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  1. I just tried to upload a panorama pic from this weekend's road trip but no-go. I thought it was because it was too large, but maybe not?
  2. Dan's 535 is a real looker. Loved the exhaust note on Toby's E30 too!
  3. I took a couple of panoramas from the suspension bridge, but they won't upload here. What a great trip! Checked out the British Car Museum on Sunday morning which was an interesting trip down memory lane.
  4. As far as a bang-for-your-buck affordable classic goes I can't see how you could really go wrong.
  5. 2002s are awesome. I check in every week to see what Jay is up to.
  6. I find them quite effective for discouraging tailgaters They must be punished.
  7. Hi all, not my car but I thought someone out there might be interested in this manual E39. Enjoy
  8. If the pump is still working it may just be that the nozzles are gunged up...
  9. New window washer pump in my E39 Touring in preparation for the 27th.
  10. Yeah, the price is not bad but the shipping kills it. I wonder if there other models which might be compatible or modifiable?
  11. Also check out Schmiedmann in Denmark. Shipping might be pretty hefty, although no VAT as they would be exporting: https://www.schmiedmann.com/en/five-speed-transmission-pg186-catu-oa
  12. Thanks Ray, sounds like I can access everything I need.
  13. That's awesome, thanks Brent - I'll start collecting the E-39-specific parts while I'm on the lookout for a manual parts car with one of the engines you listed above. Cheers.
  14. Thanks guys, so 328 (i assume E46? How about E36?) Any other models that might bolt pretty-much straight on? Z3? 330? Cheers..
  15. Thanks Charl - yes, I'll look forward to enjoying it as much as you do!