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Found 14 results

  1. Wanting to manual convert my 98 e36. Trying to find the cheapest way to do so, don't mind doing the conversion myself but will pay labour if it's not much more. Dunno where to start, cant seem to find many parts or kits. Anyone have an idea on the rough price and what I need? Cheers
  2. He folks, So I have recently ended up with an 5spd Manual 325i e46 with around 110xxx ks on it, but the body is in rough shape so i see no point fixing it up when i could use the transmission for my auto 330ci and scrap the rest. Ideally i would just buy a manual transmission kit out of another 330ci, but as most of you know it's hard to find good condition ZF parts in NZ. So I'm just looking for some advise to start off i.e. what additional parts & components will I need to make that 325i trans work in my 330ci? Any help is much appreciated !
  3. I'm doing a manual conversion on my m20b20, decided to go for a g260. I was wondering if anyone could link me a video or a write on a manual conversion on a RHD e30 as all the ones that i have found are for LHD. Im sure they aren't too different. From all the write ups and videos i've seen they use the brake fluid reservoir to bleed the clutch but for LHD there is a seperate clutch fluid reservoir which has a soft line to the master cylinder? If there aren't any write ups can someone please give me a detailed explanation or directions. Thank you.
  4. Looking a shifter carrier for a Getrag 260 going on a M20B20. Don't need the selector rod or the shifter, just after the carrier, but if it comes with them that's fine. Preferably in Auckland or Hamilton but also don't mind freight.
  5. Hi there, just wondering if any one has any issues with the 8 speed zf transmission on the f30. Mine is a n20 320i. I’ve noticed it has quite a harsh downshift from 5th to 4th. You can really notice the pull when it down shifts. All other gears r smooth! Done 110k. I’ve tried replacing the oil and filter with OEM Stuff there was no metal in the pan and the oil looked pretty good/not burnt. It’s not bad enough for me to want to strip the entire transmission. But was wondering if there’s an easy fix perhaps something I can do the next time I do the oil n filter? No transmission fault codes either!
  6. Hi All, Has anyone successfully attempted an auto to manual swap for an e30 318i 1989? If one was to attempt this, what sort of compatibility do I need? do I need an exact 1-to-1 car e.g. 318i and a donor 318i? can I use an earlier model manual? Would like to know what goes into it. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys. I'm just wondering if anyone had done the automatic transmission filter/gasket change before on e39 and what would you recommend to get? I've ordered one (wrong one...) but had to return as my transmission is ZF not GM. And the supplier did not check properly. Any suggestion or advice much appreciated!
  8. Hi there, I’m new on this forum. I have a 318i 2002. I’m having a issue in automatic transmission. When I start to drive the car after a cold start, rpm suddenly goes bit higher. Then the transmission error occurs and shifts are becoming hard. Can feel them really hard. However, once I stop the engine and restart the car, this error and hard shifts go away. Car would shift as normally. Does anyone have idea on what could be the issue? Could it be a bad MAF? No check engine light so far. And I did change the transmission fluid and filter as well. But still issue is there. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm after a M60 or M62 transmission bellhousing or stuffed transmission to use just to line up the mounting of my v8 in my project car. Ideally cheap or free.
  10. Its about $100 to get one of these from overseas.. does anyone have one to sell or know where i can get one for a good price? Cheers
  11. $300 ZF 5HP-18 (A5S 310Z) Part Number: 1 219 957 From a 1993 E34 525i (M50 engine) Only 150,000kms - Can Confirm with Odometer & Carjam Good Condition - Smooth Shifting Serviced: New Filter & Gasket Torque Converter Included Can also include Trans Computer, Trans Fluid Cooler & Pipes + Shifter Mechanism & Cable if buyer wishes Was found on the following vehicles: 3' E36 (11/1989 — 07/1995) 5' E34 (01/1989 — 06/1996) Weight: 84.4 kg Shipping: North Island: $100 South Island: $200 Cheers
  12. Hey Team, So im new to this, so feel free to point me in the right direction... I have a 1996 E34 540i Touring, the automatic transmission's oil cooler has failed, while driving! I lost drive and oily water came out thru a breather, I placed the car in Neutral, turned off the engine and coasted to a stop. The cooler has completely failed with a total oil and water mix. Obviously i need a new cooler and trans / cooling system flushed, but want to know the best practice for this kind of work... What other parts should i look at replacing while i'm at it? (filter, etc etc) Trick and Tips for doing this job? Best value for money on aftermarket cooler? Thanks...
  13. Hey everyone, My name is Daniel and im new to this forum, i recently bought an 1992 325i 5 speed manual. Since buying it the clutch has decided to give up on me and now im looking at options to have it replaced. Im looking for a new or second hand clutch, preferably the cheapest option but may consider buying something a bit more expensive if required. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Daniel
  14. My brothers just got his learners so I'm attempting to fix up my old E36 320i so he can have it for his first car. The main issue is the Japanese auto box. It's always had a fairly brutal first to second shift when cold but after some hard yards being driven (spiritedly) daily over the Rimutakas and back as my commuter, it now refuses to change from first to second unless I button off the gas completely. I think it's probably beyond a simple oil change now but I rang up Jeff Gray to see what the oil's worth regardless...Retail is about $90/L and best price through my mates garage is between $50-$70p/L. Given the above prices, it looks cheaper to find a second box with the torque converter still on it, and the liquid gold still in it... Is there an aftermarket alternative to Dexron III that will do the job properly these days?
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