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Found 9 results

  1. I'm after a M60 or M62 transmission bellhousing or stuffed transmission to use just to line up the mounting of my v8 in my project car. Ideally cheap or free.
  2. Hi everyone The Getrag 260 that came with my car has the wrong bellhousing on it (m30 instead of m20), so I am looking to buy either a: Getrag 260 Getrag 265 Getrag 240 Getrag 245 ZF S5-16 All with either an m20 bellhousing or removable bellhousing and either the holes for the sensors or the ability to have the holes added. Also a matching driveshaft and shift linkage would be good too. EDIT: and the cross member Thanks
  3. ducatiss

    4L30 to 5L40 or similar upgrade

    Hi guys I have a Z3 with a 4speed auto in it and the M52B20TU engine in it. The engine is a sweet runner with only 95km on it so happy to leave it there for the time being. I am looking at options for some useful upgrades and want to know if upgrading the old 4 speed to the newer 5 speed auto is doable. Is the gearbox a straight bolt on? Whats involved with the electronics? Is there anything else I should know about here? I am aware that a manual g/box would be a better way to go but I would like to explore all options before I start and I have always been impressed with these 5 speed autos in any E46 I have driven. Any advice here would be great. Many thanks.
  4. Hellrot 325Ti

    Getrag Manual Conversion **Cheap**

    E36 Getrag 220 Manual Conversion $550ono Located - Napier, Hawke's Bay Willing to ship at your expense Included: Getrag 220 Gearbox (230,000Kms) Pedal Assembly Short Shifter Shifter linkages Shifter Boot Driveshaft Clutch Master/Slave Cylinders Crossmember No clutch/flywheel or hydraulic lines sorry, although I'd recommend a lightened flywheel anyway. Sadly these aren't the pics of another conversion I owned, this one comes with the exact same gear though Please note: As this is a very cheap package, I won't do holds for anyone. I am headed from Napier to Tauranga next Wednesday/Thursday and am happy to drop off to anywhere in between
  5. JackDatBoi

    M20B25 Gearbox

    Hi all, I'm after a M20B25 manual gearbox, preferably in the North Shore, Auckland region! Let me know if you have one up for grabs and how much. Cheers
  6. Gleb246

    Getrag 240 for a m40b16 e30

    Does anyone have a spare getrag 240 for a m40h16 engine theynwould be willing to sell, ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find one.
  7. I hope electrical system is the correct place to post this. Or is this more a drivetrain issue? I just bought an e36 1997 323i auto. The gearbox has Sport, Eco and Manual (snow) modes. The five speed auto will clutch up in 5th when doing over 80km/h. I'd like to get it to clutch up in other gears at lower speeds. Is this theoretically possible? Does a physical limitation prevent the clutch from engaging in any other gear than 5th? Is it wise to do so? (I do not want speculation, I want facts) What happens if the clutch is engaged and the gearbox wants to shift gears? Will it just hold the gear longer, or will it blow a valve/seal? If it is possible, how would this be done? I'm hoping there is a plug under the dash that I can hotwire two of the pins to a switch that will force the gearbox to engage the clutch. At first I thought I'd use the switch in manual mode only, but when you drop under certain speeds the box seems to drop a gear even in manual mode. Not sure if this is a safe option anymore. First gear is also inaccessible in manual mode. I'd love to be able to reprogram the gearbox to clutch up in all gears effectively making it that little bit closer to an automated manual. But I assume this is impossible. PS: If it requires dropping the gearbox out to get to something then I'm only interested in the theoretical. I only plan on keeping the car for a year or so, and that just sounds like too much work. Backstory: My previous car was a manual. I love the direct feeling a clutch gives you. This gearbox is a bit more of a slushbox than I'd like. My wife has agreed to learn to drive a manual but only if I teach her how to drive an auto first. I don't have the room (or money) for two cars at the moment. I figure that in one to two years she will be confident enough to learn to clutch and I won't have this first world problem anymore. Thanks
  8. FireryDawn

    m20 g'box on m40 engine

    does anyone know if a getrag 260 off an M20 will just bolt straight onto a M40? and if so, are the splines on the clutch plate the same?

    E36 Auto Box Slipping

    My brothers just got his learners so I'm attempting to fix up my old E36 320i so he can have it for his first car. The main issue is the Japanese auto box. It's always had a fairly brutal first to second shift when cold but after some hard yards being driven (spiritedly) daily over the Rimutakas and back as my commuter, it now refuses to change from first to second unless I button off the gas completely. I think it's probably beyond a simple oil change now but I rang up Jeff Gray to see what the oil's worth regardless...Retail is about $90/L and best price through my mates garage is between $50-$70p/L. Given the above prices, it looks cheaper to find a second box with the torque converter still on it, and the liquid gold still in it... Is there an aftermarket alternative to Dexron III that will do the job properly these days?