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Found 203 results

  1. Tech2P

    Wanted : Basketweaves

    Hi everyone I’m looking for a set of 15inch basketweaves with or without tyres. The closer to Auckland the better. Am I able to source them online somewhere? If so where? Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  2. Tidy30

    FS - E30 H&R Sport Cup Kit

    Don't skimp on safety, get yourself a proper set of matched springs and shocks for your E30 😊 Will lower your car 2.1" in the front and 1.7" in the rear according to H&R: http://www.hrsprings.com/…/sear…/resultsbymake/4/Suspension/ Last photo shows how low my cabrio sits with them installed. Please note the cabrio has slightly lower sills than the other body types, but the guard fitment will be exactly the same for your car. Located North Shore, Auckland $1000 ONO
  3. Looking for a tidy E30 Facelift Coupe. Prefer a Mtech2 but will consider a 325i. Not looking for anything that has been heavily modified. Cheers
  4. Neil McCauley

    Alpina mouth and no trousers

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1838877275.htm?rsqid=78379e3eea794a588b2e7ea4f1045ebb I spend six months offshore and the E30 market goes this crazy? This HAS to be a pisstake.
  5. Negative rear toe: I rebuilt the rear end on the E30 with new OEM trailing arm bushes, poly sub-frame and diff bushes. I also added a whiteline 16mm sway bar. It already sits on Bilstein shocks and springs lowered 30mm, although I’ve used additional 5mm spring pads to help clear the 16” wheels. So I took it in for wheel alignment and I have negative toe 3.5mm LH and 5mm RH. Excessive front LH camber: To complicate things there was excessive camber up front and regularly bottoming out. Thicker spring pads, new strut mounts and control arm bushes has sorted out the RH but LH is still a problem. I had a good look but nothing appears to be bent and shut lines and panels look straight.. Is it possible that the shaft in the shock is running untrue and needs rebuilding? Or any other ideas on what be going on? Comments and advice appreciated.
  6. NZ00Z3

    E30 330 Coupe

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1802815321&tm=email&et=45&mt=2A1A6709-5791-44E1-AFDB-C46190AEDD43 E30 with 330 manual conversion, built as father son project that got away on spec and cost. Sounds like a fun car but it would be almost dangerous in the wet if you weren't a skilled driver.
  7. Bimma

    E30 CUSTOM air box

    E30 Custom Ali Airbox. - 2 piece direct bolt on - Washers and screws inclu (hex key) -Comes with SIMOTA Racing Sports pod filter. Been carefully made to fit the e30 bay (flush fit) Great for performance gains. race/track vibes Would look sweet wrapped/painted or even a good polish Offers north of $600 considered materials/ labor alone owe more. Pickup Pukekohe
  8. lbo99

    Looking to buy an E30

    Looking to buy an E30 preferably manual coupe with white paint Other E30s will be considered as well!!
  9. Bimma

    wtb -Mtech 1 boot lip

    Located in Auckland Trying my luck on here
  10. digitalashley

    E46 Clubsport 330ci 2005 NZ New

    E46 Clubsport 2005 (Facelift) Velvet Blue (BMW individual) Steptronic Napa Black leather interior Cubic silver trim 210kms Slightly higher rev limit to other e46's (ZHP) with an extra 5-10hp I've heard due to the exhaust cam having larger lobes, feels peppier than other 330s also. Airbags replaced already as per recall etc. Stickers in boot for those. Have replaced most things in the past two years of owning to bring it back up to a nice standard. Sitting with BC coilovers brand new, months old (with BMW reinforcement plates on all 4 towers) no cert currently. New radiator, thermostats, vac lines, intake boots, steering rack replaced, front disks, rocker gasket, trans gasket/filter and new fluids for everything even washer fluid 😜, diff oil, disa valve, brand new coils, spark plugs (NGK), fuel pump & filter and a bunch more items bushes etc. Rear bumper repainted (recent chip 😕), front still needs to be done and mirrors clearcoat. Spent 5k on OEM parts so hard to recall without looking at the receipts now, not including BC coils and carbon boot. Happy to sell the car with or without the BCs and carbon boot. Has carbon strut brace also(not pictured). Previous owner tinted windows 35% Did water pump and couple other items I recall. Have all receipts for every item. Has the 6disc changer in boot also have wired in an aux and have a Bluetooth DAC connected to that in the glovebox for wireless audio. Aux/Bluetooth Works while playing blank CDs perfectly. There are chips and a couple small dents as age and KMs. Ask me questions happy to answer. Looking for $11k with the BCs and carbon boot. With just stock items looking for $8,5k hit me up happy to chat. 0224368922 Ashley.slater@live.com Have two sets of rims so can choose OEM or silver unknown brand if like. Or both if price right. In no rush as I have a second car and looking for the most I can reasonably get to fund new dream. photos are with stock suspension except 4,5th
  11. Secniv

    Bottle caps and tyres

    E30 4x100 14” Bottle caps with 195/65R16 Supercats with bolts Good condition wheels near new tyres $240 or will consider swaps for rear parcel shelf speakers
  12. Hi all, I'm on the hunt for some sport seats for my E30 coupe. Let me know if you've got some or know of some tucked away. Anthracite would be ideal but I'm considering all options. Cheers, Matt
  13. Shaun14

    E30 Livery Options

    Hi all, I’ve recently acquired a Lapisblau (navy blue) E30 as a bit of a project. I’m looking to sign write it with a (preferably period correct) livery and would like opinions on what everyone thinks looks best! Cheers! P.S I’m leaning towards the M1 Pro-car inspired Hugo Boss Livery. Cheers, Shaun.
  14. Shaun14

    E30 M42 + Manual conversion

    Hi all, I’ve just acquired a mint automatic E30 318 facelift coupe with a very ticky M40 and am wanting to swap in a m42 and Getrag 240 out of an E36 318. I understand the engine and gearbox bolt up to the M40 engine mounts/arms and I can use the loom and ECU from the E36. My question is regarding the prop-shaft and diff – Will either the e30 or e36 prop-shaft bolt in or will I need to source an E30 manual prop-shaft and am I correct in assuming that the E36 diff would be preferable? I’ve also read that I will need a E30is (M42) exhaust manifold – can anyone confirm if this is the case? I am also looking to do a coil on plug conversion from an M52, a AFM to MAF Conversion from an M44 and a single mass flywheel from an M20 as well as some sort of chip which is yet to be decided. If anyone has done this conversion and can offer some advice or knows of a donor car for sale that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Shaun.
  15. Help/advice please. Has anyone attempted to fit a bmw oe non-e30 ie Ti or Z3 rear sway bar to an E30? I’m in the process of replacing subframe and trailing arm bushes and discovered there is no sway bar (strangely given a PO went to the expense/trouble of upgrading to bilstein springs and shocks). Anyhow I was after a bar a stiffer than 12mm and more M3esk 14.5mm (going to aftermarket 16mm I expect will mean reinforcing the trailing arm tabs and stiffening up the front to compensate as well as a lot more cost). Issue 1 - So I’ve got on trial a z3 1.9 14mm bar. Brackets fit no problems but the kink in the back of the bar doesn’t line up with the diff hanger and bar fouls the pressed crease in the hanger. Have tried fitting both ways but fouling is only worse. I could ‘modify’ the hanger (hammer/grinder) but I expect this may compromise the stiffness/integrity of the hanger. Issue 2 - note also that the arms of the z3 bar are longer than an e30 but the links are shorter which compensates? Until I have the car back on it’s wheels I won’t really know if this will be a problem. Thanks in advance
  16. Secniv

    WTB E30 rear sway bar

    After a rear sway bar and brackets for da30. Prefer 14.5 but will consider 12 or aftermarket 16.
  17. WillD

    14" basketweave-E30

    I technically only need 1, 14" basketweave wheel, but happy to buy a set if their in good nic'. No tyres needed, just the wheel. Cheers, Will
  18. BM WORLD

    1989 E30 320iA parts car

    1989 320i auto sedan jap import , SA built low ks , so lots of nice tidy bits hartge alloys 021433600 brent@bmworld.co.nz
  19. Anyone on here used Ireland Engineering stainless mufflers on their E30s? Seem pretty cost effective and next best from Supersprint/Remix.
  20. Palazzo

    Diff ratio

    Does anyone know the diff ratio on a E30 325i auto? Were there several different ones? Most common? And did it change on an LSD? Cheers.
  21. filmaustin

    E30 Stroker Kit

    2.8 Crank, 2ltr rods and machined bolt for sale. Bought these from Ray a few years back https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1514648119
  22. E30kid

    Tech 2 Steering Wheel Leather

    Has anyone previously had experience with recovering the E30 Tech 2 Steering Wheel Leather? Looking at doing mine but wondering who to go to also what leather is best. Pic of what I'm looking for Cheers
  23. Genuine Momo steering wheel boss kit for late type E28 and E30s. Should also fit E34, possible E36 etc as to my knowledge the steering wheels interchange (though this could be a case like my diff so do your own research). Model number 2006. $80. Pickup from Panmure or can post for $10 (non rural).
  24. Early '82 E28 medium case 3.45 open diff. Won't work on anything accept 81, 82 spec E28s, so it's useless really. Not even sure why you are looking at it. Good condition, came out of running car. Internals might be useful to E30 guys. $100 or make an offer. Pick up from Onehunga.
  25. BMW E30

    WTB: E30 coupe

    I'm looking for an E30 coupe, preferably facelift. Doesn't matter if it's auto, as long as it is reasonably tidy and rust free. Cheers