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  1. Zadkiel

    NZ New E30 M3

    Yes, by NZ New RHD drive I am looking for vehicles converted here at the time. I would be open to a vehicle that has been imported later and converted but that would be subject to the quality of the conversion. Due to the rule changes it is significantly less common for vehicles to be converted these days so realistically the most likely way to find a RHD model is to find one of the ones converted at the time. I have other LHD vehicles and due to how much I hope to drive this I would definitely prefer it be RHD. The answer to other options is to go on to other vehicles I have on my "to buy" list, some which vary greatly from this and some of which do not. If I simply can't find what I want I may just give up and buy a LHD one but probably not. When you take something that is a small inconvenience but multiply by it by a lot of times it becomes a big one. If the E30 path doesn't work then I might buy an E46 M3 if I can find the right one. Or buy another CSL and manual convert it this time. I'm kind of looking for an E39 M5 too. I imagine that any other option I go for would be simply for a few years whereas if I can find the right E30 M3 then I intend on keeping it forever.
  2. Zadkiel

    NZ New E30 M3

    I don't suppose you know the details of the RHD one, ie if it is NZ new, has a sunroof and AC? I wouldn't want to waste this person's time if it isn't right. Not to sound flippant but I don't need this vehicle, if I can't find exactly what I am looking for then I will move on to a different option.
  3. Zadkiel

    NZ New E30 M3

    It didn't have AC or sunroof. Yeah I'll drive it a fair bit. In some ways it could be considered my daily.
  4. Hi all, I am looking for an NZ new E30 M3. It must be converted to RHD, have AC and sunroof. Everything else is preferences but those are the must haves. Let me know if by any chance you know of one!
  5. Awesome, thanks for that. Hopefully I can find what I am looking for then, sounds like I will need to be lucky.
  6. Hi all, I'd love any more info people have on these if possible. Does anyone know if they were all converted to RHD or just some? Who did the conversions? Are the European spec? Anyone know exact numbers?
  7. What's the story on the Le Mans blue car? I'd be interested
  8. Thanks for that info, interesting stuff. I'm looking for a 1994/95/96 R100R if anyone knows of one.
  9. Haha, took me a while to get that. Been a while since I've updated the cars section of my profile!
  10. Out of interest why the need to swap bodies? Is that easier than getting the M3 back to production spec?
  11. Does anyone know why most E36s have what I would essentially call a T-Shaped gear selector for the auto but some have the more traditional knob shape? Is there any other linked variance?
  12. Does this happen to all E36s? Is it only under long term hard use or could happen any time during track use?
  13. If it is still being updated, E46 CSL and E9 3.0 CSi here.
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