised version of the Valvetronic 4.4-litre V8 you might might once have found in a cooking 545i. But once Alpina has had its wicked way with it in its fabulous engine shop, the V8 ends up completely re-built, sporting a very special, super-efficient supercharger strapped to one side and an enormous intercooler sandwiched between water and air conditioning radiators in the nose. The addition of the blower results in the aforementioned wedge of power combined with a massive 516lb ft of torque. That's an extraordinary 133lb ft more than the M5 can muster and it's developed at a user-friendly 4250rpm rather than the giddy 6100rpm of the M5's short-stroke V10. And it's that chunky torque figure that makes this new Alpina B5 redefine our super-saloon expectations.”
  15. Secniv

    1989 E30 320iA parts car

    Hey Brent I’m after lower dashboard (below steering column and above pedals) if you have it?