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Hi All,

At the moment I've got 3 cars - that's way too many. One coupe (my 135i) and two three door hatchbacks. So if I need to take more than 2 people it becomes a real hassle.

So I need a bit more carrying capacity but only occasionally. I'd say that 90% of the time it's just me driving - 9% of the of the time it's me and the mrs, and 1% of the time I actually need to carry passengers / cargo (e.g. Camping etc). So far it's made sense to only have "fun" two door cars.

My budget for such a vehicle would be an absolute maximum of 10k (since it is the "secondary" car that won't be used much).

There are plenty of X5s on tradeMe in this bracket - some of them 3L, others 4.4L. I don't care too much about economy since it won't be driven very frequently.

Is buying a car of such vintage and miles a "bad idea"? Everything I've read says so!


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The 4.4l m62 can have timing chain issues depending on kms and maintenance record.

Others in here will be much more knowledgeable than me.

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had a good run out of our X5 4.4i 2001 model ,

done about 230ks , trans was rebuilt by previous owners about 10-15k's ago

yea just watch out cam chain guide repairs also trans ,

other than that not too bad

late v8's have the N62 engine ,

they have a lot more issues but use less fuel ,

3l petrol too under powered really

diesel 3l turbo probably a good option

but the petrol v8's are cheaper to buy ,

just get one from a family or company that's owned it for years as they probably have spend the money on maintaining it

rather than the quick flick it before it breaks guy :)


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