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  1. The woken up B25 with ITB's and a decent exhaust will be more fun and better suited to the OE gearbox- think Skyline 2.5 which runs a slightly shorter stroke (72mm) again. Shifting to a higher torque / lower specific output confioguration warrants a shift to the 310 or 320 gearbox Contrary to popular belief more duration is not the best route for the M52 engine unless you are doing pistons as well. Slightly woken B28's with no internal mods do 170kw ( thats 225hp in the old money) and 185kW with ITB's and again no internal mods is common ( thats 250hp in the obsolete old money)
  2. Do the throttle bodies and if you can , find a set of m3 - 3 litre headers , I've got a mid section you can have for $100 when I'm finished with it , then you just need to sort a rear section. I;ve also got a steel single mass fly wheel coming out of my b28 shortly - done 3,000km - happy to negotiate on that as well. RHD do ITB's which go straight on , they do need a little bit of a tidy up/ polish as the casting is a bit rough. This should give you about 160kW and 280Nm which is a vast improvement on stock. The B25 is strangled by a nasty exhaust and responds very well to the above tuning making a very sweet rev happy engine . The rotating assembly swap will give you more capacity and more torque but its a bit of a 'dead' engine feel
  3. Depends on how you look at it, my view is the 52B25 is a de-stroked B28 - heres why: BMW had done the M3 which is a square 86mm (86 /85.8 for the pedants) and they wanted a less complicated but extremely nice engine for the next model down which is the 328 - this also square at 84mm. The later B32 M3 and the M54B30 are stroked versions of the M3 & 328 respectively and are not as highly regarded by the engine purists. and yes there are a few little differences That being said you have two options if you are looking for more power you can throw in a B28 crank rods & pistons or you can tweak what you have which will produce a very smooth and responsive engine. There is a little rub depending on which version of the B25 you have
  4. I find the 280k range a bit short on the road bike and also tend to do fairly long rides like here to Wellington, then around golden bay before heading over the rainbow and /or molesworth - fewer fuel stops on the open road means we can get into the fun stuff sooner. Looking at the new krieger system for luggage - It's similar to one I built about 10 years ago except they do it much better than what we could knock up on a domestic sewing machine
  5. 16 litres in the front tank 9.5 in the under seat standard tank plus 2 in reserve - open road range about 800km Just in the process of re-doing the 'luggage arrangments' hence no racks ATM.
  6. Choice of mounts should be heavly influenced by what you are swapping in to the chassis and how you intend it to operate e.g road car or track car
  7. Thanks, I can see they are the same brand and type, the specific question was rolling circumference - not all staggered sets match up well and the casualty is the transfer case, can you run a tape round them please
  8. Yep, got that , was making the point that 3 litres seems to be the sweet spot, smaller over boosted 2 litres don't tow well and larger 4 litres do drink a bit - mates Landcruiser wont go under 13 l/100k and yses I know its not a ute but it has similar running gear and towing capacity.
  9. Most decent modern 3 litre diesels will do 7-8l/100 in a decent sized wagen and provide decent torque for towing , but thats not the point. It's all the floggers driving around in those useless double cabs with the kids in the back of a "work vehicle" when as you quite rightly point out they could be driving around in a mid sized car , except the FBT rules don't allow it . The FBT rules also don't allow personal use of the 'flogger utes' either but who believes that is being complied with.
  10. We have been doing this for about 10 years, batteries come out of EV's when they drop to about 80% capacity . We install them in back up supplies for cell phone towers and critical lighting then they are good for at least 15 years , and what do we do then - we recycle them which is quite easy. Yes you can use them for street lighting and I am currently designing this into a remote roadway in NZ because it's cheaper than running grid sourced power to the location. never mind the cost in diesel etc. to trench and duct to the location. It's not a money grab or ditching on future generations it's engineered sustainability - last project I saved you the tax payer $23 grand a year on the lighting power bill and over $3 million is construction costs - lucky we have "clowns" ??
  11. Are these a matched set of tyres ? specifically: correct( Same) rolling circ for full time 4WD?
  12. The Rivian & Tesla both claim to have a swathe of point attributes so the appeal to the numpty/ small dick market and they dont actually exist and at $75 US for the rivian - who would buy such a stupid piece of engineering and abysmal design??
  13. As above the reason for this is quite simple The tax laws go out of their way to prevent people buying sensible cars and most [people simply take the ute option because its cool and it gets around the FBT tax crap with no effort. The law literally says that a "work vehicle cannot be a passenger car car" show me an efficent EV or hybrid that isn't a 'passenger car' maybe they should align the tax law with policy ???
  14. About to land might be in the car this weekend - through racer products - will update once installed.
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