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  1. That sounds about right , i'll measure them tomorrow
  2. Which version camber offset or not, I have pair of offset ones I can measure , others are in the car
  3. 3pedals


    Then your response should be limited to pointing out just that "advertising" is not permitted , instead you entered into an unprofessional tirade questioning their ethics and you still are . The irony is you frequently drop large media / press release propaganda on this site and some of us have questioned that in the past - are you then not advertising on behalf of your employer, is that not a breach of rules ?
  4. 3pedals


    Can I test drive a new Manual BMW in NZ - No - I have to pay a deposit and what If I don't like it same argument, you are digging a rather large hole for yourself Mr Tyler And note that is a Privilege you are giving yourself that doesn't seem to be as eagerly abused by other moderators
  5. 3pedals


    This post is a disgraceful abuse of privilege there are numerous parties operating concession type models and the conditions are clearly spelt out on their website , may other dealers in NZ also do not own their stock - the finance companies do.
  6. It's not theory - it's science and wheel alignment 101 E46 runs about 6 degrees of caster so that suggests about 45' negative to 1'20' negative and about 5' to 7 ' of toe in . This will then match the rear which is similar to an e36 and should always run toe in or it will be unstable. Toe out or no toe on the rear is an epic fail - unless you have some weirdo tyres with some weird ride height / roll centre . and I would NOT run any of your weirdo set-ups on any of the cars you suggest and I have 2 out of the three of them and If any one I took my car to thought that was a good idea , I would not be going back
  7. Oh gasp, bad advice again. Toe setting is linked to caster, SAI , the chassis and tyre sizes not something that you should set randomly because you read about it on the web. It needs to be in context .
  8. No, and yes there are other means one can apply . As per the narrative above, the priority was in setting the roll centres to match the suspension set up, ride height was NOT.
  9. Apologies for plagiarisiation in advance
  10. Front end has been pretty much M3 set up for the last 200,000km so: Stock early M3 bar in Urethane bushes Fronts are M3 spec KW coil overs with their sports spring combo Fitted new later model M3 top mounts Rears are the other half of the KW kit with their springs Running an M3 20mm bar in urethane bushes So: close to a stock M3 set up but with different camber/ caster up front and different roll centre heights - the latter being the key to the balance with the new spring rates.
  11. Completed the full noise on my E36 and loving it. Got the suspension dynamics I wanted and enjoying a beautifully balanced 36 platform - winter project - chuck another 15 or so kilowatts into the equation.
  12. I prefer to 'accentuate the positive' - you should know the next line
  13. That's exactly what I did, It's not a 1.5 deg loss grasshopper - its a 2 degree gain over standard
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