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  1. balancerider

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Just take them off. Standard NZ plates shouldn't need any holes drilled to fit when the jap plate holders are off. If the 335i f31 was more readily available I'm sure I would have gone for that in preference to the diesel.
  2. balancerider

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Class. Just needs the japanese plate holders off.
  3. balancerider

    New Wellington Memeber

    Lovely looking car. Spotting more and more F31's around Welly these days.
  4. New-ish member here, onto my third BMW wagon, this one is a significant step up in performance from my previous E46 318i and E91 320i - loving the 6 cylinder, diesel a bit rough sounding at low speeds but goes like the proverbial when you put your foot down in sport.
  5. balancerider

    idrive service history on F30

    Update - took car back to CJBMW, they had to put the key back in the key reader. Now service history is displayed. Jon - my car is ex-UK, there's only one service on there, no electronic record of PDI.
  6. balancerider

    idrive service history on F30

    Just a query about the idrive service history on F3x 3 series models - some of the imports (Jap / UK) I looked at had service history available as a submenu option: vehicle information > vehicle status > service requirements > service history. (although I've heard this option isn't there until the car's first service) My F31 had its first service at Coombes Johnston on Saturday - all relevant intervals now reset, but no sign of the 'service history' menu option. Can anyone with a late model F30 tell me whether this is normal for NZ new cars?
  7. Many thanks - it's off to Coombes Johnston for a service shortly so I will ask them then.
  8. Sorry to dredge up an old post. I am in the same situation (imported F31 from UK, now with kph speedo / nz maps) - wondering whether it is possible to get connecteddrive working here?
  9. balancerider

    E91 Climate Control Unit

    First post - looking for a little bit of help with my E91 climate control unit, has completely stopped working - no lights, no aircon / heater. Went to SD european who swapped it out for one of their second hand spares (which worked fine - looked like slightly newer model with silver rings around dial vs my all black one). However they want $495 + GST for it. If I purchase one with same part number as my (presumably) dead unit off e.g ebay should it be plug and play compatible without any coding required? Thanks in advance