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  1. Advice please. I have got myself some 16” Alpina replicas staggered 7”&8” for my 1988 320i. . Suspension setup is Bilstein shocks and springs all round so sits a little lower than standard. Trolling the internet it appeared that 205x55 and 225x50 rubber was the way to go for a B3 setup, but the ‘Michelin Man’ told me the 55’s may be to tall so go 50 on front and rear (as 225x45 options appear to be limited for the rear). Of course this means the rears will be 20mm taller. Does this matter? I was looking at Michelin PS3 ( for fast road occasional track day) as I have PS4 on the B5 and like them. Any other options members can suggest/recommend?
  2. Does anyone know the diff ratio on a E30 325i auto? Were there several different ones? Most common? And did it change on an LSD? Cheers.
  3. 2.8 Crank, 2ltr rods and machined bolt for sale. Bought these from Ray a few years back
  4. Has anyone previously had experience with recovering the E30 Tech 2 Steering Wheel Leather? Looking at doing mine but wondering who to go to also what leather is best. Pic of what I'm looking for Cheers
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know of a good shop to repair some of the mechanical components inside my coupe drivers seat in Christchurch? I have the comfort seats at the moment, but some of the internal mechanisms are broken; The cloth is in good condition so I would prefer to get them repaired over trying to find and pay for a good condition coupe seat. Cheers!
  6. Genuine Momo steering wheel boss kit for late type E28 and E30s. Should also fit E34, possible E36 etc as to my knowledge the steering wheels interchange (though this could be a case like my diff so do your own research). Model number 2006. $80. Pickup from Panmure or can post for $10 (non rural).
  7. Early '82 E28 medium case 3.45 open diff. Won't work on anything accept 81, 82 spec E28s, so it's useless really. Not even sure why you are looking at it. Good condition, came out of running car. Internals might be useful to E30 guys. $100 or make an offer. Pick up from Onehunga.
  8. Bought my first BMW in early 2015, it was a fairly standard 320i that was converted to manual and was put on HR springs and KYB shocks with a set of replica volk wheels Used this car as my daily for about a year and did a few things to it, had plans for it but at the time i was driving it every day and it served its purpose well Put some TD144s on it had a problem with the tyres on them changed them down a sidewall thickness and put a bit of stretch and they worked well also put on a Grip Royal steering wheel on to replace the factory wheel it had and that was about the extent of the "mods" i had done to the car until the front cross member gave out on me and broke the small tab that bolts the sway bar bracket on. So at that point i decided to it was time for a M20B25 upgrade "might as well change the engine while i'm fixing this front cross member" I said and from there things spiralled out of control and what started as a 2.5 swap has now turned into a M20B25 stroker turbo build so the motor was pulled stripped everything out of the engine bay and shaved off unnecessary brackets for a nice clean look paint and rust work (leaking brake master i believe) were done at Riverlea Panel and Paint Braided clutch, fuel and brake lines being installed (some shown) Brand new Fenix radiator E36 steering rack and custom shaft wanted to go Z3 but best option at the time was e36 so went with that During all of that i picked up a used M20B25 from Auckland came from a 89 vert with 180000 ks on it but engine ran fine so guess it made sense to rebuild it lol In went a 2.7 Stroker kit 2.7 crank 135mm rods M50???? pistons can't remember what they came from now engine was sent to Cambridge Engine Services for cleaning and checking all was good so in it all went using OEM bearings, rings and gaskets down the bottom Crank scraper and sump baffle were fitted (pain in the ass with two gaskets and very tight baffle to install) Head was ported and polished by Jim at same shop new valve guides and stainless steal valves installed Head was planed just a smidge Bolted together with an Elring HG (2mm) and cap screws head fitted with brand new valve springs and retainers, a reground 272 cam, HD rockers and oversized eccentrics brand new water pump fitted Just currently needing a timing belt and tensioner which i'll pick up this week couldn't resist test fitting the manifolds and turbo when it was all torqued down lol won't be running it with the turbo straight away as it will be easier to run the motor in on the factory ECU that way i'll have the cam run in and the rings will seal really well before boost is added which will be courtesy of a Sinco manifold, front facing plenum and Master Power MPR-494 in the meantime tho just going to be using the standard intake and exhaust , intake fitted with custom fuel rail to run -6 fittings and braided lines which the whole car has been converted to (pics to come) ^ pic of the lines coming into the engine bay unsecured atm brake and clutch lines also being changed to braided lines all bushes being changed to revshift aftermarket ones offset bushes above yet to do the diff mount bush as I'm looking for a medium case diff at the moment and will be twin mounting it underneath the car shortly. E36 adapter shaft with solid aluminium centre Motor and gearbox will be going in shortly with revshift gearbox mounts and Range Rover v8 engine mounts using a spec stage 3, 6 puk clutch and lightened factory flywheel shipped for $700 from Evan at SpeedFactor will definitely be able to handle the power I'm expecting to make will be picking up some seat rails for these in the next few weeks and bolting them in (can't wait these seats are awesome) will be updating this build very soon for now peace
  9. I'm looking for an E30 coupe, preferably facelift. Doesn't matter if it's auto, as long as it is reasonably tidy and rust free. Cheers
  10. Wanted to buy - a straight 318i E30. Preferably around Auckland way. thats it
  11. $5K 106KMs (sort of) good spec - all electrics Recaro front seats tidy interior has had plenty of work done Hartge 15" wheels Seems like a decent price for a well-loved, well-spec'ed example.
  12. Hi all! Looking for a manual 6 cyl e30 coupe. Got around 6k to spend. Preferably something unmolested and grandpa spec. Will probably have to keep looking for a while at this price point though. Might take an auto too if it's coupe 6 cyl and cheap enough. Preferably North Island. Cheers
  13. Before I pull my LSD diff apart to change the ring gear, does anyone have an E28/E24/E23 large case LSD diff with a ratio of 3.46 or higher that they would either sell or trade for my 3.07? May consider medium case E30 diffs depending on price. Can do cash your way, again depending on the diff. Not interested in non LSD or anything not bolt in, because I have a non bolt in solution already. Looking for an easy option. I'm in Auckland but don't mind dealing with shipping.
  14. Hey all After some genuine Tech 2 Sedan door pods for E30. And maybe skirts as well if together. Also any Tech 2 leather steering wheels? This is last on the list to complete the kit. Cheers!
  15. Anyone got a M-tech 2 Leather steering wheel? 370mm specifically.
  16. Hey all, Looking to buy some guards/fenders for my dolphin grey E30 (sedan if that matters). I'd prefer that they are in dolphin grey but looking for any colour really as I need them for my now overdue wof. Thanks in advance for any help Dan
  17. My left low beam bulb blew, replaced the fuse and bulb and now it blows new bulbs immediately. I have gone through at least 4 new bulbs that were all used previously. There is a relay that supplies both sides and I have tried 3 different relays. At idle the voltage on the the back of the bulb is 13.0. The earth is common to the park light and that works ok. The car is a pre facelift 325 E30 that has had facelift headlights fitted. Any ideas ?
  18. Hi Guys, I've decided that I need another E30 in my life, and this time I planning to do it right. Rewind to 6 weeks ago, some friends and I are having a few drinks on a Friday evening. One friend was browsing facebook and mentioned that he found a '96 328i factory manual for sale. Only $1000 he said. This sounded too good to be true....and it was...sorta... The car was water damaged - I'm not 100% on the details, but something something Dunedin floods. Surely if it's a factory manual, the manual parts alone would be worth the money and effort. I thought about it for a while, and then tried to convince myself that it was a stupid idea and to forget about it...I failed. I called the guy, and told him I would take the car and pick it up tomorrow. The car was located in a wreckers yard in Dunedin. I managed to persuade a friend of mine with access to a car trailer and shop to make the trek from Christchurch down to Dunedin with me the next morning. Jumping forward a couple of days and this is my view: After decoding the VIN number of the car, it turned out the car was actually a factory automatic and must've been converted at some point. We started tearing into the car, and it quickly be came evident that, yes, this car was very water damaged. A thin layer of silt covered everything. As we dug deeper, things started to look worse (not unexpectedly). We found water sitting atop cylinder 1's intake valves, but 2-6 all looked perfectly fine. Draining the sump resulted in roughly 10L of water with mixed about 6L of chocolate milk...not great. Further investigation found that the car has a ZF 310 5 speed transmission, an OEM 328i dual-mass flywheel + clutch. Cool, at least the conversion looks like it was done properly. At this point I still hadn't decided what I wanted with to the parts from this car, But I'd been looking for a project car, and I felt I needed another E30 in my life. As it turned out, my friend's father has this little beauty that he's willing to sell. It's by no means perfect, but it's a straight, rust free, registered, '89 318i automatic coupe in my favourite colour (Delphin grey). A good starting point for my project E30. Jumping back to the present, I've pulled the engine and drivetrain out of the 328. The engine is sitting on a stand, and I intend on stripping it down and rebuilding it. Once it's ready, I plan to swap it into the E30 with the manual transmission. From there I plan to do new suspension, med-case LSD, wheels + tyres, and general tidying up. Eventually I would like to have the car's paint redone as it's a little rough in places. Looking at the task at hand, I know I have a fair bit of work ahead of me. But I'm ready for the challenge! Any help finding the various 24v swap components would be great. I know I need the sump, oil pickup, dipstick, and throttle cable from a 525i E34. Not 100% on what to do about the brake booster, although moving it over a bit seems like the easiest solution. The water-damaged ECU is toast, so I need a new one. I would like to keep OBD2. Thinking of getting a (red-label?) ECU and having it flashed (EWS delete, rear O2 delete, M50 manifold, maybe even a higher redline?) E28 535i engine mounts seem to be the way to go, although I've read mentions of an additional spacer is required? Subframe reinforcement is also something I want to do. I would like to use as much of the 328i's factory exhaust as possible as it's still in good condition. Not sure how much of a plain it would be to chop it up. I want to use the E36 radiator and do an electric puller fan conversion.
  19. So my wife gives me a call after driving the E30 to work saying it's sprung an oil leak, and sends a photo of a substance draining from the vehicle at a good rate. I go in to see whats going on and discover that the steering rack boot is where the fluid is coming from, sigh a relief that it wasn't worse, leave her with the wagon and baby the coupe home. I think to myself "I'll just order a rebuild kit, it can't be that hard" and slowly as I research and crawl under the car for part numbers realise that this could be a real sh*t job. Important info: Car: E30 318is 1990 VIN: WBAAF92020EE46058 rack part number (also in photo): 7832 955 155 Location: Central Otago (yeah this would be a lot easier in a city) So my question is? do I order a rebuild kit, because lets face it I currently have the time, none of the specialist tools but I'm a kiwi male so I should be able to work it out? or Do i replace the rack with a second hand rack, save myself plenty of cursing but have no idea how good the seals are? With regard to replacement racks, I don't really want to add sorting out steering linkage while I'm at this so potentially E36 etc racks are out (unless you have a good argument). Any and all help would be most appreciated. Regards Joshua
  20. Hi folks, had this a while but just been tarting it up, sold the convertible, no use to me during winter and was after a decent unmolested E30 as my daily and found this little gem, just a baby 318i auto (for now) - came on bottle caps but stumbled across mint 15" basketweaves (the mrs was talking to her hairdresser who had some under his house for years, lucky find!), removed the go-faster stripes it had and did a 4 stage cut and polish while the weather was nice. Sourced a decent stereo to match the orange light interior (from Bonnie Scotland of all places - matches really well and fixed up a couple of glovebox torches - got a mint reupholstered mtech steering wheel (from Ireland) via ebay and currently in the process of getting some msport seats reupholstered in the original indigo stoff fabric, also fixed the stuck odo with some new gears - will be a little near - minter when done - oh yea, and got some front fogs coming too
  21. *Update: Tradme link added - * It's your lucky day my friends, I have to sell my E30 MTech 1 kit It took me a loooong hunt to get my hands on a complete genuine set. It was the final step to the E30 convertible dream: lowered, genuine BBS RS and OEM MTech 1 kit, but alas my super-steep driveway is too steep for both the MTech 1 and a cabrio at the limit! Parts are what you see in the photo. I've already installed the MTech 1 boot lip, so included here is just the MSport boot lip. If you are genuinely interested, I highly recommend you come and take a squiz at the kit for yourself. These parts are 25+ years old and have some wear and tear to show for it. Regrettably, some metal clips have rusted away and some original fasteners are missing from the previous owner. You will need to use some generic fasteners if you want to fasten it in all the original locations. Not a fibreglass set! Would like to sell as a whole, and would like to not ship since the metal PFL bumpers etc are heavy. Let me know if you're interested and we can work something out. Get your precious E30 looking good for the summer! If no one's keen over the next few days I'll put it up on Trademe instead Cheers team!
  22. Looking for some advice on issues with my M30 swap: Rundown: M30B35 from a 199X 535i, G240 box, M3/S14 flywheel, M20 clutch and p/plate, M30 starter. ECU bosch 179 red label M30 engine loom. Issues currently present; 1) Fuel pump does not prime when key turned to ACC position? Google search does not help, pump should prime AFAIK. 2) ICV does not hum in ACC key position?
  23. Looking for a manual e30 318i, closer to wellington the better.
  24. Wanting to buy an E30 Convertible. Will pay very handsomely for the right car! Vincent
  25. Hi I have an 325i E30 and want to get quite a bit of work done to it. Is there a place I could go that will do everything because I don't have the time to be travelling between different shops. I want some body work done, engine work, seals redone around the car etc.. Im based in Auckland just trying to look for a place that's reliable and that can do most things Thanks