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  1. Price appears to be comparable to Audi RS4 / a bit cheaper than the C63 estate, it doesn't have the 'average punter' appeal of those two but some of us like that. Hope you're right about the S58...
  2. Is the S58 confirmed @E30 325i Rag-Top? I wondered if they might have bolted an extra turbo on the B58 in their usual way. It's an easy sell over the M340i if it indeed has an S58. Also interesting that this car is running the M-sport body kit, previous generations have had the standard / sport line body.
  3. Never 2 without 3 eh Pete? Hope it's nothing serious...
  4. Given that BMW won't make an M3 Touring (but seems happy to build a worse riding and less practical SUV version, and thinks that wagon buyers will cross shop to an SUV), I think my next (and likely last non-electric) car will be one of these - in Alpina blue. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/frankfurt-motor-show/alpinas-455bhp-b3-touring-m3-wagon-bmw-wont-make
  5. Classic M3 with nice grey / tan leather colour combo!
  6. Remember these were my dream car when I was about 6 years old living in the UK, there was a crimson one in the carpark at Dad's work.
  7. Z4 m40i looks better IRL than in pics, esp in silver
  8. Not sure if you sorted this. May be worth asking whether the drawbar is included with this one - has the towbar mount and electrics? (NZ new E91 335i) https://www.sdeuropean.co.nz/dismantling-part/2006-bmw-335i-2
  9. Nice one. Yep the spec can be lower, though there are some dealer and ex-lease cars which are fully stacked as well.
  10. I used European Car Imports (highly recommended, will be able to get the exact spec you want) - purchased November 2017 (it's a 2016) I'd certainly be surprised if there was significant corrosion on a 2019 model but worth getting an inspection prior to purchase if you're concerned. My impression is the 'all UK imports have rust' story is about as reliable as 'all Jap imports are in bad condition with wound back odometers' - I've seen plenty of rough NZ new cars and mint imports so caveat emptor.
  11. S508A park distance control is quite handy (although pretty unusual on Jap imports of that age)
  12. I've been happy with my UK imported F31 335d Xdrive - mainly brought it in as the NZ operation didn't offer anything better than a 330d tourer at the time (and they were selling for 30k more than I bought mine for). If the car is near new the odds of significant salt exposure (-> corrosion) are minimal. The warranty has improved on the NZ new ones since I bought mine which is quite a nice selling point. The service is a bit of a red herring IMO as you'll get one oil/filter change and one brake fluid change in 3 years unless you're doing mega KM, so total value $4-500. Let me know if you have other questions.
  13. Frozen black F90 M5 with ceramic brakes - probably not the colour I'd choose but it's got presence...
  14. worth bearing in mind that the UK Westfalia bars have a 50mm ball rather than the 1 7/8" that the BMW NZ ones have if you go that way
  15. Talk to SD European in Hamilton - best bet is an NZ new BMW e90/91 with factory bar (think they are a westfalia model). Bar is the same for wagon and sedan.
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