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  1. Would be an easy decision if this was an F31. I think I’d take the f80 with the spec on this, looks like a 320i sportline
  2. Concur @rod_r - an i3 / leaf range EV is very much a second car for most people. TBF BMW never made any representations otherwise. If you have to have one car then phev makes a lot of sense but worst of both worlds if you can have 2 vehicles especially in terms of long term reliability. A 6-7 year old one is probably only one failure away from scrap
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/i3/listing/4767288570 This looks like the one to have. My partner can't get past the unusual looks sadly. @c.robertson00 RUC's still apply to the REX - just at the lower PHEV rate. any savings will be chewed up the first time you have to service the REX.
  4. in the 15-20k price range you are getting a leaf or a Zoe. Far rather have an i3 than a BYD or MG faux by 4 The real world is more like 150 vs 160-165 - again 15k buys you a lot of charging. Glad a Tesla works for you but supporting the douchebag in chief of that company is low on my things to do list. Accept that no automobile manufacturer is likely to be 'good' but you've gotta draw the line somewhere.
  5. @Jun $20k + buys a lot of RUC / charging. A small car is quite desirable if you do a lot of town running and that basically doesn’t exist otherwise. Leaf is a class bigger and byd / stellantis are still $35k
  6. I am also in the market (likely not for Rex version as would be round town) and it appears the REX is the most common thing to go wrong. Tires are expensive ($500 a corner) and apparently prone to punctures. Battery chemistry is much better than a leaf and has active cooling. The aircon grenading appears to be an issue mainly in very hot climates (e.g. southern Cali) where it's cranking for 8 months of the year. Probably not such an issue in NZ. They are great to drive and pretty efficient (good range given small battery). Rear doors are a bit niggly if used often.
  7. Absolute unicorn. That must be 1/1 in RHD. Individual paint as well?
  8. @Neil McCauley looks like Dravit? there's a G81 M3 in Akl the same colour and I can almost forgive the snaggle tooth front end.
  9. maybe 30% of the s-/sl- class mercedes and the supercars when I was there last month were LHD.
  10. I really don’t think there is a better immediate metric for ‘how well has this car been looked after?’ branded tyres =/= perfect maintenance but linglong ditchfinders = ‘don’t touch with bargepole’
  11. Interesting - thought I was possibly imagining but 4.5.3 is definitely worse
  12. @Neal and @Dogballs - is your retrofitted connected drive setup functioning properly currently? My car has been registered via bmw nz for connected drive services ( UK import as well, brought in while BMW were still bringing them across to the NZ service) but the app is getting worse and worse - vehicle mileage functionality no longer works, I can’t change fuel remaining units from gallons to litres and remote services work less than half the time.
  13. Within a solid kiwi male of my (not that old) 3 series awd 3.0 diesel wagon weight-wise. I can sort of understand it for ev’s because the battery is so heavy but for a generic 4 pot petrol it seems…FAT
  14. @modz Nope and neither did Oz. Maybe Singapore did?
  15. E28 M535i with seriously non standard (straight piped??) exhaust
  16. Lovely car - GLWS
  17. Alpina D4S in Tokyo. Car culture here is awesome, heaps of late model Mercedes C and E class and Volvo estates, not so many BMW’s and Audi surprisingly but gives me hope that RHD wagons will still be available even if NZ New are all SUV’s
  18. Except the last 5 k of the Remarks road would likely be the end of your front splitter 😬
  19. To a local even @Bennyboy! Be interested to hear what you think of it
  20. @KwS ironically when they're going to spend several tens of millions to remove one set of traffic lights further down SH2 (Melling) - which I am in favour of. JFC NZTA are terrible. The public service cull should've started with them So much this.
  21. The only way that could be better is if it were a touring 🤤
  22. @Neil McCauley assume you’ve seen this? All ready to tow with factory electric towbar https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/335d/listing/4690130959
  23. Lack of offset might be the issue. I think it’ll clear with spacers (especially if it’s an x drive with stock suspension)
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