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  1. JBM3

    BMW E46 m3 parts car just in @ BM WORLD

    Do you still have the SMG gear knob? Is it in good nick?
  2. JBM3

    E46 M3 Parts

    To a certain extent yes, will have the air intake, boot and diffuser. With my own personal touches : Vented bonnet, AP exhaust system right the way through ect
  3. JBM3

    E46 M3 Parts

    Hi All, Selling some parts that have come of my E46 M3, all parts are painted Gun Metal/Dark Grey, Pictures for reference. Bonnet: Comes with stock silver Grills. No Badge. $700 Diffuser: $100 Trunk: Doesn’t come with badge or trunk handle (In red) above the number plate, Has "Lip" on top. $100 Stock Air intake: Just the elbow, K&N air filter (almost new, worth approx $100), filter housing- Doesn’t not include MAF. $150 (will have the manifold available after my CSL air intake has been installed) Have a K&N air filter set up also but that's running in my car will be available for purchase once out, Message me if interested. Looking for offers between $600-700, would cost about $1100 to land here in NZ. Cheers, Jed.
  4. JBM3

    E46 M3 GTR Bonnet

    Agreed! May not be for some, but am keeping the original bonnet so I can put it back to stock if i so choose to
  5. Can definitely appreciate that! Reasons for painting it, 1. Didnt want one panel a different colour. 2. Thought painting it and leaving the vents would make them stand out more and go with the "Grey and Black" theme
  6. Got the bonnet from a guy I could put you in contact with if you're serious about buying. Cost $1650. 50% deposit on order and 50% on hand over
  7. Hi, yea parts fit :)
  8. 1st Sunday of every month? Sounds good to me! 😊 I'v followed the thread also so I dont forget, Sign me up for the July 1st meet, my car will be completely finished by then!
  9. Thanks for the advice! I'm still new to all this so don't know the "right way" to do this 😂 ill get there LOL
  10. Bonnet fitted today, photos courtesy of my panelbeater, I haven’t yet seen it in person! Will take some better photos tomorrow
  11. JBM3

    E46 M3 GTR Bonnet

    Haven’t seen it yet in person so will take some better photos tomorrow! Can’t wait to see it in person!
  12. Pic's now include carbon fiber bonnet! 😊
  13. Thanks for pointing these out These aren't pictured as they are still in transit
  14. @JohnM575 I don't know alot about whats happening next to tell you the truth, @HELLBM are doing the install/tune ect. In terms of the flap I don't actually know where to get one
  15. @M3AN looking at pins! it doesn't come with pins so will have to be a "once its on" decision, I dont as yet if it "needs" them. I totally agree with you in terms of company's that claim x amount of HP per part I am a realist and the dyno will be the true argument settler! Yes the K&N air intake system is $675 USD that's about $954 NZD, the you have import taxes of about $200.