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    Swapped pink top m52/s52 injectors in as I was having intermittent fueling issues, everything related to fueling has been replaced so this or the ECU was the last thing to do. Put in a new Fuel pressure regulator etc but nothing solved it. These injectors solved it. The car is smoother then ever and the power delivery is a lot better. I will be tuning this engine and running standalone engine management once my 2.8 bottom end goes in. I also redid the tail pieces on the exhaust and welded in these ones temporarily. I am off the UK on Saturday so I will be buying another Scorpion full stainless system to chuck on here and bring it back with me. I am going to miss my e30 so much. Took it down for a blast to Tauranga and back today to go pick up my DLSR camera from my mate. She went so smooth and I managed 464ks with over a quarter tank left so safe to say the fuel consumption has decreased.
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    Gave mine a wash in the weekend, sitting at 297,000km... need to get that last 3000 before the new lump gets in. Been hunting endlessly for a Simota airbox, cant find anything, looks like no longer available... once the MILVs/Tune/Headers are in its about all thats left on the list (short of that BMWP wheel with the digital read out...) The GruppeM intakes are available, but from what Ive seen first hand not really worth the price 😕
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    130i out playing with the big boys
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    Had a little Easter meet on Sunday. What a nice turnout. Some beautiful e30s and some other beautiful cars too. Here are some pics
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    Id love the S54 engine and manual for my E28, but Im hopeful I wont need to pay for a whole car to get them.
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    It was 110 pounds for the pipe and similar price for the filter iirc. Shipping was expensive too and plus vat. Price was reasonable pre shipping/vat 😂
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    I also washed mine last weekend, needed it! Have you enquired with BDS about their filter/intake pipe combo? Quoted me 320 pounds, for about a 15hp gain over a K&N filter with stock pipe which is pretty decent for a bolt on.
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    It mounts under the seat. One each side. Remove the seat, separate the carpet at the split and find it mounted to the floor. They usually die due to water leaks, so if the foam under the carpet is wet, then you can expect the new one to die over time.
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    Hey they finally improved the front end
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    Hahahaha yes let's blame the car, definitely not the drivers fault.
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    Loving this little weapon, it's a perfect partner to the E39. When I am in the mood for a wafty cruise the 5 series is perfect , when hoon mode is engaged the 130i such an engaging drive. Drives super tight not a rattle or creak to be had, my only negative so far is the change into second feels just a little clunky and louder and the headlights need a good refurb. Sounds glorious I am quite surprised how loud it is. Anyone have a short shift kit installed ?
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    Started polishing the faces to my 3 piece wheels today. They are very rare wheels released under the brand Racing Direction from Japan and made by Duke Project. They will be 16x8.5 and 16x9.5 with ET 13 up the front and ET 10 at the rear. Going for a full polished wheel with gold bolts and a red custom centre cap to tie into the interior. Will probably be electroplating the inner face of the rims in gold to tie in with the bolts too but faces mirror polished. Stay tuned.
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    Today I chucked on my black and grey personalized plates which came on Monday, wish I had them for the British and European Classic car show. I also put in a Miller MAF V3 and War chip which I had laying around for like 4 years. Noticeable difference in acceleration and the fuel delivery seems a lot smoother. Highly recommend.
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    Found a wrecked msport and finally swapped over all the interior to spec, first and last type of job i think. The car was identical spec to @Autoglym one, born 3 days before even. It came with BMW individual interior that included extended leather option (leather door handles and center console) as well as the sliding arm rest and ski bag. Also got a spare msport bumper now and a bunch of spares which is always a good thing as these things are getting on now. Will be swapping back on my old wheel once i get some alloy trim to replace the wood, always preferred the thinner type and BMW changed the wiring setup so you cant plug in half the wheel controls with my car Certainly come along way from what it was
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    Finally finished the interior last year Feb. 1st car show was last year's Euro show in Pakuranga last year. 4 weeks after the tune, 357kws 700nm at the engine, 1300kgs, and a beautiful someone ran a stop sign earlier on a Friday morning. 9 month battle with his insurance company. Had the car valuated at $55 000. Got paid out a fair amount, kept the car. Man was it tough!!! 4 year build, and boy was she running. Absolute weapon. Day and Night with the tune. Picked up torque and thrusted you in the seat as the revs climbed!!!!. Truly Power to weight at its finest!!! Anyway, moving forward after an +-8 month depression, aggrevation, isolated and busy az time poor life running Highspek......LsBm2 Build soon.
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