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  1. No Idea if it has option 200 , but I do know it does have a DPF , because the the guys at BM workshop confirmed when they serviced it.
  2. 400kW saab engine in an M3 shell got a spare engine if anyone wants to give it a crack
  3. Not true, our 2006 120d has a DPF and the ( original) exhaust points down
  4. 3pedals

    330is vs 325is

    Dismissed the article within a couple of pargaraphs - another urban myth perpetuation of how good BMW SA was (NOT) they built al sorts of parts bin poverty copies of real cars to prove to themselves that the international sanctions against their regime were illusionary - simply delusional. Cars of Ig-note include the above plus an absolutely appalling butchering of the V6 alfa GTV - turned one of the sweetest engine ever into a pic e of sh*t. Only ever oned one SA built car it was sh*t heap.
  5. Try this one instead - light weight , rare and up to 850kW - we all know E30's handle better with a smaller & lighter engine
  6. Staying stock or going for an upgrade ?
  7. 56 BMW manuals listed on TM of which 5 are not manuals and 4 are not BMW's that leaves a massive choice of 47 out of 2,915 cars listed as BMW's The 'NZ new thing' - used to have value that it would be correctly specc'd for NZ and generally better maintained , the latter argument is getting a bit skinny cars in generally are now less well maintained
  8. Took me over 3 years to find a manual X5 diesel (NZ New) seen one for sale since and I have had mine for 8 years there were only 5 bought into the country. Took me 2 years to find a manual X3 diesel (also NZ New) Looking for a 120d manual with an M47 donk -I'll put money on getting my gold card before I find one thats not a poverty pack/ import. Manuals don't sell in NZ because they are not promoted as an option - none on the show room floor and the option is buried on the last page after double overhead ashtrays If it suits buy it - JT might be able to say how many manual Si's there are in the country
  9. The earlier M54 engined vehicle is a better car - snap it up!!! 170kW & 300Nm vs 160kW and a measly 250Nm for the N series engine Whats it worth ? - what ever you are prepared to pay for it - it's about your enjoyment not so much about what you can sell it for. If you don't like it after a while and its not black pm me
  10. both of the images above scare me , neither is safe and well engineered This one is - note the locking pins and NEVER use an impact driver to wind them - always do it manually and - P.S i think you should change your handle to 'Dangermouse'
  11. You will be covered in all but two circumstances : 1) you do something illegal - e,g intoxicated, drugged, speed, drive on the wrong side of the road ( not overtaking) fail to comply with instructions from an enforcement officer etc., 2) you are in breach of a policy condition e.g if the policy says no under 25 drivers and you are under 25 then thats a breach , the vehicle is not in a warrantable condition and a couple of others. Comprehensive insurance not only protects your from other road users in all situations, it also protects you from your own 'accidental' activity (provided it doesn't breach 1 or 2 above)
  12. A fundamental point about driving is totally missing from this dialogue ; DON'T swerve to miss the sheep - Brake in a straight line and if you hit it its bad luck for the sheep but you will have put yourself and other road users at far less risk. Swerving is a dangerous and irrational manoeuvre that should be avoided at all cost. It should only be undertaken when the most likely outcome of not doing it is your imminent death and even then you should only do it if you are absolutely certain that no one else will have avoid your dangrerous actions - if you can't then sorry suck it up and don't do it.
  13. Most versatile Van I ever had and the caddy is a modern day equivalent
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