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  1. Gus

    1990 Sterling Sport

    Funny you mention that Josh...
  2. Gus

    1990 Sterling Sport

    just over £4K, spent a few more...easy to find...as long as you're not worried about rust! Mine's a little rusty, but better than most. Now just need a 2.8 or 3.0 M20...
  3. Gus

    1990 Sterling Sport

    Since it's been a LOOONG while since I've been on here...this may be of interest to some. Following on from my car history here: http://www.e30zone.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=244934 the most recent acquisition is up and running! FS Ad: She was running reasonably well, but I wanted to make her as nice as possible, so off to a mechanic (I'm cheating this time - after rebuilding a coupe of E30's, I simply don't have the time, space, tools, so it's been a real luxury having someone else do the work! And better than I would have, being honest...) List of parts replaced is pretty extensive, some of them below: Newish Mtech springs, shocks and struts from the old car (standard - love em), Full new front control arms, track rods, E30 M3 bushes, drop links, new BMW standard exhaust (I LOVE this thing), BTB manifold (unfortunately it was advertised as having a BTB which turned out not to be true), BBTB (thanks Byron!), new WMS discs (the old front R had malformed and cracked coming off, ouch), new Toyo Proxes all round, Inspection II, bonnet foam, gearbox seals, guibo & CSB, gearshift knuckle, cambelt/waterpump, a wheel bearing, 25mm Master Cylinder and numerous new clips, etc. Replaced the speakers and stereo, a few more things on the checklist but otherwise she's running well and loving her. Need to get the wheels straightened and then can start worrying about whether to 2.8/3L her or not... I really love the blue leather! [/url]
  4. Gus

    I'm back

    a couple of new ones from the weekend although, sadly, may be looking to sell again. need something newer...e46 m3? A couple from Lands End
  5. Gus

    I'm back

    Couldn't help myself...will work on some better pics in the near future Untitled by Angus U, on Flickr
  6. This is still for sale - pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26757150@N06/...57633201040923/ $1500 - the only thing needed is a stock E30 steering wheel to replace my momo on there. Shout if any questions! I don't check here often to use junglegus@gmail.com
  7. Gus

    E30 Parts - cheap / free

    Great, done - can you message me details for pickup on the weekend? The dent is drivable - possibly fixable (wouldn't want to drive on it really)
  8. Gus

    E30 Parts - cheap / free

    Sascha - can you re-send? Sorry, but I must have missed it. The Fibreglass bonnet is pretty amateur. Single skin, never got round to making it properly. But it's free. And has a giant skull and crossbones on it. Here's a list of what is left and prices - I'm back in the UK but can arrange for you to pick up. Disc Trailing Arms $100.00 RHS Door (Coupe, Red) $50.00 Rear>Front battery cable Free Subwoofer $20.00 Diff (4.45) $10.00 Rear Subframe x2 $10.00 Shadowline Rear C Pillar x2 (Diamondschwartz) $5.00 Front Calipers Free Rear Calipers Free M20 Driveshaft (full, prob b25) Free Fibreglass bonnet (project) Free Steering Coupling Free 14" Weaves (1 has dent, 3 have great tread) $100.00 1 set springs (325?) + Compressors Free 1 driveshaft front (M20 dogleg) Free Front Struts (51mm?) $100.00 Rear Windscreen x2 Free Front Sway Bar Free Rusty Sunroof Free Rear bumper (red) $20.00 Wingmirrors (Unpainted) Free Front Subframe Free Left Rear Quarter window (coupe) Free Right rear quarter window (coupe) Free Misc E30 stuff Rear bootlid (red) $50.00 Bonnet (red) $50.00
  9. Gus

    E30 Parts - cheap / free

    Hey Guys, I'm on the North Shore. Really want to get this all gone today - have replied to emails. M20 block and head is gone, but nothing else confirmed (aside from some wingmirrors) Best bet is to call my cell +64 21 028 32679 and we can figure things out Cheers, Gus
  10. hey guys - i need to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Full list below - some stuff I want to get rid off and will give away, some stuff I want a couple of bucks for. Drop me a note at junglegus@gmail.com and I'll get back to you, feel free to make offers! Ideally I want this gone by this weekend, and ideally to people who will appreciate and use it, vs throwing it away. Shout with any questions! M40 Oil Filter (new) 1 Disc Trailing Arms 2 RHS Door (Coupe, Red) 1 Rear>Front battery cable 1 Subwoofer 1 Diff (4.45) 1 BMW jack 1 Rear Subframe 2 Shadowline Rear C Pillar (Diamondschwartz) 2 M20 Rocker Cover 1 M20 Head (welded - no problems when on car however) 1 M20 Block, Crank, Pistons, bits and pieces 1 Front Calipers 4 Rear Calipers 2 M20 Driveshaft (full, prob b25) 1 Fibreglass bonnet (project) 1 Steering Coupling 1 14" Weaves (1 has dent, 3 have great tread) 4 1 set springs (325?) 1 1 driveshaft front (M20 dogleg?) 1 Front Struts (51mm?) 2 2 yellow rear shocks (BOGE?) 2 Rear Windscreen 2 Front Sway Bar 2 Rusty Sunroof 1 Rear bumper (red) 1 Wingmirrors (Unpainted) 2 Wingmirrors (painted) 2 Front Subframe 1 Left Rear Quarter window (coupe) 2 Right rear quarter window (coupe) 1 Doors TBC Misc E30 stuff Rear bootlid (red) 1 Bonnet (red) 1
  11. Anyone got one? The cheaper the better
  12. Plus, I THINK it has a 4.1 diff Will have a bunch of E30 stuff going up later today or tomorrow if anyone wants to get in touch
  13. Fellas, Long time, no post. Hope you are all well. I have one for sale. What are they worth? She's a little rough. Rust, 15" Basketweaves, 5speed from 318iS. Probably best for a racecar strip and rebuild. Will throw in a new camkit (if you hear the old one, you will know why). Let me know thoughts - junglegus@gmail.com. Be quick, I'm only in NZ this week. Love, Gus
  14. That's crazy $$$ - I bought mine for £3.5k (c. $7k NZ, and not as bad as you might think at that price). Granted insurance is £2k..
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