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  1. @E30 325i Rag-Top I'd given up hope and was going to order a G21 Alpina B3 Touring! Can't believe it but very happy...
  2. Extremely happy to eat a large serving of crow on this one
  3. Japanese plate holders and odometer with combined mph/kph scales are the two big giveaways
  4. 10 owners / 9 plates - happy to see someone giving it some love...
  5. Seems clear that the fast wagon market will be Alpina only going forward because BMW would rather you purchase this...🤮
  6. Seems reminiscent of my recent experience, Winger having ordered the wrong part. One reason I wish I still lived in Hamilton...🤣
  7. Pretty sure backing sensors and reverse camera weren't standard on these 🤔 Nice looking car nonetheless, GLWS
  8. GLWS - what's the replacement?
  9. Washed the car for first time in several months! (Was relying on Winger doing it when it went in for EGR cooler recall but wrong part ordered -> no clean car)
  10. and it's a wagon 🤗
  11. Carjam will only show WOF details up to last change of ownership unless you pay for a report
  12. So my EGR cooler replacement has been re-delayed because the wrong part was ordered... Oh well, got to do my commute yesterday in a Mini Cooper S instead
  13. not sure I'd want a car with an odometer graph like this
  14. 3/4 ain't bad...(red E87 notwithstanding). The blue one is a manual, maybe the only one in NZ?
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