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  1. You might want to hand back your petrolhead credentials preferring a turbo 4 to an NA inline 6...
  2. Current gen runflats (eg. Bridgestone S001) are a couple of orders of magnitude less harsh than my previous car (Bridgestone RE050) - I'm sure the tire tech has improved in the last 10 yrs
  3. Nice looking colour combo - might be nicer on OEM wheels but could be a good buy. Wonder whether it might be slightly under-engined with the 2L. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2628923879?bof=iYopQFZF
  4. @Gaz fully agree - the market for 'high k's' F10 M5's is small in a normal economic situation and miniscule at present, thinking there's a high chance this'll end up $1 reserve or fixed
  5. 50mm Westfalia detachable ball head to suit F30/F31 - I suspect suits a bunch of other models too. Comes with keys. Happy to send anywhere or collection in Wellington
  6. For sure they are battling - my item was 'redirected' then 'delayed' after 12 days, then randomly showed up at the original address 🤷‍♂️
  7. Yours @Mikan? I thought it might have been a Bimmersporter's (well looked after!) - @qube used to be yours?
  8. Vertical load on the one that's on there atm is 75kg.
  9. If it's the standard Westfalia detachable you can buy a tongue type bar with swappable 50mm + 1 7/8" ball with a flat surface to mount a bike rack on. I've just bought one from Coombes Johnston
  10. N57 generally reviewed as being sound (much better than the 4 cyl N47) although some reports of broken timing chains on the 6's as well. RUC's are $72/1000k now.
  11. 3 series sedans are SA. Wagons have always been ex-Germany as far as I'm aware
  12. My understanding is that non-UK RHD sedans have been sourced from SA since E36 series. Seems like you're correct about the N signifier on the VIN as well.
  13. looking good - whiter bulbs might be the only thing I'd change?
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