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  1. Mine got sold in Chch. LPINA plate.
  2. Secniv

    FS: R53 Cooper S

    I swear there’s so many time wasters with too much time on their hands trolling TMe ?
  3. Thanks to those all that posted comments. I was thinking that few were going to be ballsy enough to put a price on it and it's great to get plenty of constructive feedback. I'll be listing it today, and not be greedy (imo) about it, at below valuation leaving some in it for the next owner (hopefully a forum member). Being a child of the 60's with my car consciousness developing from the 70's I like to follow sales of the cars from that era onwards and continues to surprise me the prices these cars are fetching\asking. However, at the end of the day I'm not in it for just the money, although it allows me to feed my obsession and buy the next icon, as I just like working on them too hence keeping the E30 (for now at least ).
  4. Absolutely have made the request. Thanks for the heads up on that @leichtbau
  5. Ha you sound like my wife. Imho I believe it’s about the car. Having said that I’d struggle buying beige.
  6. Appraisal arrived BMW E36 M3 Appraisal 160920.pdf
  7. Thanks. Will still keep a foot in the BMW world with the E30.
  8. Yeah I blew the budget somewhat ?
  9. Garage queen.. 245k.. having said that it has had the wheels off a lot!
  10. Some of you may have been following my progress on the E36 M3 here.. It’s had a lot of attention over the past 2 years on top of good bones and attention by previous owners. However it needs to make way for my latest purchase a 911. Mark from Classic Car Valuations will be providing me a valuation but I’m keen to get your thoughts.
  11. Checked and re-torqued under load.. only to finally trace it to a loose exhaust bracket (next to the gearbox). Don’t recall loosening this myself so suspect the guys who welded the bungs in for the pre-cat O2 sensors ? Car is driving very well and warm-up is a lot smoother with little/no hesitation.
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