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  1. It's still on the correct Michelins with decent tread and has 2 keys so the service history may be ok?
  2. purchased off a dealer? i'd take it back to them. CGA is your friend in this instance...
  3. Very nice review thanks @TermiPeteNZ. I agree with a lot of your points. I've turned stop/start off in mine, the torque is just awesome (mine's a diesel) and I honestly don't think I'd need more performance. I'd have loved a 340i touring (mainly for the sound and quicker to warm up) but it wasn't worth an extra 20k!
  4. looking at the VIN decodes for the first few 320d's to arrive here (dealer demos admittedly).
  5. There are very few Alpina's here as only ever second hand imported (apart from a single black B7 sedan brought in by BMW NZ). There's an F10 D5 and an E39 B10 V8 on tardme atm.
  6. They copy-paste the same thing for all their cars. Not sure i'd buy an M5 from them.
  7. Be interested in a review of this when you have time Pete. How does it go on the commute?
  8. Diesel sedans a rare beast in this part of the world.
  9. Mine was 1k all up (for an F30 version including all electrics and freight to Wellington) though so perhaps a bit less for an e90?)Last I checked they had a red 335i touring with a towbar...
  10. Suggest contacting SD European - that's where I got my BMW OEM Westfalia bar / electrics.
  11. I think the N47 timing chain issues are probably overstated. There have definitely been issues but my feeling is these are pretty infrequent compared to the large number of N47's in circulation and the later engines are less likely to cause trouble. The N57 has the same timing chain setup and they seem to be pretty reliable. I suspect some of the issues come from the long standard service intervals - I feel very uneasy about 30000k between oil changes so have gone for 15k / 1 year on mine. (Also, my dad's one - in a 2010 E91 320d - is going very well at 209000k, for an n=1 data point)
  12. Yep - if you post the last 7 digits of your VIN we can see the specs but likely out of luck
  13. Not specifically an Alpina issue but notice that the first few NZ G21's are still EU5 exhaust emission standards (whereas the UK ones are now EU-6D) - not doing much for dirty diesel reputation here, I know there's no imperative to progress this but still disappointing IMHO
  14. Check whether they're staggered as well, would guess the fronts are supposed to be running 225/40R19.
  15. I suspect the odds of getting that (guessing Japan market) kit working here are approaching zero. Up to date maps on a pre-LCI E87 are also unlikely I would have thought... (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news)
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