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    I did a bit of research and it seems that carbon wrap comes in different 'grades'. Not sure if this is an official thing across brands or just a guideline tho. Also a shot from the front Roof2 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Edit - I had a layer of 3M protection film applied to the front splitter after the last Rally to help protect it against gravel rash. It was pretty bad haha 13086877_1054817571231770_5435005651463935159_o by Christian Taylor, on Flickr
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    Hi All Long time lurker, first time poster. Got an E39 528i with 245250 km on the clock. Love this car but I wish I'd gotton a 2003 530i instead *sigh* Oh well, next time
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    Sorry Jon.... my attempt at humour was uncalled for... could we start again ?
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    Your title got my attention real quick..lol Was kinda hoping it'd be a E38 but congrats on your purchase. Post up some pics when you can and welcome to the forum.
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    Some days are better than others. Today this transporter picked up all the M cars (one of each of the full M models) for the BMW M Festival at Hampton Downs, which starts on Monday. Hopefully a few Bimmersporters will get to sample them over the coming weeks.
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    Cheers for the posts guys. Bar Blairs ride with modded struts they don't look "super" low tbh still fairly high in the front. Aim of my game is to absolutely slam the sh*t out of my stock as beast, think it will look dope as heezay with my og weaves chur. Anyone know of some decently low springs? ps have a sumpguard dw.
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    Nice Dave, don't be a tease and stand further back! I knocked out the rear carrier bushing of the shifter recently, what a PITA getting that back in!
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    That wrap material looks quite good, most don't. What's "5d carbon"? Just a brand thing or does it mean something?
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    Based on research this is more of an issue with the s54 engines. There is about 4mm of material between the cylinders of the s54 and s62 engines, so there is not much gasket material there either. The cause of this could be several reasons... lean mixture, faulty gasket material etc The rattling sound, under medium throttle in higher gears at lower revs produced a rattling type sound for many of the S54 owners, and I could only find 2 concrete examples of other s62 engines with the same symptoms that turned out to be the result of HG failure between the cylinders. I was lucky enough to find a sound clip of the rattling sound from one of the S62's with HG failure. I've added this as a play list with my sound clip to compare the sound, and it was quite the same. S62 head gasket failure : S54 head gasket failure :
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    Express keys in Penrose can help with this. Don't ring... they don't answer the phone... too busy Go there
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    I'm sorry you are wrong
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    Send it to youshop, it shouldn't cost more than 20NZD from US to here.
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    What engine mounts did you use? e28 535 / m5? Offset holes are offset outwards each side?
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    still have the sr20 engine mount and gearbox mount?
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    Today I made good use of nothing to do and pulled the gearbox off to see what disaster awaited me. What I came upon wasn't pleasant. Those with weak stomachs dare not read on. This is what fell out as I separated the gearbox from the block: The remains in the bellhousing: Then I went back under the car to have a look at the pressure plate and remove that behemoth of an assembly. This is what awaited: I was not expecting that, and can't say I've seen that before. It must have been one hell of a party in there (which I funded by the way). The total sum of the destruction: Luckily no damage was done to any other parts so I can just put on the new flywheel and clutch kit and hopefully carry on with skids. I don't like to end on a down note, so here is a stance picture: Phwoar.
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    Dont think I've ever posted it here so here she is.
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    Few more things done. -Face lift goodies -Esisenmann exahaust -Dent removal and paint correction. Really impressed with the team at OCD,
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    Bought a carbon fiber diffuser from the states & fitted it up this week. Also fitted a black vinyl windshield banner, in prep for the upcoming rally. Most of the decals have arrived now - it's going to be a fun few days getting it ready