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  1. balancerider

    $1 Reserve F10 M5

    what a muppet.
  2. balancerider

    $1 Reserve F10 M5

    $31k doesn't seem like much - seller didn't really help himself though
  3. balancerider

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    was that sourced from BMW NZ or from overseas?
  4. balancerider

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    I've read that this is not difficult. I believe the NZ regulations require a chain attachment for any trailer towing - which is not the case in Europe. Anyone got an engineering company to weld one on?
  5. balancerider

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    That's the current set up. Forever paranoid I'll drive into the garage with bikes on roof.
  6. balancerider

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    Thanks - I believe the Thule Euro-ride models are compatible with the swan neck bar (but it looks like the NZ purchased one is only compatible with a 50mm ball)
  7. balancerider

    Towbar on 2011 335i Touring

    Bringing this post back from the dead - I am looking into importing a Westfalia towbar from the UK for my F31 335d (as it seems Westfalia NZ are now in receivership). My plan is to use (rarely) in conjunction with a towbar mounted bike rack - hence I really want the Euro style removable swan neck rather than the ugly nz ball style. Has anyone got any other suggestions?
  8. balancerider

    335i Touring Msport

    if the 335d is in budget would definitely go for that instead. NZ new and more likely to have comprehensive service history. better economy and equivalent performance
  9. balancerider

    335i Touring Msport

    this may fit the bill. good colour, highish k's but reflected in price https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1908533766
  10. balancerider

    $1 Reserve F10 M5

    Multiple previous owners (judging by the plate history) and has been written off previously as well. Seller seems to be a little evasive about that though... https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1903714586
  11. balancerider

    335i Touring Msport

    I get that diesel is not for everyone (and they don't sound good) but the BMW diesels are the best on the market.
  12. balancerider

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    As far as I know that is not the case in NZ, Australia or the UK.
  13. balancerider

    335i Touring Msport

    Having owned both E91 + F31, the older car has a much worse ride quality (despite being on 17's and the new one on 19's), steering perhaps has a bit more feel on the e91 but it's still a wagon rather than a sports car. If you don't mind the idea of diesel, I'd recommend a test drive of the 335d, fantastic combo of performance, usability and economy. Almost certainly more reliable than N54 engined 335i from Japan.
  14. balancerider

    335i Touring Msport

    The F31 335i is extremely uncommon here - I think I've only seen 3 for sale in the last two years. 2x luxury line jap imports and 1x m-sport nz new. The n55 is probably more reliable than the n54 although the 8-speed ZF on the F-series is a massive upgrade on the old 6-speed autobox. This appears to be the only one on TM at the moment https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1862146263.htm?rsqid=d09b331609444764805821f97ea6203c
  15. balancerider

    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    a Jeff Gray plate surround would be a nice touch to go with that!