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  1. balancerider

    E30 M3

    Not many of these pop up. Might consider with a spare 130k. This dealer imports some interesting stuff from Japan. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1777805317.htm?rsqid=eefb8233dc364dd681df8922da2ce5fb
  2. balancerider

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    also intrigued. looks like the most recent plate on the black M4 was 'TSWP' - not sure if this means anything to someone? proceeds of crime act??
  3. balancerider

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    VINs suggest cars are AU/NZ market version (Area code 4 / Oceania radio control). Could they be track / M festival vehicles? Still seems odd, that CS is a unicorn...
  4. balancerider

    F31 Towbar installation Welly

  5. balancerider

    F31 Towbar installation Welly

    Can anyone suggest a reputable independent mechanic to install a BMW OEM towbar on F31 touring? Even better if they can code it / install electrics - but guessing I might have to go to the main dealer for that?
  6. balancerider


    very nice colour combination, the top of the line Japanese cars are well specced as standard, adaptive LED headlights a useful inclusion... please take off the Japanese plate supports when you get a chance though!
  7. balancerider

    UK import

    1. Easy to change the odometer to km (idrive setting). It's possible to change the speedo dial to display km only (UK is mph large / kph small) relatively inexpensively. Alternatively the newest / highest spec f10's have electronic dials. A new kombi (speedo) unit is expensive! 2. radio should work straight away on NZ frequencies. 3. should essentially just require a new (NZ) map to suit whatever idrive generation you have.
  8. balancerider

    Removing adhesive from paintwork?

    just an update. WD40 citrus degreaser works much better than anything else I tried...
  9. balancerider

    retrofit 6WA cluster to F3x

    Anyone done this? Mine comes with the basic (UK) cluster although speedo dials have been changed to kmh. You may have previously seen my complaint about my cruise control speed still being in mph though. If it's not exorbitantly expensive i'd consider changing to the below model...
  10. balancerider

    F30 320i

    You can check the vin on a decoder eg bimmer.work, the seller should be able to give you the VIN
  11. balancerider

    F31 335d Xdrive

    previous ride was a 320i e91
  12. balancerider

    F31 335d Xdrive

    Not terribly clean in this pic. Not many modifications planned - towbar and a bit of coding? Don't want to lower it despite the massively tall x-drive suspension, it barely clears my driveway as it is...
  13. balancerider

    F30 320i

    The sport line and m-sport have the red line on the tacho / speedo. Luxury / Modern / SE don't.
  14. balancerider

    A note on BMW Apps SA6NR

    Looks from googling as though it is difficult / impossible without removing / dissasembling the Kombi unit. Mine just has new gauge scales rather than a whole new unit, the 6WB head unit does appeal but not really wanting to pay $2k for a new one.
  15. balancerider

    A note on BMW Apps SA6NR

    On a vaguely related note, are you aware if it is possible to code the cruise control to display speed in Kph instead of mph (as my UK import does now) - my speedo has been converted to a kph only version but it’s a small bugbear of mine