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Found 38 results

  1. Hi all I am trying to track down my Fathers old M325i he bought it new in 1990 its a red 1990 M325i now with the plate HOT325. the odds are not in my favor as it hasn't had a WOF in 4 years and rego in 2. Which breaks my heart knowing its sitting somewhere rotting (or maybe someone has converted into a race car?). Unfortunately NZTA wont tell the anything about the Owner as of a law put in place in 2010, Carjam is also effected by this law. I'm based in Auckland. Any info on this car would be greatly appreciated!
  2. THIS IS NOW SOLD For Sale $50 - A Near new Carly Gen 2 (The latest one) Wifi Adaptor, works only with IOS, paid just over $100 for it a couple months ago and used it 3 times. The App on the iStore is $66 and can alter settings on the car: lights, dashboard etc. Can view gauges and engine information while driving, and download the data afterwards and view fault codes. Website is if you want to see all the features. Pick up on the north shore of Auckland or i can post for an extra $5.
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Gregg and I'm currently in the market for a BMW 335i Station Wagon. I have around 20k, is this reasonable to get a mint example? I have a couple of question, where is the best place to look for aftermarket items in NZ? Any things I should be looking out for when purchasing a 335i Wagon? During my search, I have been looking for the manual, but I seem to be hitting a brick wall. I have been researching and found that changing to a single turbo, with a remap id the best way to gain additional power? Thanks Gregg
  4. My new E36 just has standard New Zealand plates on it but I'm wanting to get some euro plates for it. I was wondering if anyone could help me get an idea of the best place to get it done. I don't want to change the numbers/letters on the number plate, I just want the Euro plate with the same text.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to purchase a performance chip for a '95 325i as I am looking to get a lil bit more power out of my car.
  6. Wanting to buy an E30 Convertible. Will pay very handsomely for the right car! Vincent
  7. Hoping theres a set of Apex wheels second hand out there somewhere, 17 or 18 inch, wider the better. Will be going on an E46 330ci cheers
  8. Looking for 17" Style 5 rims.
  9. I've been looking for an E30 coupe, preferably manual. Wondering if there's anyone out there looking to sell.
  10. Hi, Has anyone done business with King Motorsports on AliExpress? I'm keen on a front lip they offer for my E39. Also, has anyone fitted the same lip successfully to the facelift E39? Thanks for your help.
  11. Basically its a fuel - fuel rail - injector malfunction that is temperamental. So done me engine swap, the car runs sweet no issues then im getting this... Took the injectors out and they don't seem to be pulsing when this issues going on. I got this weird blow back through the intake when I tried to start it today. Also the fuel pump kept on whirring like it wasn't getting any fuel but had plenty in tank. Sometimes it would whirr constantly and other times I turned the key on it would prime itself then stop like normal. On other random occurrences when turning the key on the injectors would squirt suddenly as soon as the key turned on... Im guessing thats what the blow back was, as the valves would be shut and the pressure from the injectors had no where to go but vent back through the air filter. I thought at first it could be fuel pump relay sticking but then why would the injectors not be pulsing? Im guessing its a bad connection some where and ive heard that you shouldn't solder the wires on theses, is that true? as I have soldered just about every splice. Regards
  12. Hey guys just joined up Just got my restricted licenses and been rearing to finish my project thats been going for a month and a bit now. I'm down on the Kapiti Coast and keen as to get out and meet some more guys driving cars of culture once she's all done. Anyone give me a shout and will be keen to organise something for the weekends comin up in a month (if the car is done). Here's a few picks of the seasoned veteran and some snipets of the process from start to now. Looking forward to some meet n greets or cars n coffee on the weekends. Any advice on the build is much appreciated and where to get the best value for money parts and spares from Cheers guys
  13. Hi all, I'm desperately after some 1982 E21 wiper arms.. If anyone has any for sale or knows anyone wrecking an e21, please give me a call on: 021 1000 552 Cheers
  14. Hi All, Have some spare M30 exhuast flanges sitting around from my build. The ports are slightly off by about 1-2mm on on side due to design change (company side) and wasn't worked out till 2nd set was made. Totally fine for stock or light turbo as runners could be put on outside. They cost me around $100 each at time but ill sell them for $50 each, Ask questions as have a lot of respect for the users on this forum and don't want to screw anyone over or around. x1 = 14mm mild steel x1 = 10mm stainless
  15. 2001 e46 318i is misfiring on cylinder 1 After a m43 spark plug lead and if its worst case a coil pack (yes, have checked spark plugs). Currently in Mt Managanui and need to get to palmy by tomorrow evening. I have no transport, drop-off would be fantastic!!! Cheers.
  16. Hi all I'll be selling some interesting bits and pieces, mainly E36 Evo M3 driveline parts, and M50/52 parts, that will no longer be used. These items are expensive quality parts sourced over the years, It is an ideal package for anyone desiring a strong F/I build, or simply upgrading a standard E36. They were to be used in a high horsepowered M50 Frankenstein build, but life doesn't always work out the way one wishes it would, there's nothing cheap about building a turbo E36 unless you cut corners ( haha ). Here are some parts, including some engine upgrades for turbo applications. - Evo M3 LSD Diff : $1200 ( haven't confirmed Ratio yet, blasted and painted, so not a crappy looking used Diff ) - Evo M3 Complete Rear Subframe ( Complete Powder coated unit ) : $1800 - Evo M3 Manual Conversion Kit ( Includes Complete Driveshaft ) : $2400 - UUC Clutch / Flywheel Kit ( 850whp rated, can find the detailed info on CES Motorsport web page ) : $2800 ( reasonably priced for what it is ) - Evo M3 Rear Axles : $ ( Price TBC ) Engine Components: -Top Mount TurboManifold T3/T4 : ( SOLD ) - CES BMW E36 Cutring Headgasket, Copper Spacer, COMBO KIT : $750 -ARP 2000 Head stud kit : ( SOLD ) -M52B28 Stroker Kit, removed from 90km engine : $500 -Evo Subframe Bushing Kit : ? ( TBC ) -Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump, Filter and Connector : ? ( TBC ) -M50B25 OBD1 Engine wiring loom : $50 -M50B25 Intake Manifold x 2 $60 each - Nuke Fuel Rail = ? ( TBC ) I will update with images for most of the items listed in accordance with forum rules. Feel free to ask questions, there's still more parts to be listed but i haven't gathered everything just yet so keep an eye out if there's anything that tickles your fancy haha, or PM if need be, kind regards, Peter. Items with "TBC", prices yet to be confirmed.
  17. Hey guys! Trademe/facebook and walking in to random dealerships for the past 2 weeks have failed me so i thought id flick a post up here and try my luck! I am looking for a 335i wagon in black or silver. Facelift or prefacelift not to botherd. Must be motorport sub 100kms and in mint condition. I am in need of a car asap so if you have anything i may be interested in then please PM me! Cheers!
  18. I'm looking for recommendations for cleaning products, BMW's own brand, Meguiar's, Mother's, Autoglym or whatever. Car wash, polish, speed wax, wax, wheel cleaner. Got a gift card burning a hole in my pocket & I would prefer to buy up large in one brand. Appreciate your help.
  19. Hi all, I'm after a M20B25 manual gearbox, preferably in the North Shore, Auckland region! Let me know if you have one up for grabs and how much. Cheers
  20. *Brand New - Never Used* Link to part on website: Part Number: 12-3063 This manifold accepts 2 X DCOE Weber carburettors (designed for 45 DCOE Webers) - the perfect performance upgrade for your vehicle. Redline Performance manufactures quality performance products and our manifolds are cast locally in Sydney using Australian Aluminium. All our manifolds are designed to produce maximum torque and horsepower.
  21. Hi guys, After the following: *EDIT* - Lowering springs (6 Cyl) - Rear seat the back bit with an armrest (ski pass) - Sump guard - Dash mat - Z3 1.9 Shifter - M20b27 bottom end or 'e' bottom end if you will Theres probably more id like but this is all i can think of at the moment Im in Auckland, dont mind shipping unless its hellishly expensive Ill be honest and say that i cant afford all of these things at once so just comment what you have with a price and ill see what i can do Thanks!
  22. Hey Guys, Selling my E46 to fund the E30 project! If youre interested you can send me a PM, or contact me through TradeMe. Whichever works for you. I would preferably like to let this car go to an enthusiast, your pride and joy going to a good home is always great! Looking for around $10,750 but its obviously negotiable. You guys probably know its value. *131,800 K's *Oil Service done Sunday 17/05/15 *2.2L Straight 6 Below are more in depth details off of TradeMe: I have had the car for over a year and had all the intention of keeping it for years. But unfortunately circumstances have changed due to a project needing attention, and need to sell this beauty. During my ownership I have done regular maintenance, and gone beyond that in some cases just for peace of mind. I currently drive it daily so expect the mileage to increase a little. '05 was the last year of production for the E46 sedan, it is the most refined version of the car. It’s a great car for city driving, and is equally comfortable on long journeys with ample space for luggage etc. Importantly, it is a chain driven engine so there is no need to worry about cambelts and all that jazz. Serpentine/accessory belts and tensioners were all changed last year as part of regular maintenance. M Sport version features: *M-Tech II Bodykit *M-Sport suspension *M-Sport cloth/alcantara interior *M-Sport steering wheel *M-Sport Trim (ie badges on sills, steering wheel and wheels) *Shadowline Exterior Trim Comes with extras: *Xenon headlights *Angel eyes *Black kidney and lower grille *Front speakers changed to components *3 User memory settings for seats and mirrors *Split folding rear seats, with optional ‘ski-bag’ which was seen as part of the ‘cold weather package’ from the factory *Aluminum accented interior *Tinted *Parrot Hands-free Bluetooth system installed. *Factory First-Aid Kit *Have receipts for most work done under my ownership If you have any questions feel free to ask, or alternatively you can contact me using the details given below. As for price, make an offer if you like. The price is negotiable if you are genuinely interested. Viewing is in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland." Thanks, Rohil
  23. I encountered a little issue with a bmw of mine, a 1996 328i coupe. Cutting a long story short, the car doesn't start, no ignition, even typical dash telemetry doesn't appear, apart from seatbelt light, and illumination of cluster ( speedometer / mileage ) counter. No fuel pump initiation. Lights work, radio turns on, fog lights don't work, all this started as an intermittent problem where i'd turn the key, and nothing would happen, sometimes for hours or days, out of the blue, you turn the key and Vroom! Lol. First thing i pondered, was the battery? Obvious starting point, but battery is fine with my other bmws? . I have had a look at the fuses and cannot see anything that is blown, checked relays, i see main system relay looks slightly discoloured , along with fuel pump relay. I switched those out with another 1996 328i relay with same relays, but no success. After reading on the net over the past months, it seems that i may have an EWS issue, i haven't got a scan tool to check any codes, but will acquire one soon, any thoughts are much appreciated. Wondering if i should book the car into BMWorkshop? Or does anyone know of a reputable outfit that is experienced / capable of resolving such a thing. Thank you, Peter.
  24. First time posting on the forum, been looking an e30 on trademe for about 2 weeks now. I've finally decided its time to purchase myself an e30 after admiring and dreaming about owning one for about a year now. Budget is around 5k Looking for a manual, but feel free to offer automatics. Dont want a convertible/cabriolet Preferably either 318i or 325i, not against buying a 320i though. Would love to have a touring but probably not in the budget Cheers
  25. Hi all, I have a 2006 BMW 320i E90 pre-facelift model (pre-LCI) with halogen lamps and no angel eye rings and I wanted to upgrade to the best possible angel eyes set up. With a bit of research I have found that the entire lighting unit will need to be replaced and after talking to fishcake on ebay about the DEPO P90 V2 part - he mentioned that the only part compatible with the halogen factory set up were: (from his website) Has anyone used this particular part before? (i've heard that condensation can be an issue due to build quality and that they usually don't send you a new product and expect you to re-seal?) Will it be plug n play with my E90 / no ring halogen set up? Any coding required for errors, etc. or other parts I will need to buy? (apart from the bulbs) Any places in Auckland that will do the installation + coding etc? - BM Workshop has said they don't do it PS. I've included a picture of my current lights. Thanks in advance, Arjun