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  1. M54 transplant? A manual e36 touring as a great starting point for a project
  2. Not a BMW but a rather tasty wagon nonetheless
  3. It’s all give and take with the specs, JDM 3 series rarely have leather interior (at least in m sport) but always big screen nav and good headlights. GB market cars always have manual seats but leather standard and alcantara an option, the alarm makes their insurance premiums cheaper so it’s standard fit. NZ new cars have almost everything - hence why they’re expensive!
  4. yep definitely the co.nz configurator
  5. I see the G21 has made it onto the BMW NZ configurator now - interesting that both models are diesel and xdrive (presumably that was where most of the f31 sales were as well). Electric tailgate now an extra cost option though!
  6. I imagine those roads out the back of Whangarei are ideal for seeing what it can do!
  7. a rather menacing looking F80 M3 - had aftermarket yellow Brembo brakes.
  8. Are you wanting runflats? If so - the Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 3's are probably best. If not Michelin PS4S
  9. The stop-start won’t run if the engine is cold or there is high electrical drain (aircon on etc), but often suggests a battery on the way out (or disabled by previous owner) if it never works. CTek chargers have a good reputation
  10. mdecoder is usually spot on, some of the pre-production cars (which are generally only sold in NZ) have extra or odd options not specified
  11. Heading in the right direction - next step, take off the Jap plate supports!
  12. Personally I'd rather have the E39 as well. (or maybe an E34 touring)
  13. These aren't near the bottom of their depreciation curve yet. E39's definitely on the way back up, bork potential from the V8 probably less as well. I wonder if the fact there seem to be very few Japanese imported E39 M5's (as compared to the majority of E60's being from Japan) is a contributor.
  14. phew - NZ new 525ix, can't be many of those left! good colour too.
  15. is that a problem? much better selection of diesel wagons there than NZ new, BMW NZ I believe only sold the 530d wagon until 2013 anyway
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