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  1. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2162609370.htm
  2. Nope - just spotted while browsing
  3. This may be of interest https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2162542048.htm?rsqid=f725c5286f0248d7b526c22803421e5c-004
  4. @Jacko - E91 330i's are not easy to find, as they're NZ new or UK import only.
  5. All the NZ new 330xd's came with adaptive headlights and pro nav. I think there were a few pre-production non xdrives with halogens / otherwise low spec. The sports seats and M sport wheel are definitely nicer. I think the black NZ new F31 330xd in Chch is a better bet
  6. I would say the price is fair given the spec is so poor on that one (halogen headlights on an 80k NZD car wtf) This for me is the best VFM F31 atm. Great spec and NZ new https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2157020647.htm?rsqid=ec9605f13abd481eac91d1f1603c7b01-002
  7. 330d/335d are probably overkill for your needs if you have an M3 - though N57 is a nice motor. In gear performance from the 320d is absolutely fine for DD use. B47 (in LCI F3x) possibly slightly less trouble from a timing chain perspective than the N47 in the pre-LCI. I didn't think the 320i/328i were anything special when I test drove them.
  8. A Daytona Violet E34 M5 (?plate - KALAYA) in Whitby today. Sounded nice!
  9. the below news is upsetting...
  10. Looks like you'll be aiming for avg fuel consumption of 20L/100k with that fleet!
  11. Looks reasonable (given crap photos), decent warrant history although wheels definitely need changing and no clear reason why it's had 4 different plates (doesn't appear to have been re-registered though). Nice spec with F+R PDC, xenons, bluetooth and m-sport.
  12. pretty cool although it looks rather involved for those of us without an electronics background! next project replace the kombi for a kph only one?
  13. No jap import LCI 330i's (in either body style) so would have to be from the UK.
  14. I would guess that will be slim pickings. Probably <15 LCI ones with N55 sold NZ New and not all of those would be m-sport. there's one non-M 2011 jap import on TM.
  15. Another reason for spec'ing the cheaper alcantara instead of leather is because the (F3x at least) japanese cars often have other expensive spec choices as standard (xenon lights, frequently adaptive cruise, big screen nav) so presumably some measure of cost saving involved. I have read that in general the japanese don't like leather seats, to the point where the JDM limo's (e.g Toyota Crown) come with wool or velour interior instead.
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